Dear Friend,

Welcome to the T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. system and congratulations for investing in your own Sales Education! 

You have committed to transform your business and your life!

You made the decision to master the skills of Influence and Persuasion, to use the T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. system to predict the outcome every time and for that my friend, I honour you.

We are grateful and proud to deliver a tool that is going to create the change that you desire in your business and your life. I personally can't wait to see the results you are going to achieve, I know you are going to be phenomenal!

This system is the answer to all the struggles we experience as sales professional, business owners and entrepreneurs.  

This is the tool I wish I had when I first started in sales and worked 7 days week, 14 hours day for many years.

Remember to always use this system with ethics and integrity and of course enjoy it!

To your success,


Tom Papasian






You are about to embark on an amazing journey. In a few moments, you will start the TRIUMPHS System where you will be on your journey to Mastery.

Make sure you are focused on the program because it could change your life. So grab a pen and paper to take TONS of note and let yourself be guided by the program.

Enjoy the ride,

Tom Papasian

How to Get the Most out of This Program ?

Don't Be Overwhelmed

There are 8 modules in this program, which are designed to be followed step-by-step. It is important not to jump ahead to the next module until completion of the current one because you'll be missing the whole picture.

You are very likely an achiever, and it can be tempting to fly through the modules to get quickly to the end and get the results. However, you'll get the best results only if you spend time studying this program.

What's best for you?

There are 3 ways to go about this program.

1. Total Immersion (recommended)

Take 2 to 3 days to complete the entire program in its entirety with limited to no distractions, or come to TRIUMPHS Bootcamp for the live event. When you completely immerse yourself in this program, you make it your entire focus and you are able to create new connections instantly.

This way you'll fast track the learning process and naturally start implementing the new skills into your business and life. This is how you can see huge shifts in your results in a short period of time.

2. Paced Immersion

Block out 3-4 hours per week where you focus on this program. After about a month you'll be able to be familiar with the core lessons of this system. This way you can observe your progress and review where you need to work more.

3. One Module Per Day

This option will require 1 to 2 hours per day where you go over 1 module, take extensive notes and implement the key learnings the very next day.

You could watch 1 module a day for the next 8 days and then 1 module per week and study it. 

Use the Tools

Take notes on this workbook, use the flashcards and download the audios so that you are constantly immersed in this training.

Repetition and the use of different channels is going to take you to the Mastery Level.

Before We Start


The T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. System is designed to teach you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to become extraordinary at Selling, Influencing and Persuading.

But before we begin, take a moment to reflect on where You are right now.

The path from dreams to success exists. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it and the perseverance to follow it. Kalpana Chawla

What do you really want to get out of this system? What specific areas do you want to improve or skills do you want to learn?

If you made a million dollars/euro using this system in the next year what would that mean to you?



Why Focus on YOU first?

Well you see, it has been established in the codes of selling that what matters is the customer. If you ask anyone, they'll tell you that the focus of the sales transaction is about the customers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you cannot control the customer that's what makes sales an art.

In order to become a Master Influencer and Persuader you're going to have to focus on what you CAN control. 

You need to discover what drives you, what controls you before you even think about optimising your skills and technique.

This module is a technique for unlocking the self-discoveries and reaching into your full potential to create the results you are capable of getting.

The method is simple, 5 Ws.






By the end of this module you'll have gained such a clearer understanding about yourself that you will be ready to commit to play the sales game to the highest level.

The 5 Ws will become part of you, implemented in how you think and work.



Why Is It a MUST for you to be Successful ?

Before Answering,  ask yourself what Success would mean for the following:





Be really specific  with all the things you will be able to accomplish : income, cars, houses, vacations, lifestyle...


“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.” Helen Keller

What could you be Grateful for, If you'd let yourself? What is your VISION ?


A GOAL is a decision you committed to take action on.

Most people find this task hard to do and often do not accomplish them. They feel like they have to have them but they are not actually compelling to the WHY.

Remind yourself of your WHY and then set Goals directly in line with the Vision you have for your life.

Don’t be reasonable, tap into your potential, don’t shy away from your abilities.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”Jim Rohn

Write 10 Goals that you are committed to accomplish in order to achieve your Vision

Money Funnel

Step 1: How much is one sale worth to you on average?  (Commission)

Step 2: How many times do you need to Pitch to make 1 Sale? (Closing Ratio)

Step 3: How many calls do you need to make to book 1 appointment? (Connecting ratio)

EXAMPLE: My commission on a 1000$ sale is 100$.

I know I need 100 Leads to make 1 sale. My conversion rate is 1%

100 Leads

20 Connect                            Connecting Rate = 20%

4 Appointments                    Appointment Ratio = 20%

1 Sale                                      Closing ratio = 25%

This tool was designed so that you can be clear on the amount of action you MUST take to achieve your commission goal.

Hope is no longer a strategy. If you have a goal to make $100,000 we are going to determine together what you must do in your business to achieve it.

Apply the Money Funnel into Your Business


Using the Funnel, now is the time to determine precisely how many calls, appointments and pitch you need to make in order to achieve your goals.

Business Formula

This tool will come in handy for anyone who wants to know exactly what they need to do in order to make X amount of PROFITS.

It's critical as an entrepreneur or a business owner to know your numbers.

The numbers you should already know:

  • Average sale price: how much do you charge for your product/service?
  • Margins: how much does it cost you to produce?
  • Profits: how much do you keep in your back pocket?

Start with how much Profit you want to make and discover how many leads you need to generate to achieve it.

Apply the Business Formula into your Business

How many leads do you need to generate to achieve your desired profits?


Many people know what to do but they don’t follow through. They don't take the action required to get the results they are seeking.

If strategies were the only factor for success, we would all be billionaires with 6 pack. We would all achieve what we desire most, because the information is out there. 

So if strategies are not what's standing in the way of our success, what is? 


Acceptance that something exists or is true. It's having certainty about a concept, idea or thought. A belief isn’t based on facts.

Beliefs are nothing but having CERTAINTY about something about yourself.

The accumulation of beliefs is what drives your decisions and results long term. I want you to understand that whatever you’re feeding your mind about yourself has a huge impact on your decisions, the way you behave and the results you are getting.

Your Self Talk is a record that is playing in your mind 24/7, reinforcing what you believe to be true about yourself. The record can be a story, a simple affirmation, or sometimes an agreement you made in your head a long time ago.

How Beliefs Affects Us

Some beliefs are affecting you positively, without your conscious reasoning you act according to these beliefs. 


On some level, you know that you are “good” at driving, hence you are able to go out and drive the car wherever you need to go. You probably don’t think twice when you see a spot and you just pull in. 

Beliefs also affects us in a negative way. The danger of this is they form a cycle, or what some may call a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you are terrible driver and every time you take the wheel, something awful happens. How different would your driving be?

Would you even drive? 

These are called LIMITING BELIEFS.

Discover your Own Beliefs: How do you see yourself as a Seller?

Let’s start with the things you believe you do well.

(List at least 5 empowering beliefs)

Then let's discover your Limiting Beliefs: 

What do you believe to be true (negative) about yourself?

List your negative beliefs.

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

The reason why you listed your limiting beliefs in the previous section is because once you have awareness of them, you have the power to delete them, this is 

Step 1:

Awareness: identify and Isolate the belief

Step 2:

 Challenge the belief

Ask yourself the following questions : is this really true?  

Is it serving me, my VISION, my purpose? 

Step 3: 

Replace the Belief

The last step is to let go of the limiting/disempowering belief and replace it with a positive/empowering alternative.


I hate cold calling.

I hate it because I always get rejected.

I know I can enjoy cold calling by focusing on the value I can provide for my clients. I know speaking to people leads to sales.

I love cold calling because it leads to commissions.

Break the Pattern

Take the list of Limiting Beliefs you found about yourself and follow the 3 Steps process to eliminate them.

Step 1: Awareness (done, you've listed them)

Step 2: Challenge (Is this really true? Is it serving me, my purpose?)

