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Welcome on board at the Jordan Country Office of Vision Hope International!

An organisation based in Germany, but our hearts and efforts in the region of the Middle East and North Africa. 

This online based learning will guide you through your firsts steps at VHI and get you familiar with our current projects in Jordan and Syria as well as gives you an overview on mandatory training courses.

Getting to know Vision Hope International.


Our vision. 

Empowered people transform the world. 


Together, we work with local communities to create sustainable solutions in the world’s most difficult regions. We work where our help is needed and where assistance is appropriate.


We are passionate about people.

Providing people with motivation and a new perspective for the future greatly enriches us. The results and appreciation we achieve grace us with deep joy and satisfaction. We empower vulnerable members of society, motivate young people to pursue their dreams, strengthen women in reaching equality, and help people make positive changes in their communities. Our focus is on conflict-ridden areas in the Middle East, as the need there is so great.

We treat all people the same regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or social status. Through our intercultural competence and experience, we demonstrate respect and understanding for an individual’s situation, ensuring that our assistance is effective. At the same time, we engage in inspiring more and more people to stand against injustice and campaign for all those who cannot help themselves.

While we serve people in need, we receive great help from people who aspire to change the world for the better. Driven by their dedication, we continuously strive for new projects, new goals and new hope. That is our highest motivation, our commitment and our dedication. 







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Our current projects.

Kindergarten in Jordan


Over the last years, we have been operating kindergartens for Syrian refugees and disadvantages Jordanian families in Jordan. VHI wants to support the efforts of the host community by offering sustainable integration aid for refugee families. The education of their children gives them a perspective to stay and they don't get forced to move on. In the last three years, approximately 300 children in Manshia and 150 children in Karak, over half of whom are refugee children from Syria, have benefited from the pedagogic and therapeutic programs of the Trauma Kindergarten and successfully started school in Jordan.                                                           

Target group

Refugee children and disadvantaged children from Jordan between three and five years old who suffer from traumatic experiences or current living conditions. Children living in problematic circumstances in their family are specially targeted.

Project background 

1. Why Manshia (Mafraq Governate) and Karak: With more than 631,000 registered Syrian refugees, Jordan faces a number of development challenges, particularly rising in the rural area - where both Family Centers are located. The planned projects are deliberately located outside of camps and is aimed particularly at families of refugees who have settled in the rural environment. With the move out from the camps in their own apartments, they fall out of the support services camps can offer.       

2. Improving integration and assimilation: Refugees compete with the local population for water, work and housing.  In small villages and in the south of the country there are hardly any aid organizations at all. Consequently, the possibilities for Syrian families to ensure their livelihood and integration are increasingly low. Moreover, since Jordan has not signed the agreement on the Geneva Convention on Refugees, as a result there are no efforts to achieve integration from the side of government. Consequently, the Syrian children don't attend the regular school together with the Jordanians.                                                                     

3. Children education: Many refugee children do not reach the required standard and are fail a grade again and again. Self-confidence continues to decline and hopelessness spreads. Single mothers request professional help with the homework for their children, as well as therapeutic treatment, which is considered to be an urgent necessity for a lot of refugee children with behavioral disorders.           

Project Objectives 

1. The purpose of these kindergartens is, above all, the provision of elementary education, so that the children can be subsequently integrated into the Jordanian school system. Basic educational knowledge in Math, Arabic, English, Science, Music, Arts, Health, Religion, Sports are provided through play and discovering processes                                                

2. The timely treatment of traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, should prevent long-term effects in adulthood. Progressive educational approaches as well as Montessori Pedagogy build the basis for playful, integral learning, which gives sufficient time and space to develop abilities and to deal with trauma through art and play therapy.                                                          

Project Partner in Karak

A christian, faith-based organisation named Branches of Mercy. 

Budget of 101.284 Euro 

Project Partner  in Manshia

Manshia Bani Hassan.

Budget of 94.591 Euro

Family Centres in Jordan

Community Maternal Hospital in Syria

Training Courses

Mandatory Training Courses