In-Home Services Safety and Conduct Policy eCourse

Once you have read the In-Home Services Safety and Conduct Policy, your Leader will meet with you to answer your questions and discuss how the Policy is meant to protect you, our clients and RH. This course is designed to review and assess your understanding of the Policy and provide RH with an electronic record of your completion. 

How to take this Course:


Safety and Security: RH takes the safety of our associates very seriously. Use your common sense and intuition, along with this Policy, to ensure your safety while in a client's home or space.

Mark the following statement as true or false.

  • I am not a Designer and I have never attended a Consultation, Delivery or Installation. This policy does not apply to me.

A fellow associate scheduled an Initial In-Home Consultation for you with a new client. During your appointment, they become belligerent and aggressive towards you. I should:

  • Continue the Consultation because they have a budget of $100K and I don't want to jeopardize the project.
  • Politely ask them to stop.
  • Make an excuse about needing to grab something out of my car and leave the home immediately. Once I am safely away from the client's home, I need to call my Leader and report the incident. My Leader will inform my Field Leader/Director and the People Team.
  • Pause the Consultation to call my Leader, inform them of the situation and ask their advice in the moment.

Which of the following situations should prompt you to leave the client's home? Check all that apply.

  • The client is not home. A contractor tells me to come on in, since the client will be right back but, it doesn't feel right.
  • Upon entering the home, I see unsecured weapons or drugs on display.
  • As I tour the home, the client moves behind me, guiding me into confined spaces. This makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • The client is playing really terrible music and it's very distracting.

Match the puzzle pieces below to accurately complete the sentences.

  • While using a ladder,
    use the 3-point contact method, avoid leaning over the ladder to reach something and never move the ladder with another associate on it.
  • When using a box cutter,
    always cut away from my body.
  • Be aware of body mechanics. When lifting,
    always ask for help when lifting an item that weighs more than 50 pounds. Position the body close to the item and center your body over your feet. Bend at the knees, keep the spine straight and push upright.

Conduct: As a representative of RH, your conduct is expected to be professional and courteous in a client's home or space.

Check each behavior below that would not be tolerated while performing a Consultation, Delivery or Installation:

  • Smoking, vaping or using any type of tobacco products.
  • Using profanity or crude language.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Using your cell phone for personal use.
  • Consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • Taking photographs (unless using an RH device and prior permission has been obtained from the client).

Mark each of the following statements as true or false.

  • During an Installation, I can advise the electrician on how high the chandelier should hang above the dining table.
  • It is acceptable for me to install artwork during an Installation because I have completed that scope of work several times in my Gallery during Floor Set updates or during Gallery openings.

Gifts and Tips: When a delighted client wishes to express their appreciation with a gift or tip, it is important to maintain our brand image as well as understand the payroll tax requirements and the necessity of Compliance Committee approval.

Select the correct words or phrases from the drop down menus to complete the statements.

Gifts or tips should not be accepted unless I If the value of a gift or a tip is more than , I must report it to my Leader who will partner with the Compliance Committee. Regardless of amount, it is required that I report any gift or tip to my Leader.

Reporting an Associate Injury or Property Damage: The safety of our associates and clients is of the utmost importance to RH. If an injury or damage does occur, it is important to know how to best address the situation.

Match the puzzle pieces below to accurately complete the sentences.

  • If I am injured while conducting Company business,
    I should assess my injury and seek medical treatment if needed. After my injuries are treated, I must report the incident to a member of my leadership team immediately. They will report the injury to our Worker's Compensation carrier within 24 hours.
  • If I am not close to a designated clinic at the time of an accident,
    I should utilize the closest clinic or hospital for care.
  • In the event that I damage my client's property,
    I am required to call a member of my leadership team immediately to document the incident.

Photography: If pictures will be taken in a client's home or space, it is preferred that prior written permission is obtained from the client via email.

Match the puzzle pieces below to accurately complete the sentences or scenarios.

  • Tonight's Consultation will end late. I'll just bring the Gallery iPad home for the night.
    I discussed this option with my leader who will note the specifics on the Technology Daily Sign Out Log.
  • After an Installation, I always take photos of the completed project for the Design Client Opportunity (DCO).
    I only take them on a company device after ensuring that the client provided prior permission.
  • My friends and family have asked me to post photos on social media of the amazing Italy project I am currently installing so they can see my work.
    I explain to my friends and family that I cannot send or post any images of the client's home - the images are considered confidential and I understand that they are NEVER to be posted or shared on social media or elsewhere.

Scheduling and Salesforce: Proactive communication with your Leader is essential to ensure a smooth Consultation, Delivery or Installation. Work with your Leader to get the proper approval and keep the Design Client Opportunity (DCO) updated.

It is always preferred that two associates attend an In-Home Consultation. When is it REQUIRED to send two associates? Select all that apply.

  • My client's In-Home Consultation is after normal business hours.
  • My client has a large space and needs measurements completed.
  • It is my client's Initial In-Home Consultation and they have never been into the Gallery but when I speak to them via phone they sound like a really nice person.
  • A well-known and respected client who has worked with me for years is not able to attend an In-Home Consultation but will make sure the contractor is there to facilitate the home tour.

Mark each of the following statements as true or false.

  • Whenever possible, I should schedule a Consultation during the daylight hours. I am required to inform my Gallery Leader if a Consultation will take place after 7:00pm.
  • I am not returning to the Gallery after completing a Consultation because it is closer to go home. I need to call my Leader on Duty and inform them when I am leaving the client's home or space and that I will not be returning to the Gallery.

Select the correct answers from the dropdowns.

In order to maintain a client's project accurately, it is important I allow after the Consultation to update the Design Client Opportunity (DCO). I'll include  and any other information that would make it possible for another associate to seamlessly step into the project.

Attire: Associates are representatives of the Company and the RH image of luxury.

During a Consultation, associates should dress in a professional, elevated style. For an Installation, when unpacking boxes, climbing ladders and moving furniture is necessary, the following clothing is best:

  • I should dress professionally: a business suit or dress is required!
  • Since I'll probably get dirty, I should wear old sweats or yoga pants.
  • To be both functional and professional, wearing jeans with a dark shirt and close-toed shoes is appropriate.

Timekeeping, Meal and Rest Period Compliance: Ensure that all hours are properly accounted for, and that all required breaks are taken and recorded.

Mark each of the following statements as true or false.

  • I am a non-exempt associate and was asked by my Gallery Designer to drop off swatches to a client on my way home from work. I've met the client multiple times and I drive by their location to and from work. It's after my scheduled shift at the Gallery but I still need to complete a Manual Time Clock Sheet for my time to their home.
  • I am working on an Installation that will take 3 or 4 days. If I work through my lunch break to save time, I don't need to complete a Manual Time Clock Sheet.

Travel to and from a Consultation or an Installation: Whether associates are traveling in their own vehicles or some other method, it is important to maintain the RH brand standard as well as properly account for expenses.

Mark each of the following statements as true or false.

  • I am required to obtain authorization from my Leader prior to booking travel for a Consultation, Delivery or Installation.
  • If I drive my own vehicle to a client's home or space and it is less than 10 miles outside of my regular daily commute, I do not need to expense the mileage.
  • I must report all accidents or incidents while traveling for business to my Leader, no matter how minor.
  • If conditions become unsafe while driving due to weather, I should pull over to a safe location until conditions improve. Once I am safely off the road, I should contact my client to let them know I may be late.


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