Step 3: Replace with an Empowering alternative

“Your Self Worth equals your Net Worth.” Anonymous



Influence is the art of transferring  emotions within your audience. The way the most effective speakers do so, is by mastering the 3 areas for effective communication:

The Words you say represents the smallest percentage 10%

The Tonality you use represents 45%

That includes but not limited to: tone, pace, volume, pitch and melody.

The Physiology , way you use your body, hand gestures, facial expression, breathing rate, represents 45%.


Energy is a key factor in the process of Influence and Persuasion. If you don't have any energy inside you can't transfer it onto other people.

You won't have the resources within you to draw your prospects to your product/service and company.


Pick a random object and sell it with passion about it for 5 mins. Note how you use your voice tone, how do you use your body? 

What does it feel like when you are passionate about something?


This is why positive thinking doesn't work. When some part of you doesn't believe 100% in what you are saying, people will see it.

Being authentic is simply expressing the truth about yourself, your product and service. 

This is why The T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. System is an ethical program. If there is an ounce of you that doesn't fully believe in yourself, your product or your company you won't produce the results.


Do you put on a mask when you go to work? Are you convinced your product & company actually serve your customers?


Everyday must be a "game day". Your ability to manage your state is what's going to determine your results. The days where you don't feel like talking to people, the challenges you are facing in your business or in your life can't get in the way of your VISION.

Managing your state is key to your success.


How can you turn yourself on? Do you have anchors?


What does W.E.A.R. stands for? 

Write down as fast as you can what you retain from this section and the exercises. Don't think just write!


This last W is to remind you that at some stage in your life, your business or your sales career, you must use pure WILL.

That is, giving something a go without knowing the definite end result.

The more comfortable you become with Uncertainty the more successful you will be.

Emotional State

The quality of our lives is a direct response to the quality of our emotional state.

We are all facing challenges, no matter who you are there will always be challenges, issues, things that don’t go to plan, surprises just to name a few.

Also being a sales professional, a business owner or an entrepreneur you are constantly dealing with uncertainty.

If we were able to predict the outcome every time we could potentially be massively successful BUT we would also be incredibly bored.

During uncertain times, your ability to manage your emotional state will determine the actions you take and ultimately the results you get.

If you’ve been rejected all day, not a single sale this week, uncertainty starting to mess with your head. You might think, how am I going to pay my bills, put food on the table, which is very normal. 

However if you remain within that state, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET OUT OF THE SITUATION.

People can smell the desperation on sales professionals and it’s not attractive.

You need to be able to Turn yourself on, put on your Game Day Attitude and create a state of absolute certainty. This way you’ll solve your problems.



Write down 3 affirmations as a reminder to not settle for temporary pain.




Why take charge now? 

These are all the reasons you got in sales and in business in the first place. Why is it important for you to be successful? What does it really mean to you?


NO MORE EXCUSES. You have gained a level of clarity unprecedented. Are you on track to achieve your goals? 

Are you clear on how much money, how much profit do you want to pocket this month? Use the money and business funnel.


The only thing standing in the way of your success is the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. Pay attention to your self talk, do not allow any disempowering thoughts to cripple you.


Effective communication is the combination of the words you say (10%), your voice tonality (45%) and your physiology (45%). Remember to use your energy, if you don’t have you can’t give. Don’t put on a mask, be yourself. Make sure this is who you become everyday, be resilient


Sometimes in sales and business, you just have to give things a go, without having the certainty of the outcome. Use your will to influence your emotional state. Can you include anchors, affirmations, mantra to your daily habits?

What an amazing journey we have embarked! You have transformed on your way to personal mastery. Remember that hope is no longer a strategy. The biggest shift we created starts within yourself and you are now ready to get people rallied to your cause, your products and business.


Write as much as you can about what you have just learned in Module 1: TRANSFORM

The reason why we are asking you to write as quickly and as much as you can is because studies have proven that by triggering the brain after learning something new, the information is retained for much longer.

So write away !



Welcome to the marketing section of this program.

We are going to show you how to rally people.

Marketing in this world is geometrically different than when we were born.

Think about it, do experts and authority seek people or do people seek their advice? 



Mass Marketing was king

Thousands of Marketing message per day are bombarded to the most amount of people.

Strategy: throw messages on the wall and see what sticks.

No need to say that this has worked for decades but it will not produce results in this era.


3.5 Billion people are connected to Internet. 81% of developed countries are online.

2.8 Billion people are on social media! = 93% of people

2.4 Billion smart phones users.

The behaviours have changed and as experts and sales professionals you MUST adjust to the change if you want to survive. Adopt innovation if you want to thrive.

In your industry, how has marketing evolved in the last decade?


Content Marketing

It involves the creation and sharing of materials such as videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts that does not explicitly promote a brand or product.

  • Produce content that is relevant AND
  • Educate, Inspire or Entertain your audience.

The production of content will not only expand your reach, you will also position yourself as the expert in your market place.

Can you think of ways of providing content for your potential prospects?

You are an expert, use your knowledge, share it with the interested parties this is how you produce content.


Law of Diffusion

Made popular by Everett Rodgers, it was initially invented by Gabriel Tarde.

This law states that in order for any innovation to be completely accepted by the market place, you must first target the Innovators in your market place and only then, your innovation will be accepted by the market place.

In the old days of marketing, companies used to send their messages to the most amount of people and use the law of average to get results. They had resources to do that, however in today's world, in a crowded space where consumers don't want to be disrupted, the approach you use must be different.

Who's in your market?

The Innovators (2.5%):

They are always looking for new products/service and opportunity. They love ideas, concepts, they set trends. These are the guys who are queuing for hours in front of the store to get the product. 

They have to have the new product and service.

The Early Adopters (13.5%):

They need the product/service to keep the edge in social and business environments. They usually are well funded.

The Early & Late Majority (68%): 

They ignore companies, don't need the innovation, they are just following the others.

Companies have been marketing straight to the Majorities since marketing was invented. It's the "throw stuff at the wall see what sticks mentality". But today, there's too much noise, too much competition, you're wasting your time and money if you market to them. It's the race to the bottom scenario. 

If you market your innovation to the Majorities, they will say " I don't understand your product/service, I don't need it. I don’t like it. You're scaring me."

The Laggards (16%)

They're the ones who make slow progress and usually fall behind.

Example: They use blackberry and flip phones.

The Tipping Point: once the innovators and early adopters have adopted your product/service, meaning once you reach 16% of the market, then your product/service will spread to the remaining 84% effortlessly.

Which group in your market place should you target FIRST?

  • The Laggards
  • The Early & Late Majority
  • The Innovators
  • The Early Adopters



Once you have given enough value upfront to your audience, either by educating, entertaining or Inspiring them, you will be in a position to rally your prospects.

Remember, content marketing is not to promote any products or services, initially.

In this process, you have already delivered so much value than the actual price of the product/service seems incredibly small.

When the timing is right, you will have to create an offer to ATTRACT leads to your business, and here is how:

  1. Target the Offer to The Active Seeker

  2. Paint the Dream

  3. Social Proof

  4. Build More Value

  5. Use a Mind Blowing Guarantee 

  6. Induce Sense of Belonging

  7. Call To Action

Write your own 7 Steps No Brainer Offer

Now that you have the Steps, write down the script of what your 7 Steps No Brainer Offer would sound like.




The days of mass marketing, huge budget, the smallest ROI ever are GONE. This model worked for decades but times have changed thanks to the Internet and Social Media.

Half of the world population is online, 81% of these are on social media so what are the chances of finding your ideal clients there? 


How can you produce content (videos, photos, podcasts, blogs) that will either Educate, Entertain or Inspire your audience?


You have studied this principle, you now know that the best way to get people to know you is by targeting the innovators, the niche. Who are these guys un your market place and how can you reach them?


