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Safe Baby educates and empowers parents and caregivers with information to keep babies safe from the top three preventable causes of infant death in our community. 

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Choosing a Safe Caregiver

Getting Started


Please watch this short video about Safe Caregivers.

Who is a Caregiver

Who is  Caregiver?

ANYONE who cares for the baby is considered a Caregiver.

It is critical that parents think about EVERYONE who will come into contact with their new baby and make sure that he or she is the safest alternative to themselves.

Caregiver Safety Information

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Caregiver Safety Information

Always go over safety information with each person who is caring for your baby. Even close friends and family who love your baby need to know how to care for the baby properly. Before you leave your baby alone with someone else, consider these important points.

  • Be confident that whomever is watching your baby is the safest person other than you.
  • Make sure the caregiver has patient, nurturing qualities and experience caring for young children.
  • It is not safe to leave your baby alone with an adult who has a short temper or lacks self-control.
  • It is not safe to leave your baby alone with an adult who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • It is recommended that caregivers have first aid training and know infant/child CPR.
  • Do a background check and check references by speaking to people who know the caregiver better than you.
  • Be sure that a caregiver is aware of safe sleep practices.
  • Demonstrate simple soothing techniques that work best for your baby.
  • Be sure that a caregiver is aware of Shaken Baby Syndrome and the severe injuries that result when a baby is shaken.
  • If you are taking your infant to a caregiver’s home, be sure that it is safe and a clean environment.
  • Look for a caregiver who is a good communicator.
  • Let a caregiver know where you are going. Be sure to leave your contact information and inform your caregiver that you can be reached at any point with questions or concerns regarding your baby.
  • Take your time to show a caregiver around your home and leave special instructions.
  • You are your baby’s most important protector, so be sure to trust your instincts.

The Safety Zones

The Safety Zones

The Safety Zones is a nice way to think about people who are coming into contact with your baby.   Click on the zones below to learn more about each one.

Can you think of someone who fits into each of the three zones?

Can You Name Family and Friends that Fit in Each of the Three Zones?

Final Thoughts


  • You are your baby’s number one protector.
  • Make sure that all decision-makers agree on who falls into each zone. 

Additional Resources

Please view the document below for signs to look for in good and bad caregiver.  Click the Download button to save a copy for yourself.

Signs of a Good Caregiver

Who is considered a Caregiver?

  • Family Only
  • Friends Only
  • Anyone Who Cares for Your Child

Who is considered a Caregiver (multiple correct)?

  • Friend that watches your child
  • Stranger
  • Family members who help you care for your child

Drag the zone description on the left side to match the zone color on the right.

  • Red Zone
    Anyone who is not safe to be around the baby at any point. Examples: someone with short temper, someone who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • Yellow Zone
    Anyone who is safe to be around baby when parent is present, but not a safe choice when parent is not. Examples: friend, neighbor, someone who is not prepared to change diaper/make bottle/soothe crying baby safely.
  • Green Zone
    Aanyone who is safe to be around baby when parents are present or not. Examples: grandma, aunty, close family or friend.

Indicate which of these statements are True and which are False

  • You are your baby's number protector.
  • It is OK to leave your child with an abusive family member.
  • You should perform a background check and check the references of all caregivers.

Drag the person to the zone they belong in.

  • Person who abuses drugs
  • Family members
  • Parent

Sleeping Safely

Fire Safety Example of Scenario Based Learning



You've completed this course. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of safety for your child.