Marketing on Instagram Course

Marketing on Instagram Course from Creating a FREE AD to GETTING LIKES, FOLLOWERS, & ORGANIC TRAFFIC & SALES


Understanding DYNAMIC ADS and best way to develop FREELY. Was this helpful in creating simple swift ADS? Obtained 6 for display?


Instagram ad is 1080px by 1080px. To avoid resizing dimensions or cropping.  Visit to create 6 FREE ADS, choose the Instagram Social Media option for correct fresh layout! FREE to sign up and create. Use your own images. Now time to explain what makes an AD Dynamic. Vivid graphics of detail and limited WORDS! Use proper font or words may appear WEAK , see image above


Upload images, choose a layout, follow video or directions to edit. 

AD Must have less than 9 words not including tags or weblink. 

Ad Image should have mixed colors for options or bright graphic or positive words for attraction. Include wither a coupon code, free giveaway, or something that takes notice to follow or visit for further detail. Under 9 words. Above used 5 words.

  • Yes. Great, I'm done. Let's Move along, Please.
  • No. I'm ready to learn about INSTAGRAM
  • Prefer more help on making dynamic ads or using a graphic designer?

Create Your Instagram Accounts (Yes You heard right, Let's create 3 Instagram accounts.

Creating Accounts

When creating accounts, you will need 3 emails or phone numbers for confirmation.

  • for free e-mails
  • notepad to save account information. 
  • Example: Main Instagram has all the web links leaving instagram to retina organic crowd: @xogramxo 
    dummy accounts @ilove2gram, @xogramx
  • Visit or youtube and download 18 videos to hashtag to the celebrities in honor Instagram accounts. Now trim size similar to your niche from various popular celebrities or sites
  • Create  3 videos of your own either of slideshow, intro, or product results. Gramblr can create motion images instantly. 

Niche to Hash

Creating accounts are great, main goal is 9 images or videos mixed per account. None with links except your main in comments or bio. 

  1. Create a unique #hashtag that viewers can identify you with. Consider the tag for facebook & youtube, for hashtag searching.  This tag will link you to the other accounts.
  2. Setup both dummy accounts with mixed pictures and video , 1 of your ads only, in top 3.
  3. Make sure each account tags your main Instagram @tag & #tag, no web links, exiting Instagram. 
  4. Create a post topic to engage audience with a Fill in the blank, like and comment a friend who would use this....

Confirm Settings

Before gaining viewers or launching accounts, we need to confirm settings, prepare for Gramblr, and set comments and tags appropriately.

The next steps requires confirming all 27 posts are ready for traffic. Organic viewers will come from the dummy accounts to your account. Your account will include 7 original, 2 celebrities using the brand or product within scope (fitness niche- athlete, coach, or similar ) content  2 you will schedule in Gramblr - 1 per week or month, your choice. 

  1. Confirm 19 - 28 tags relevant to niche. 
  2. Insert tags into the original post and the first comment. 
  3. For the dummy accounts include #Follow4Follow, #Like4Like, and #PostoftheDay. 
  4. Insert in comment folow @yourmainname or #yourpicture to #yourmainhash this now brings your hashtag to a wider audience. See videos for visual. Time for Gramblr!!