1.Target the Active Seeker

2. Paint the Dream

3. Build more Value

4. Use Social Proof

5. Create a Mind Blowing Guarantee

6. Induce a sense of belonging

7. CTA

“Dig your Well Before You’re Thirsty” Seth Godin


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Again, it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.




There is a big misconception about Rapport. It is not so much about" making friends" but more so to create a connection with the prospect so that they know you have their best interest at heart.

This module is also the beginning of building TRUST with the prospect.

If the prospect doesn’t TRUST you, your product and your company they won’t buy.

Rapport is not about having people you can hang out with, although there is nothing wrong with that, the goal here is to create connection fibres with the prospect so that YOU can lead them down to a transaction.



At this stage you probably have nothing in mind else but to talk to that prospect so that you can close them right? 

Well the T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. System was designed to guarantee the outcome and close the deal consistently so please Trust the process and follow this next section carefully.


Research the lead. Do whatever it takes to find out information about the person/business you’re about to call. 

Identify problems, opportunity, tastes whatever you can find to help you.

Now more than ever before it’s so easy to find information about people, just look them up in your search engine!

The more you know the better you can anticipate their needs, which we will cover in Module 4.

World Class Speaking

This is critical to the success of the sale. You must master your communication because you see the way we transfer energy as sellers is with emotions.

You need to use the right intonation at the right time to create the right emotion.

Check out World Class Speaker training if part of your program OR email us at [email protected] to purchase it.

Remember to use your full voice, use melody and pauses.

The Buying Trail

Managing the sale is key to the success of the transaction. You are the guide on a hike to the top of the mountain, this is the close.

Your job is to make sure the prospect follows you to the top. They are going to want to go off the trail because of all the distractions there is.

It may be flowers, animals, lakes or else but your job is to get them back on the trail so that you can both reach the top of the mountain, the transaction.

If the prospect gets off the trail they could get lost, injured or worse but in any case they won’t buy.

Be the trusted guide on this journey and you’ll both reach the top.

Game Day Attitude

Turn yourself ON. Be ready to play. Refer to Module 1 - Will.


Scripts are a great way to predict the outcome of a sale because you anticipate the prospect’s replies and you have a solid resource you can use to start off the conversation and the more you know it the more you can work around it.

BUT, the biggest challenge with scripts is, sounding like you are reading it! 

So would I recommend using a script over the phone? Yes, only if you practice it enough so that you don’t sound like you’re reading it.

What is critical when you use a script is to vary the tonality you use, make pauses and use emphasis when needed. In simple terms you need to be a World Class Speaker.

So to help you after you’re written the script, use signage to remind you where to pause (//), where to emphasise a word (circle it) and when to elongate (___).


The first few seconds into meeting someone either in person or over the phone are going to determine the outcome of the interaction. You have about 3 seconds to grab someone's attention and focus. 

People are walking around being busy doing their own thing, you need to break their pattern.

If you don’t grab their full attention, you are done.

7 Ways to Grab Your Prospect's Presence

1. Give a (real) Compliment

Justify why right after the compliment and ask a question.

2. Reciprocity

Give something to your prospect upfront without expecting anything in return.

3. Ask a question (selfless)

Make it specific to them and open ended. It can't be a Yes or No Question.

4. Surprise

Say something that will surprise them. You want them to say: "what do you 

mean?" "What's going on?"

Use a statistic or a fact

5. Intrigue

Trigger their curiosity. Very powerful way of getting someone's attention is by intriguing them.

6. Referrals

Call on behalf of the person who referred them to you.

7. Elevator Pitch

Make a statement, share a fact, state a benefit, another benefit and justify with evidence.

How can you apply this to your business?

Write down an example for each of the 7 ways to grab your prospect's presence.



Again, in this module you need to enter your prospect’s world. They need to feel 2 things: 

1. That you are just like them

2. That you CARE.

One of the most efficient way to do that is to “speak the same language”.


Each individual have a different ways of communicating. They may speak the same language but we know Words only represent approx. 10% of effective communication.

The way we process information when we communicate varies from one person to another. Thankfully there are only 3 main communication styles which can be easily identified.

Your job as a seller to identify your prospect’s communication style and adapt the way you communicate so that they can process the information efficiently AND build more connection fibres with you.

People like people who are like themselves, so if you adopt the same communication style, you’ll sub-consciously create a connection.


Which Style are You?

Remember, we use different styles depending on the context however we use one style predominantly.

Which one is yours? And how does it manifest in you?


I believe it is impossible to break down every single human "personality" into few categories. The way people make decisions is more complicated than that.

If you are becoming a master of Influence and Persuasion you need to understand what influences you (covered in Module 1) and others.


It controls our decisions short term, for many people it can change several times throughout the day. This is called "Mood swings", depending on how you Feel in the moment would you agree that your decisions will be completely different?

This comes with practice, being able to identify what state someone is in, is so powerful. Furthermore, you also become capable of changing their state to ensure all the conditions are lined up for a sale to happen. This is a bit advanced and we’ll cover more of this later.


We've already covered this concept briefly in Module 1 and we have established that everyone has certainty about something. 

Your prospect have beliefs too.

Don't get fooled into thinking that we can summarise someone's personality depending on the behaviour they present to you in the moment. Everybody has truths, and we will shortly Unmask them.

Comprehension Buyer Personalities

Why is it important to understand State/Mood?

What can you do when you are exposed to your prospect's beliefs, at this stage in the sales process?



There is a big misconception about rapport in that most rookie sales people think it is a necessary step to "make friends" with the prospect. TRUST is necessary, friendship isn't.

TRUST in the individual, TRUST in the Company and TRUST in the product or service.



By definition care is the act of attaching importance to someone or something. 

When you genuinely CARE about someone and their business, well this process of building rapport happens naturally.

You ask questions, you are interested in hearing the answers and you find common grounds.

Think about it, when you first meet someone you really want to know more, what kind of questions do you ask? How many of them?


When you listen to someone you just meet, what do you do? Do you nod your

head, tilt it, maybe lean towards that person, maintain eye contact? 

By listening actively to your prospects, you make them feel (sub-consciously)

that you understand them and that you CARE.

Describe what Active Listening looks like?


Don't be cheap. Find ways of giving to your prospects. Don't do it because you expect something in return, just do it because you know it can help, serve or add value to your prospect.

This way you will induce the Law of Reciprocity.

Have you ever been given a free sample in a supermarket? Did it have an influence on which product you purchased?


This is the oldest way of passing knowledge to others, through stories. The more personal the story is the more universal it becomes. 

You’ll find that fundamentally people experience the same range of emotions facing certain situations.

Telling stories about yourself creates connection with the prospects and telling stories of how other people just like them benefits from your product will build trust in the product.

Can you think of personal stories that would create a sense of commonality with your prospects? What about social proof?

Time to Improve

Based on the 4 Principles of Building Rapport, it's time to take a moment and assess where you are.

Do you Care about your customers? How can you care more?

Do you actively listen? If so, how can you improve?

Do you give value to your customers? How can you give more?

Can you think of 2-3 stories that would make you more relatable and build trust in your company, product and self? 



Rapport is about creating connection fibres so that you can pull the prospect down the buying trail.

You are the guide on this journey. You must build trust in yourself, your product and your company otherwise you will not CLOSE.

Remember to do the 4 Steps before speaking to anyone.

Manage the Buying Trail at ALL TIMES.


You have 3 seconds. That’s it. Use one of the 7 Ways to Grab the prospect’s Presence and you’ll be able to proceed further down the trail.



Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic


State + Beliefs


Care, Active Listening, Give, Tell Stories.


Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. Swami Sivanada

Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Again, it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.



The reason rapport building is essential is because of the nature of this module. Now we are about to ask questions to our prospects. If we hadn’t built any fibres and some Trust with them, during this module they would completely close off and you wouldn’t be able to serve them.

This is the part of the system where you are going to determine how your products and/or service can and will help your prospect. Before we get into that you must make sure that you are not doing all of this work for nothing.

