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About our Power Supplies

The quality of our power supplies is a primary priority for PULS. Our purchasing and development departments ensure the use of only the highest-quality components for the design process. In MTBF and service life we regularly set the benchmarks in the market.

In addition, our power supplies are made available for decades and will not be discontinued. As a result our customers can plan for the long term, without having to worry about obsolescence or design changes of power supplies. 

How do we make that happen?

What is the USP of our power supplies that should be emphasised in a sales conversation?

Very Good, but maybe you didn't think of some of these aspects?

Efficiency up to 96.0%

High MTBF and longest service life

Compact and lightweight

Cool design for lower temperatures

High power reserves - optional with 50% Bonus Power and 20% Power Boost

Simple installation and perfect usability

Wide product range with devices 15-1,000W

High-end supplementary units: DC-UPS and battery modules, buffer modules, redundancy modules, protection modules

Efficiency and Power Losses - Learn the Basics

       = Output Power-Input Power

       = Input Power- Output Power

How do you measure Power Loss?

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  • Power Input - Power Output
  • Power Output - Power Input

Do you know the Power Supplies of our Product Family?

  • mension
  • Po
  • MLine
  • SLine


Which one is the DIMENSION Line?

What are Benefits of the Piano Line?

  • Mechanical robustness
  • Reduced system costs
  • Flexible choice
  • Increased process uptime

Power Range of Product Lines

    24 V Power Supplies
    12-48 V Power Supplies
  • MiniLine
    5-48 V Power Supplies

Show Case

Changing eLearning dynamics in the enterprise to user-generated content

If you wanted to Design a Power Supply, how would you proceed?

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E-learning & LearnLinq LMS

Importing an EasyGenerator course to LearnLinq

In Easygenerator, go to 'Publish' 

Once you've finished creating your course in EasyGenerator, you can import it to your LMS.

Logging into LearnLinq

LearnLinq Library

The LearnLinq Library is where you design and save all your courses before releasing them to your employees. 

LearnLinq teaching methods

  • Blended learning paths
  • Practical training sessions
  • Weblinks to videos and documents
  • SCORM (e-learning courses)
  • Sign-off with a supervisor 
  • LTI (SCORM Cloud) 

Starting e-learning with LearnLinq

Drag and drop the terms to their correct location in the picture

  • Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • Chat
  • My account

Course Planning & Administration

Course planning


The Planning section in LearnLinq is where administrators and trainers can easily schedule training times, events and other activities. 

Attendance List

Using the Attendance List in LearnLinq, tutors, trainers and administrators can keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Compliance management

A transparent, user-friendly LMS for a capable, certified staff with documented skills

Employees often require qualifications and certifications, depending on their jobs and work locations. These are documented in (multi-year) training and enrichment paths that may be defined by (inter)national legal and regulatory frameworks.

The entire training and enrichment cycle within the organisation needs to be documented using standard processes and procedures.

LearnLinq is a first-rate tool that helps you analyse, organise, schedule, execute and evaluate the entire cyclical process.

Result tracking

The LearnLinq LMS Smart Dashboard

Managers have busy schedules. They hardly have time to review every employee certificate or education requirement set for their organisation. Reports are also time-consuming and outdated. The LearnLinq Smart Dashboard gives you an efficient, real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.

What does the LearnLinq Attendance List do?

  • It allows administrators and trainers to easily schedule training times, events and other activities.
  • It enables tutors, trainers and administrators to keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Which answer best describes the purpose of the LearnLinq Smart Dashboard?

  • It gives you a real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.
  • It is the first step to creating a learning path.