Randomised SQP Quiz

Test your knowledge

Which of the following is the most common way for pets to pick up fleas?

How often should a dog or cat be treated with FRONTLINE Spot On for continuous flea AND tick protection?

It can take 3 months or more to get rid of a flea infestation. Which of the following offers good advice to help consumers resolve the issue?

How does FRONTLINE Spot On work?

How long does it take FRONTLINE Spot On to kill fleas once they have jumped on to a treated pet?

FRONTLINE Spot On doesn’t stop ticks attaching but will kill them minimising the risk of transmission of tick-borne disease. Within how many hours of contact will it kill them?

Veloxa easy-to-give chewable tablets for dogs are effective against which of the following worms?

Which of the following is offered as support by FRONTLINE?

What’s the minimum age and weight for a dog or cat to be treated with FRONTLINE Spot On?

What part of the flea life cycle cannot be killed by any product?