A Refresher Course For Project Managers

Citing PMBOK, 2004,(Burke and Barron 2007:30) define project management as : "...the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholder needs and expectations from a project...". In as far as the elements of project management are concerned, this definition is just summarising the highlights. In practical terms, it is more than that. The challenges in project management do not end in the highlights depicted, for a project manager, it is also about leadership.

This course is an attempt to clear any possible grey areas in as far as project management is concerned. It is aimed at assisting those tasked with this role to plan and execute successful projects. 

The course will run online over a period of three weeks and it is sub-divided into two modules. It is envisaged that the entire course will have the following exit- level outcomes :

Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management

Learning Outcomes of the Module:

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What is A Project?

What is Project Management?

The LifeCycle of a Project

Resources for Enrichment

Module 2 : Critical Aspects in the Execution of Project Management

Learning Outcomes for the Module

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