Sometimes, you may spend an extended period of time with a prospect who will never buy from you. Time you could be spending helping someone who really needs it.



To make it simple, when you qualify you are trying to determine 4 things:

  • Who is the Decision Maker?
  • Can they Afford your product/service?
  • What are their Needs & Wants?
  • What Pain is associated to their problem?

What’s most important isn’t the actual words you say but feeling comfortable with asking these questions and more importantly listening closely to the answers.

Are you talking to the Decision Maker?

In your business and industry, what questions can you ask to find out whether you're talking to the decision maker?


How can you elegantly ask if they have the money, have access to the money or if they could qualify to get the money to buy your product/services ?



The real reasons why we purchase something is a combination of Needing and Wanting it. 

Need is more convincing than a Want but the brain has its way of justifying a Want by turning into a Need.

Think of any luxurious item, does anybody really Need it? Survival only speaking, do you really need a luxury item? No, yet how many designer bags do you see outside? 

If we WANT something bad enough, we will create a NEED for it. 

People buy for Emotional reasons and reinforce the decisions with Logic.



 is the one in charge of processing and analyzing.

It can take on a lot of complicated information and process it like a computer. It can also store facts and figures and you can use it like google. Type in the question, search, get an answer. This part of the brain is responsible for movement, language, rational thinking. 

This is the logical side of the brain.


is in charge of creativity, emotion, learning, long term memory AND motivation.

This side of the brain is also responsible for DECISION MAKING.

Here's the catch, this side of the brain doesn't have the capacity of language. The red brain is in charge of language.

This is why it’s so hard to explain Why we Love someone, this is why it’s hard to justify some decisions we make in our lives just because it feels right.

The red brain will try to rationalise the emotional decisions we make but ultimately the emotion is the driving force.

That's why you need to Sell with Emotions, communicate with the side of the brain who's in charge of decisions AND back up that decision with Logic so that the brain understands that it's making a congruent decision.

What did you buy last?

Think of your last significant purchase, not the groceries. Did you buy it only because you Wanted or Needed it? 


The Funnel of Reasons is a very, very powerful tool that will allow you to really understand what drives the prospect to buy.

This kind of knowledge is what is going to determine whether you close the sale or not.

People would usually not disclose the Real reason Why they are looking to purchase a product or service. We do it too, think about when you walk into a store to purchase close and the sales person asks you: “ anything I can help you with?”

We usually reply, “I’m just looking” but what’s actually going on inside your head is much more detailed than that right? 

You might be browsing because you had nothing to do today, or because you’re looking to find something to impress someone you fancy or any of the thousands of the reasons we shop, but we summarise with: “I’m just looking.”

We put on masks and your duty as a Master Influencer and Persuader is to UNMASK, the Compelling Reasons to Buy.

1. Ask a What driven question:

This is usually the surface reason, the logical reason.

2. Ask a Why driven question.

We are starting to drill down, understanding the pathway to their decisions.

3. Ask Why again.

Now we are getting closer to the goal. You are gathering valuable intelligence about what drives your prospect.

4. Finally, ask Why again.

UNMASK the Compelling Reason to Buy.

Repeat the process until you find 3 (minimum) to 5 Compelling Reasons to Buy.

How to ask these questions?

It's simple ask them if you can ask them! "Can I ask you a question?"

Remember that last purchase?

Use the funnel of reasoning on yourself.

Write down the What (surface level), drill down to the compelling reasons to buy.


Humans respond to different kind of motivation. Predominantly, there are 2 types of Focus that influences people.

You either are trying to move Towards Pleasure, a better future, comfort OR Away from Pain, discomfort.

A great sales professionals not only has the skill to link immense amounts of pleasure to buying a product or service, they can also link pain to NOT buying the product or service.

Linking pain to not buying the product and service is effective because by their nature, humans will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

Pain or Pleasure?

The easiest way to understand the concept of Pain & Pleasure and to identify it in others, is to recognise it within yourself.

Think of the last significant decision you made, was it driven by Pain or Pleasure? Explain why.


Most people know what to do yet they don't take action, why is that?

People are afraid to make DECISIONS. 

We don’t want to handle the consequences of that decision and we stay in that state of stagnation. But at times, when you reach a threshold of control, when you can’t handle something anymore then a new Decision is made.

This is the reasoning behind this section of the Module. 

Your duty and obligation as a Great Sales professional is also to Disturb your prospect when its necessary, because you know what will happen if they don’t take action, you know the pain they have already been through and you know the challenges it creates in their lives.

New Decisions come from SATIATION and DISSATISFACTION.

It's your responsibility and duty as a Master Influencer and Persuader to Disturb your prospect, not for your reasons, for theirs.

Ask about the pains they have experienced in the past. The current pain and what would happen if they kept on going this direction.

REMEMBER, this section of the program is to Influence and Persuade your prospect to make a new Beneficial Decision, to help with their business and life. This is not so that you profit from it. You're here to help and serve.


Depending on the main motivator of your prospect (Towards or Away), you might prefer to use Future pacing to disturb them.

I recommend a combination of both, because it will appeal to both their pains and pleasure which will trigger a more harmonious decision when the time comes to close.

Remember, this process is to help you UNMASK the compelling reasons, their reasons not yours so that the close can be customer orientated, elegant and effortless.

Future pacing is the process getting the prospect to envision what would happen in the Future if they don’t buy today AND Use one of the prospect's Future positive outcomes and break down what they MUST  to do TODAY to achieve it.

Ie: Prospect wants to purchase 5 investment properties within the next 5 years.That’s fantastic! To achieve that you would need to buy at least one property per year, best 2. So you need to have the money saved for deposits, now the average sale price in the area you’re interested in is $1,000,000 and banks loan only 80% LVR.So you need to have $200,000 + fees saved up by the end of the year.How much do you have now? $20,000.Well wouldn’t now be a good time to start investing in yourself so that you can increase your income?

Why is it important to Disturb your Prospect?


At this stage the conversation is usually getting more personal and emotional depending on the industry you are in.

It may create tension with the prospect, it is critical to maintain that tension not for evil purposes but simply to create emotions. Your primary instincts would be to avoid the tension by any means but you must remain present in the moment. Your duty is to serve and help your customers.

IF you sense resistance or you are getting cold answers when you are asking WHY driven questions, it's because you haven't built enough connection with your prospect.

Do not hesitate to loop back to module 3 and to create more rapport and the way you do that is by using a Deflective Question.


Deflective questions are a powerful tool to use when you’re hitting resistance and your prospect is trying to take you either off the buying trail or move forward and talk prices.

You MUST be in control of the sale at all times. Use a question to deflect their attention off  and re-focus it on where you want it, which is UNMASKING, their pains, needs & wants.

Example: Why is it important for you to start earning more? It just is, how much is your program?That’s a great question, how long have you been thinking of investing in yourself?

You may believe that the prospect would see right through it, but I assure you they won’t. The best way to find out for yourself is too try it.

Note: You can deflect a price request, up to 3 times max. If you’re feeling awkward deflecting, the prospect will sense it and feel like you’re withholding information from them, this will break rapport!



You may be asked how much your product and services are at this stage. I want you to remember that the prospect does not really want to know the price at this stage, they just want to get out of the tension you created. So congratulations first of all.

By using a deflective question, you will re-direct their focus on their needs and wants.

ie: WHY driven question? Prospect: don’t worry about it, how much is it?You: That’s a great question, what makes you think this is the right product for you?

You can deflect a price request up to 3 times before giving it to them HOWEVER, do not make them feel like you’re withholding any information because it will break rapport.

Do not withhold the price if they really want to know how much it is, but here’s why I recommend not giving the price now.

You haven’t had a chance to build any VALUE on your product/service. By giving the price now, you’re making it hard on you to build value and you’ll spend the rest of the conversation trying to convince them of the value.

Because you haven’t talked about the VALUE your product/service provides, any price you give will seem too much, even if you’re the cheapest in your market place.

