The Benefits of Effective Project Management

This course will dive straight into what makes project management effective and beneficial to organizations and why one should feel incline to use the steps that fall under project management versus your regular management processes. You will not only understand the theoretical elements of what goes into effective project management but you will also get your hands on real-life examples and success stories of organizations who have undergone effective project management. Whether you are the next CEO of a company you want to see soar or a student straight out of college wanting to try your hand at project management this is the course for you!

Defining project management

Project Management Best Practices & How they Benefit Organizations

The written content would begin with a description of project management as well as its effectiveness on an organization. Factors such as:

  • Project management ensures that a project goes through the correct lifecycle and in doing so critical checkpoints are established to ensure that the project is as successful as can be.
  • A project should be clear & realistic which is what effective project management can accomplish.
  • Project management allows for expectations of the project sponsor to be met as well any misunderstandings resolved due to the precise attention to detail project management steps allow for.
  • Project management also allows for the effective use of resources and tools needed for the projects. The monitoring of resources and tools allows for the project sponsor and the organization to save money where necessary making the project a cost effective one.
  • Project management enhances accountability and responsibility in all members of the project from the project head to his/her last employee. From the organization benefiting from the project to the project sponsor.
  • Due to the validity of the project planning that goes into project managing, evaluations and feedback are welcomed and in that constructive responses and statistics can be provided after the commencement of the project. This leaves the project sponsor, organization and project manager feeling content and accomplished.

The content above can be re-enforced through a case study whereby an organization sustained bad project managing that caused the organization to suffer. This real-life event can be used for clarification of the content above and provide a learner a sense of what a field or profession is like.

The case study can be followed up with a table that compares effective project managing with ineffective project managing. This will provide a learner with the ability to see the difference and therefore enhance the learning outcome of project managing being effective.

The content can also provide reference to an article of an organization for example implementing the 5 basic steps to the project management life cycle and what the benefits have been for that organization.

The content can conclude with a diagram of the project management life cycle to reiterate the importance of sequence and structure to a learner when dealing with project management.

Exploring its effectiveness

An effectively planned project should always be:

  • Clear & realistic
  • Vague & irrational
  • Costly & time consuming
  • Sequenced & rigid