Location Services

How Weconnect protects your privacy

Location Services

The WEconnect app can verify your compliance with your individual program. The WEconnect app does NOT verify non-compliance. Here is a brief overview of how our location-based check in works, and what that means for you.

People ask us most often: Do you track me all the time?

No, we do not. In fact, we do not track you at all.

We make it a point to only verify your approved and scheduled routines. When you schedule a routine with an address, WEconnect can verify your location at that address via your cell phone’s location services. Here’s how it works.

Your location is being consistently determined by your phone when your GPS is running. We do not collect, record or store this information. We will only use your location to confirm that you are inside the provided coordinates of your scheduled check-in.

WEconnect will either verify or not verify that you checked in at the address you provided. WEconnect does not monitor your location.

WEconnect does not record your location. WEconnect does not track you. WEconnect loves privacy, and we protect it in our design and in our security.

When you zoom in to an area on a map, you can often see the dimensions of the building, and an outline of the territory surrounding the location.

The area defined by the GPS coordinates of a location is called a geofence. Geofences can automatically trigger a check-in.

When you schedule a check in at an address, the GPS in your phone will verify that you are either within the geofence of the location, or that you are not.

This verification can be seen by individuals you have authorized to view your dashboard. Nothing more!

This means that if you go to your scheduled meeting at a submitted address, WEconnect can verify that you are indeed at that meeting. However, if you are on a tropical island, WEconnect will not rat you out.

You will simply be unable to verify that you are in the scheduled location using the WEconnect app.

Please note that WEconnect does NOT advocate absconding to a tropical island, unless of course the absconsion occurs within the provisions of your treatment program.Untitled content

WEconnect does not automatically enable the GPS function. You must opt in to use our location services, and we will ask your permission to share your location verification with your treatment center.

WEconnect will never use your location to advertise to you or to supply information to advertisers.

This information is used exclusively to certify your compliance with your treatment program, with your consent.

The WEconnect app tracks users at all times.

  • The WEconnect app tracks users at all times.
  • WEconnect automatically enables the GPS function on your phone.
  • Weconnect will never use your location to advertise to you or to supply information to advertisers.

WEconnect knows what happens to snitches?

  • Snitches live happily ever after
  • Snitches get jobs at the Beanie Baby factory
  • Snitches get stitches
  • None of the above answers are correct

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