So, use a Deflective Question, re-direct their focus and keep proceeding with the TRIUMPHS System.


Practice Deflective Questions.

Write down, 3-4 examples of deflective questions. 

Practice saying them with the right tone of voice and physiology.




Remember, early on the sale process you want to find out 4 things, what are they?

How can you include qualifying to your sales process?


Sell with emotions and close with logic. Remember Red Brain, Green brain.

Use the FUNNEL OF REASONS, to find the prospects Compelling reasons to buy. Don’t buy into the What (surface level) and dig deep, drill down to the main WHY.


Is your prospect a Towards pleasure type or an Away From type predominantly. Do they respond to pain more or pleasure? Which one are you?


Emotion is created by tension, it is your job to disturb the prospect by reminding them of their current pains, their past pains and what will happen if they don’t take any action TODAY.

Can you use Future pacing to create a sense of urgency?


At this stage in the sale, the prospect may try to take you off the buying trail. It’s a dangerous place to wonder in the jungle. Don’t hesitate to loop back to a previous step of the process if you feel too much tension, distraction or if the prospect is trying to get away from you.

A deflective question can also be useful if you are trying to take their attention off something, and re-focus on what YOU want.

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Remember it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.



In this module, we are about to re-arrange everything that we have learned about our prospect in the last modules and present our product/service in a manner that is focused on their needs so that they can make a buying decision today.

You are about to close the deal!


This is a very powerful tool that you can use throughout the sale process. Trial closes are words and sentences designed to lower your prospect's resistance and make the final close easier to accomplish.

A great sales professional will use Trial Closes along the way to assess whether the prospect is opened and also to influence them to become more comfortable to say Yes.



Which Trial Close are you committed to try? Why? 

Write a few examples.



At this stage, we are reminding the prospect and ourselves of all the convincing reasons they gave us as to Why they are on the market for your product or service.

As a rule of thumb you want to have 3 to 5 Convincing reasons to buy, ideally 7.


"Just so it's clear in my mind: _Convincing Reason number 1

           _Convincing Reason number 2

                         _Convincing Reason number 3...

*Remember to communicate with them in the manner they are most responsive to.

Are they an Away from or Towards person?


Based on their convincing reasons, present them with the product or service that relates the most to their COMPELLING Reasons to buy.

Use features and benefits, logic when you are presenting the solution.


"Based on the reasons you told me, I recommend you to go with Product A

Because: - Features

   - Benefits

   - Logic 

   - Feature & Benefits n2

   - Logic 

This is the only time where you are allowed to use features and benefits of your product. Mention them to early and you're trying to build up the Value, do it now and they SEE the value.


Once you've presented the product/service and all the FEATURES & BENEFITS give the price straight away.

Value must exceed the actual price.

What makes something valuable isn't the price, it's the Emotion it creates.


I believe sales professionals are always the reason they don’t close the deal. Not the prospect, not the economy, not the market, the sales professionals.

One of the reasons is because they spend too much time arguing about their prices. You may think your product/service is overpriced, which takes you back to the First Module and the 5 Ws, are you 100% sold on your product?   

Price is NEVER the issue. VALUE is.

To close the Sale, VALUE MUST EXCEED PRICE, this is all you have to do.

Your prospect will do the deal if they see value in it. The price is never too much, but the value may be too low, do you see the distinction? 

This is Why the price should not be revealed earlier in the process.


The biggest secret to closing is this: JUST ASK.

Assume the sale, keep it simple, effortless and ask for the business.



What are the 4 Steps of Pitching?


First distinction, an objection is a sign that shows your prospect is interested in buying your product so congratulations!

Secondly, you need to determine whether you are getting an actual objection or a complaint. 

A complaint, is a statement that something is not satisfactory, that's all. No need to overcome a complaint.


In any business, there are usually a few core objections that you constantly get. 

A great way to deal with those is by Hunting them early in the sales process. When you attack the objection before it shows up, you're making it easier for your prospect to make a buying decision.

Objection Hunting

What are 2 - 3 core objections that you get systematically?

What questions can you ask early in the process to hunt them before they show up and bite you?



A complaint can be perceived as an objection. 85% of objections are smoke screens, they are not the real reasons people aren't buying.

Would you agree that if you knew the real objection you would have a much higher chance at handling it?

Most professionals spend their time overcoming objections that are not REAL.

Step 1: Listen

Pay attention to what the prospect is saying. Does it sound like a complaint or an objection?

Step 2: Acknowledge

Regardless of the nature of the resistance, agree with the prospect's reality.

Step 3: Clarify

Ask a question to activate the prospect's logical reasoning.

Step 4: Clarify more 

At this stage the prospect could be still giving you smoke screens. Get to the core objection.

Use the same process than with the Funnel of Reasons (What, why, why, why)

Step 5: Isolate

Re-state the core objection.



Time to Handle it.

Now that we have the real objection, the real reason why the prospect isn't going ahead with your product or service it's time to handle it.


You can't answer a statement. If your prospect have certainty about something DO NOT ARGUE with them. 

Agree to their reality, use empathy.


You can't answer a statement but you can answer a question. 

Prepare a list of questions you can ask your prospect depending on the objection type.

EXAMPLE: "I don't have the money."

         "I totally understand, it's a tough economy nowadays. That does bring another question though and that is even though you don't have the money now, how can we come up with a solution to get you the money so that you don't have to suffer with PAIN any longer?”


Present the objection with a new perspective, you Must move the prospect from: "I can't" to "How can I?"

*Tool: Feel, Felt, Found


This process of the system is really to help you and the prospect find a solution that suits both of you. Getting a deal done and responding to the prospect’s convincing reasons to buy.


Let's put what you've learned into practice. You are a great sales professional, and the prospect is telling you that they need to speak to their partner before making a decision, how would you handle it ?


These powerful small sentences have produced millions of dollars in results. Please remember that they work only when used after following the steps of the TRIUMPHS System. 

Sales professionals spend too much time worrying about the close and don't spend enough time practicing the steps that lead to the close. 




If you have followed the TRIUMPHS system this should not happen.

Some may have experienced this in the past, you close a deal everything seemed to have gone well, both parties are happy but, out of nowhere you get a call back that sounds like this.

"Tom, it’s John, listen man I've changed my mind..."

First of all, people only experience a change of heart when they felt like they were manipulated into buying in the first place/

TRIUMPHS is about creating congruent decisions.

Here's how you can prevent it

After the close when you're filling the paperwork ask this question:

"Any reason why you would change your mind?”

“Anything you’re not satisfied with?”

This way you can address any concerns the customer may have and address them straight away. 




Great tool to lower the prospect’s resistance throughout the sales process. Remember that trial closes are small “Yes” along the way to make it easier for the prospect to say yes at the close.


Can you remember the 4 Steps? Lining up the dominos, presenting the product, reveal the price and ask for the sale.

Simple as that.


What are the 5 steps to identify an objection vs a complaint? Remember that complaints don’t need to be overcome, it is simply a statement that something isn’t satisfactory.

Don’t waste time trying to argue a complaint!


A great percentage of objections the prospect are going to give you are smoke screen, they’re not real! So before you can handle the REAL objection you need to make sure you know what it is. Remember to use the 4 Steps…


Will you be brave enough to use one my Killer close? You should, they produce the outcome you desire every time. Remember to use great tonality there too and to Always Assume the Sale first.


Don’t rush the process, you want to make sure the prospect is really making a congruent decision, that they won’t back pedal some time in the future.


"Most people work once and get paid once. The successful of this world, work once and get paid for the rest of their lives.Anonymous


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Remember it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.



Congratulations you've made the sale! 

You have served one more person and created a change in their lives. 

This module is about leveraging the work you have already done. How you and your company will profit from the sale.

Not only the revenue generated from the transaction but let's look at ways to leverage that 1 transaction to create more sales!



