How to Praise Your Staff

Within companies, it is more common to hear managers criticizing their staff than hear them showering them with encouragements and praise,  Yet, positive recognition of a staff member or a team is a powerful tool of motivation.



Managing Success

Recognizing achievement effectively is more difficult than it seems

Recognizing achievement effectively is more difficult than it seems.

Practice personalized management style which is based on sincere recognition of your staff, NOT on trying to be popular. .

Sincerely Managing Success

Sincerely Managing Success

  • Positive recognition of your staff is a powerful motivational tool.
  • Why do you think this is? 

Which of these statements best explain why positive recognition helps to motivate your staff?

  • It helps to maintain or increase self-esteem.
  • It allows staff to release their positive energy.
  • It is the key to successful motivation.
  • It strengthens the desire to succeed and so encourages effort.
  • It makes staff want to continue striving for success.
  • It is essential to our psychological balance.
  • It allows managers to express themselves.
  • It gives managers credibility.
Select all applicable answers.