TinuCare Day 2

Welcome in day 2 of the TinuCare online course. Yesterday we've learned the 3 main pillars + the 4 main types of tinnitus.

Today we will go deeper into the main pillar Relaxation. You will be guided with various relaxation techniques and methodes that will help you get rid of your tinnitus related stress and anxiety.

We'll also have a look at some known remedies against tinnitus.

Good luck!

Main pillar: Relaxation


Before we start

The 3 main pillars: Relaxation

Relaxation part 1

Relaxation part 2

Deep Breathing

Progressive muscle

Mindfulness meditation

Guided imagery


Tai Chi



10 second exercise

Taking small steps in accepting your tinnitus

Protecting your ears

Protect your ears


Other tips to avoid tinnitus

Tinnitus Acupuncture Treatment

Tinnitus acupuncture treatment

Tinnitus Dairy

How would you rate your tinnitus today?

How much time today did your tinnitus gave you stress or anxiety?