These are a great way to get more business. Plus when a lead is being referred to you, your chances to close it are 5 times higher!

The best person to refer someone to you is someone you have just influenced and persuaded. Since you've deliver an outstanding service and value, your customers will send you more people whom you can help.


  1. ASK

The simplest, most efficient and successful way to get referrals is simply to ask for them, sounds crazy right? 

When you come from a place of service and help, well you want to serve and help as many people as you can so asking someone you’ve just served greatly to refer someone they know who could use your help seems the right thing to do.


Popular yet effective way of generating referrals is by enrolling your customer into a loyalty program and give them great deals to bring referrals in. Some businesses are built on this (MLM).



Very popular online for tangible products, can you reward a third party when they sell your products?  Some companies are willing to give 100% commission to the affiliate just to get the business, what can you do?


Can you give your customers personalised incentives to influence them to bring more business your way? Can you get in on a new circle of Influence and become the big fish in this Small pond? 

Great gifts will create great new business.


Meeting new people and mentioning what great help you provide to your customers could bring some referrals your way. A quick tip, when you network speak about Why you are in business for first, then How and finally What.


By having new clients share their experience on their profile will definitely ignite their friends interest and if on top of that they recommend your product and services, you could be getting organic growth. Can you implement a part of your sales process to ask your new customers to share their experiences and mention you/the business?


If you know a prospect is on the fence, but they’re not quite sure just yet whether to give your product/service a try, one of the great ways to Influence & Persuade them is to get one of your current clients, who loves your products/services and yourself and get them to talk to the prospect.

This way they can share their experience and tip the scales.

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Which of the 7 ways are you committed to Implement into your business? 

Describe how you're going to do it and what resources you'll need.



Are public tribute to your achievements.

You need to have a system to get a testimonial out of every transaction you make, it may create 5 times more sales!

The testimonial must be focused on the Emotions & the results created by your company, your product and yourself as an individual.

“One of the ways we help people just like you is by sharing your experience with them. This way they get to see your thought process, your experience and how our product/services have served you.

Do you mind sharing your experience with them?”

How can you implement a system into your sales process to get a testimonials every time?

What ressources will you need?


Getting more business is what we have focused on so far with the TRIUMPHS System. 

I know for fact that you are sitting on thousands of dollars in revenue right now from your current organisation, so here are some ways you can leverage the work you have already put in to generate more sales.


 The best time to make a sale is right after the last one. When the prospect has already decided to buy, why not Influence them to purchase more, whether to up the current sale or cross sell a related product/service.


Once you have closed the deal, adding even more value is an excellent strategy to not only get more business and leverage the 1 transaction but also to keep you in your customer’s radar. A good example would be for an artist to release, new exclusive after the customer purchased the album.

What can you do in your business? A newsletter, monthly webinars, live events…


Pricing strategy can be really powerful if used wisely. Positioning yourself above or below the market could make a difference in your revenue. Is your product/service of better value than the competition ? If so you may consider raising your prices.

Same principles applies if your product is of inferior value, lower your prices and double or triple the transactions.


You heard it a few times during this training. TRIUMPHS is the tool to make the sales process easier for you to close. Working your strength will allow you to focus on the tasks you know you are good at, and double down on these.

Are you a better closer on the phone or in person? Adapt your systems to your strong suit not the other way around.


If you already have a team of sales professionals, can you create a more compelling compensation plans that would motivate them to close more deal?

A team can catapult your revenue into a whole new level if trained right, inspired and hungry.

Can you implement new plans to push productivity?


Regardless of your current status, becoming a leader in your organisation and your life is the only way to achieve your VISION. One of the process you must do in order to achieve more and tap into more of your potential is to raise YOUR standards. Have higher expectations for yourself than anyone else you know. Do not raise the standards on others, this is critical.

Raise your own, inspire others around you, see the emulation happening and enjoy the results.


Focusing on being productive rather than being busy will geometrically increase your bottom line. By focusing on increasing revenue, profits, cutting production costs, doubling sales or else will ultimately lead to increase results.

There are tasks that must be done but which do not produce income for you or the company, can you find a way to outsource them so that you can focus on the priorities?


As a rookie, I thought once a lead said no, that was it. They didn’t want me to call ever again, and they won’t ever be interested in buying from us ever again. I was wrong and inexperienced.

It might take 6-8 times of contact to even initiate a TRIUMPHS pattern with a prospect.

Do you have a CRM that can remind you to get in touch with a prospect, over and over again? Master the follow up leads to more business.


Remember your ratios that you calculated earlier? The conversion rate, closing rate, connect rate…

Use the TRIUMPHS, to learn and practice one of these areas, whether it’s setting appointments with Module 3, closing with Module 4-5, can you improve your ratios to create more revenue with the same input?


You are already doing it right now and that is to brush up your current skills so that you can bring more and more value to your customers. By mastering skills constantly you are not only broadening the range of tasks you are also separating yourself from the crowds and position yourself as the expert.

Keep a learners mentality, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know it all and be willing to work to  improve, the results you’ll get will always reflect the value you provide.


Give 1 example for each of the 10 strategies that you can implement into your business, be specific.



This module is to help you maximise the returns on your investment. You’ve closed a deal, you made a sale and you have a new customer, we have shown you ways you can leverage the 1 transaction in order to create many more.


 Any lead that has been referred to you has a 5 times more chance to be buying than normal. Referrals are so powerful yet so many professionals actually have a system to guarantee more business from their transactions.

Can you think of 1 of the 7 ways to get referrals?


When your customers share their experience with their world about  you,  your product or company, there is so much potential for new business. If someone is willing to endorse you for the work you do, the value you provide you can be sure they would influence their circle to go with you IF they are in the market place. So have you thought of a way to implement a strategy to get testimonials every  single time.


You are sitting on a lot of money, a lot of sales within your current organisation and it is your job as a leader to maximise your current resources.

How committed are you to implement at least 3 of those tips into your business? Do you see how powerful it can be just to focus on the organisation and bringing in new business?

Remember, the wealthy work once and get paid multiple times. Make sure you leverage every transaction to your advantage.


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Remember it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.



The goal with this module is to elevate your customers to the Raving fans status. We want all your customers to become part of the mass movement you created.

This way not only it will create more business than ever before, you'll also have business for LIFE.



1.The Charismatic Leader

This is you, the master influencer and persuader. You are the carrier of the message and you know by now how to communicate effectively.

You have learned all the tools required to become this character. The 5 Ws are a great start, with practice and mastery of the World Class Speaking training, you will be able to Influence big groups of people.

2.The Great Cause

This is the WHY of the business, the purpose and the mission. You have clarified your personal WHY in the first module, are you clear on the WHY of the business?

Do you have clarity on WHY it is a must that your client buys with you and no one else? Let me help you, what is it that you think you can help your customers with better than any other organisation? This is your Great Cause.

3.The New Opportunity

This is what you are selling, your product and services. 

Remember, it can’t be an improvement offer because 95% of the market place will link pain to your product/service because of their previous experience.

Make it a new opportunity, and the potential for results are unlimited. Show the results and use social proof, you have a recipe for success.


Can you think of mass movement type structures you can relate to? If so, why?


In this section of the module, I am giving you the secret sauce to create a tribe of raving fans. A group of ideal clients, absolutely 100% sold on you, your product/service and your company. They are willing to buy anything from you, recommend you to everyone they know and they will vouch for you.



The purpose of any organisation is to add value. When you are solely focused on profits I know that customer service is average to say the least. Again, the purpose of any organisation is to add value to its customers, so make it the primary focus to do that very thing.

Help, serve and solve problems for your customers and success will follow in revenue and in loyalty to your brand.


 This may be one of the simplest strategy yet it is so powerful. Can you deliver gifts after you’ve closed the deal and throughout your relationship with your client?

The standards in most companies are so low today that if you are able to give great, personalised gift you are part of the top 1%. We are all too familiar with the crappy pens and hats most companies give out. A great gift can anchor a memory about yourself and company for ever. It doesn’t have to be expensive by the way, but specific to the client and impromptu.


