body temperature in your family

Your free course about understanding your body temperature in the family


Different kinds of symptoms


unexpected blushing blabla


you will see sweat


especially for kids. 

What is fever?

What is Fever

fever is a reaction of the body to. it is ...blabla. it is one fo the most important things to remember blabla


Different types of symptoms

You may wonder how can I tell if someone in the family may have a fever. Three most important symptoms are sweating, red complexion and being very quiet.

Test: what are the symptoms of fever?

  • sweating
  • spots in the neck
  • itchy nose
  • red complexion
  • hangeryness

measuring body temperature


close mouth. then read while in contact. click. wait. Read. Clean.


apply pretroleum jelly insert wait. read. clean.


be in same room. insert. click. clean.

head mode

stay in same room

remove hair.

aim. swipe. release.

Read. clean. store.

Which two things are most important for doing a head measurement?

  • that the lens is clean
  • that I move the device really fast
  • that I stayed in the same room as my thermometer for a while
  • that I keep the thermometer more than 4 inches away from my head
  • that I remove the cap before I measure

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