Marine Biology

Marine Biology

Marine Biology Facts

The deepest part of the ocean is the Mariana's Trench

This is an image of where the Mariana's Trench is located on planet Earth! Is it far from where you are?

  • The deepest part of Mariana's Trench is called Challenger Deep
  • The temperature of the Trench is around 34-39 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The floor of the Trench is yellow due to the decaying animals and plants that are being deposited
  • James Cameron, director of the movie Avatar, went down and studied the Trench in 2012
  • Because of high acidity and the extreme temperatures in the Trench, the environment is considered extremely toxic even though there are signs of life and animals that live down there

Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks

  • These fish are the biggest fish on the planet
  • They are actually not related to whales; they are related to the shark family
  • These sharks are docile and pose no real threat to humans
  • These sharks can weigh up to 12 tons
  • Whale sharks feed on plankton and smaller marine animals like krill, squid, and small fish
  • Whale sharks swim very calmly and up to a maximum of 5 kilometers per hour

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