In any company, there are processes in place to guarantee an outcome. Whether it’s the fabrication or the sale, there are guidelines in place so that it can be replicated. Your customer shouldn’t feel like they are treated like cattle, being processed like any other. Can you make sure that from the moment they are welcomed to the moment they go back to their lives with your product/service they are having an outstanding experience with you? 

Moments that are new, exciting and memorable. I know it sounds a little tacky but you get the picture. Treat your customers like they are the most important thing in the world, and they will pay you back…


How can you create tribe of customers who all bought from you and reward them by treating them like VIPs?

An exclusivity group is a great way to make some of your clients feel really special, can you treat them with gifts, special access, priority on new products, discount, incentives… 

Make them feel special and part of something bigger.


I know this may seem strange but if a client isn’t the right fit for the group, it is your job as a leader to ensure the safety and efficiency of the tribe. Someone who doesn’t belong there will cause trouble long term even though they may be bringing something at the beginning.

Don’t settle for pocket change when you are building an empire.


Creating a WOW effect in your customers is going to pay so much more than just a sale. You could create Raving fans every time if you could WOW them. So instead of making big claims, can you make sure that everybody in your organisation is going to the extra mile to over deliver? 


Surprise is not only a way to grab someone’s presence it’s also a great way of treating your clients a special way. Can you turn up unannounced? Give something extra? Think of their birthdays and get them their favourite cake? 

Get to know your clients personally and surprise them.


Like any great partnership, anticipation or knowing what someone needs are before they even know will position you as a superstar who cares so much about the other part.

Can you anticipate your Fans needs? Can you think of some of the things they might need in advance and more importantly can you make it happen before they even realise they need it?

How can you apply at least 3 ways of creating raving fans into your business?

For each strategy,  write down the resources you'll need.



In this module we covered strategies to turn any customers into a Raving Fan, an individual who absolutely raves about you, your product/service and your company.

They would buy anything from you and recommend you to their circle.


You have transformed into a Charismatic leader thanks to the 5 Ws, you have established your Great Cause which is the Why you are helping and serving your clients and you have materialised this great cause into a New opportunity which are your products/services.


Remember the goal with this module is to turn any customer into a fan of yours, so can you think of any strategies that I shared with you to achieve this?

Building a tribe of like minded people, all bound by one thing, you. 

This model will create and guarantee business long term but it’s a partnership. You need to take great care of your fans because they can make or break you.

By the way, a raving fan will bring you more referrals, testimonials and new business than you can imagine. You must consistently WOW them through your product/service and take care of them.

As the leader, you also take responsibility for everything positive and negative.

How can you hedge your clients to make sure you retain their loyalty?

Now that you are committing to mastery in your career and business you can’t leave anything up to chance and retaining ideal clients is one of the most effective way to strive.

" You only need to acquire 1000 true fans to make a living in business."Kevin Kelly


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Remember it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.



We started the TRIUMPHS System by  focusing on you.

Transform, shifted the person you were to who you must be in order to tap into your full potential.

To conclude this system, it had to be about you again. It’s time to master your personal branding to make sure that you build and master a brand for yourself,  so that no matter which industry, area or market, you position yourself as an Expert globally.

We want you to reach the next level, not only with your sales but as a Personal brand and a business.

This way not only you’ll get business from it, you’ll also attract different kind of opportunities all together whether it’s a business venture, a new contract or even media coverage.

Let’s get stuck into it.




One of the biggest hurdle for any expert is to perceive themselves as such and thanks to the first module we have already covered that but expertise has a different meaning to everyone. For some, it may be a lot of experience, for others it may be a qualification but here’s one more, Research.

You could be an expert because of the amount of time and knowledge you have accumulated about a specific topic. You could know more than “experts” who have worked in the field for years just by Research so don’t hesitate to use it as a strength, show that you know what you’re talking about regardless of how you accumulated the knowledge.


This is usually very inspiring to the mass. Experts usually earn this position thanks to an experience that lead them on that path, so what is yours? Can you practice telling your back story so that it inspires others to take action? 

You might need to write it, rehearse and review but a great backstory is always an asset.


Your expertise could also be earned thanks to your status, whether its inside a company or thanks to your job title. If you are a senior negotiator, you are already being perceived as an expert. 


Have you built a following on social media? If so you could leverage it and this too will reinforce your position of expert. People revolve around experts (individuals) who have just a little more knowledge than they do about something. So if you are already popular it will reinforce the positioning and if you’re not yet, make it a goal to grow it.


Another great way of being perceived as an expert is by surrounding yourself with other experts! Experts have usually built a following of their own and using the attention they generate to introduce you is a great way to position yourself.

Usually, you’d choose collaborations where both parties profits and grow their audiences and positioning.


This has to be the greatest strategies of them all. Showing the world what you actually accomplish is one the most efficient ways of strengthening your expert positioning. 

If you can also involve what results you have created for others not just yourself you also trigger social proof which is very powerful when it comes to Influence and Persuasion.


By now, you should know that I am a hard core believed in using social media as a expert positioning tool. You literally have the ability to create content that reflects your knowledge, results, creativity character I mean you name it.

Not using Social Media is madness.


Don’t think that traditional medias do not play a role in this. Knowing to use these tools can also put you in front of different people who may never have heard of you before and you can’t deny its importance.

Make sure that the media is to paint a good picture of you.


Who could be better than your own clients to position you as an expert? If they are raving fans of yours, they are living proof of your positioning.

It could be tempting for anyone to challenge what you are claiming but when a bunch of people unite and back up what you’re saying, it’s really effective.


Can you get another expert in their field to Endorse you, your product/service and company?

This method is really successful and the more successful the person who endorses you the stronger your positioning will be.

Can you think of ways to adding value for an expert and maybe ask for an endorsement in return?


Some of your products contribute to your positioning. Having platforms to show your expertise such as a book, a podcast, a YouTube channel or else is a great way to show that you’re not just interested in X topic, you have committed to help and serve others and the products are the proof of that.

12. Congruence 

Overall the best strategy that I could give you is to actually be the expert and acting in consequence. If you make claims that you can’t back up with proof, people will see it and your positioning will be dead.

Be congruent with who you are, what you represent. Authenticity is a big key, and remember no matter what you think of yourself you will display, so think of yourself as the expert.

Which of the 12 Strategies will you implement? Why?

Be specific, remember clarity=power.



You have seen this word mentioned numerous times throughout this program and for a good reason, you are one of us. No matter what your status, job, income, nationality, qualifications, results, personality, YOU ARE A LEADER.

Leaders are the ones who expect more. They expect more from themselves not from others and this is what brought you to this training in the first place. 

Leaders are the trusted individuals who’s job is to make decisions for the greater good of their group. 

Leaders are the ones with Vision, they create hope, inspire and draw people to them.

You are a leader, you are in charge of your life and your business and the quality of those solely rely on your quality as a leader. 

I can only but honour you for the sacrifices you made to get where you are, and I know how hard it can be at times, how lonely. But trust me, it’s all worth it.

As we are getting closer to the end of this training I will share with you 10 Principles that changed my life and by which most of the greatest live by.



Wining or losing either way it’s your fault. Leaders have a great sense of responsibility, they take ownership of all the success and failures which gives them the power to adapt and keep on moving forward.

Leaders know everything is on them and they don’t let ego or its tricks get in the way.


Any movement, business or any revolution started initially with a Vision. This is the single, most important trait of any leader, they are visionaries. They have the capacity to not buy into the current reality and to design a compelling future.

Vision moves individuals, groups and often countries. The clearer and the more compelling it is and the more skilled you are to share it, the more people will buy into it.

What’s your Vision for your business, are you challenging the status quo? Do you dream of a different standard for your business and your life?


Once the Vision is created and compelling enough, leaders create a detailed plan on how to get there. 

This is why it’s called a Vision and not Dreams, because dream imply that they are unattainable, they are a fantasy.

A vision is a dream with a plan to get it. Thorough planning is required to get there to know precisely what has to happen in order to achieve the Vision.


A Plan with no exception is rubbish, you can throw it in the bin it’s no use. The only thing that is separating you from your goals is the discipline you have to go out every day and take action towards it. This is why clarity and ownership are great principles because you’re not giving your power away, you strategies your success, best prepare and go out to achieve it. It won’t go as you planned but it doesn’t matter, if your Vision is compelling you’ll find a way no matter what.


Great leaders do the most with what they have. This often requires creativity and I believe that genius also comes from those moments. If we had all the resources available to us all the time, we wouldn’t innovate, come up with new ideas and revolutionary change in our business and lives. 

Being able to use every single dollar, every single person and every single skill will guarantee a positive outcome, even in failure.


We all have days when we don’t feel like it, we doubt, fear, become anxious, dwell on mistakes of the past, focus on all the things that are missing in our lives and this brings nothing but more of all of the above. Leaders too have problems, situations, crisis whether it’s professional or personal they are all humans. However nothing can stand in the way of their Vision and Mission so managing your state, your mood and how it affects your short term decision is critical. 

Imagine the leaders of a country, what could happen if they let emotions or ego in the way of the future of their nation? 


We made it clear that communication is key to any successful venture or sales process. If you are going to be involved with any other human being, you must become an effective communicator. Communicating the same language is not enough, knowing the different styles, voice tone, body language and not letting anything up to chance will guarantee the influence you have on the people around you regardless of the environment you are in.

We have touched on these skills already but mastery in communication comes from repetition and practice, so pay attention to the way you communicate and commit to improve every day.


This entire module is about personal branding and making sure that you are being perceived for who you really are. It is important to remember that authenticity is the easiest strategy you can apply to your brand. Be the expert, be the leader, be the professional, be the husband, be kind, be grateful and even be horrible if its your true nature but be yourself.

Willingness to learn and work on mastery certain areas in your life and be honest and vulnerable about it will produce return.

Also having a great network will immensely influence your income and the Influence you have. You want to be careful who you surround yourself with and who you are being affiliated with because it could make or break you.

To meet new people use the principles discussed in module 3, give, care, listen and tell stories…


The most successful leaders in the world are not so because they know it all. They are who they are because of their eagerness to learn, take action, fail, learn from the failures, take more action, applying what they learned and being resilient. 

The most successful out there simply fail more to make it simple, and so should you. 

Be willing to be wrong, to admit that you failed, that you don’t know it all. Be curious enough to learn every day, to try new things and being willing to appear vulnerable. 

Also there’s no need to re-invent the wheel all the time, why not spare you decades of trial and error and failing by using someone else’s experience?

Why not finding out an expert in a field and learning from their mistakes? You could acquire the knowledge of another expert In hours when it might have taken them years. 

Constantly improve and be willing to model the masters, this is what great leaders do.


I though I’d finish these principles with the one I believe is the most important. You have realised by now that it all starts from here and it will all end here. 

The connection to the Why is the single defining factor of any success or failure. As a matter of fact, when the connection to the Why is string enough, there are no failures, there are only lessons.

When whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish is a duty, a responsibility, a must you’ll find a way no matter what. I don’t care what field, industry, market, country, ethnicity, language, gender, skills, setbacks, opinions, status quo this is all secondary.

When the reasons you take action are clicked into place, they make you resonate on a higher frequency, they shake your whole soul, you’ll find a way to achieve.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this program it’s this, what is your Why? 

Are you just in for the money, are you in to build something that would benefit others, are you trying to leave a trace of your presence on this planet?

Which of the 10 Principles are you currently applying?

Which principle could you improve on? Why?


You now have all the tools  required to become a master Influencer and Persuader. You are going to tap into your real potential and create the life and business you desire and you know your deserve.

Now that you have all this knowledge, let me give you final instructions on how to apply it and create the results that you are seeking the quickest way possible.


Think back to the very first module, Transform. What was your WHY?  What was your Vision for your business and your life? 

This is what makes the difference between success and failure, this is and always will be the very first step, it’s the most important.

You’ll find that without it, success can be impossible to sustain long term.


Repetition is the mother of skills said Jim Rohn. There are 3 types of skill mastery:

  • Unconscious Incompetence: you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Conscious Competence: you know what you don’t know
  • Sub-conscious Competence: You don’t even think of everything you know, you just do it.

TRIUMPHS will produce the highest results when you reach the third level of competence, once you don’t even think of what you are doing, you’ll be in flow and the results will be absolutely incredible.

The best way to get there is to practice and practice and practice more and again over and over and over.

The system has to become part of you.


Knowledge without execution = rubbish. You have invested in yourself, done the hardest bit which is opening the system, you’ve learned the tools but if you implement it you may as well have not opened it.

All the strategies shared, the tools and techniques are no use if sitting on your shelf. Implement them, take action, fail, get back up, learn and get new results.

It won’t be comfortable at first, as a matter of fact it could be worse for a few but once you reach the threshold, you’ll grow geometrically. Trust the process.


You will experience setbacks, situation, problems and hit a few walls along the way. The reason I can guarantee that is because you are a human being on planet earth, there’s no way around it.

But you owe it to yourself, your family and your customer not to give up. If you give up then you would have failed, massively.

We were created to have great endurance, to adapt to extreme situation thanks to challenges, tension, set backs so stay in there. Get back on the horse as soon as you fell of it. Keep going, keep pushing do what your intuition is telling you what to do.

Remember to focus on your Why at times of uncertainty.


Loving what you do is so critical for 2 reasons. Number 1 you don’t count the hours you spend doing it because you’re having such a great time, it feels you up with joy and pride which is amazing.

Number 2, because of all the time you spend at it, you can become pretty good at whatever it is you’re doing, and you can share your knowledge with others.

This is simply why it matters so much to love what you do, so make sure you find what “it” is and never let go of it.


Gratitude should now be one of your daily practice because of the way it shifts our focus and determine how the days unfold.

A grateful heart creates a focused head, which brings in more success.

But, it is also important not to disregard successes, the accomplishment that you and your team create must be recognised and rewarded.

It’s easy to just keep busy and forget to celebrate the wins, but it is important to also take a moment to enjoy the achievements, to celebrate the fruits of the hard work.


The whole point of this program and to create success in your life is so that you can share it with others. 

A race to accumulate all the riches of the world for selfish purposes will very likely lead to a poor life. 

Progress is a must, achievement, success is a must and if you made it all the way to the very end of this program, you are hungry for more. 

We were made to learn, achieve, progress so that we could then share the knowledge, experiences with others.

All the strategies you have learned with this program will fill up your bank account but this very last point, contributing will fill up your soul.

Give back…


Start writing without thinking about everything that you have learned in this module. 

Remember it's not about being right or wrong, it's about retaining the information.





Setting yourself up for Success

  • What are the most important resolutions/decisions/actions you are committed to implementing in your business in the next 90 days?

How much revenue could you generate from these decisions?

  • Write down the 5 biggest "Aha" moment using this program. What made you smile, laughed? What touched your heart? What made you think of your life or business in a new way?
  • Where were you in terms of your thinking about your business when you started the program?
  • How do you feel about your business now, after participating in this TRIUMPHS program?
  • What has the experience of this program meant to you? What did you get from this training and what will you do with it? What are you committed to do as a result of your experience? Why is it a "Must" for you to follow through? 



The training really starts now; make sure you practice and more importantly implement everything that you have learned.

I’m proud of your commitment to Mastery, you are on one of the most amazing journeys we go through in life and that’s turning your passion into profits.

Remember that this is a never ending process, Mastery is the process of constant learning, there is always something to learn somewhere.

My team and I always love hearing about success stories from the TRIUMPHS System graduates, so please email us at [email protected] to share yours.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Until later, be Triumphant!