Results Tracking in Easygenerator

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When your e-learning courses include quiz questions and other types of assessments, you'll want to track the results of your  learners and give them exhaustive feedback on their progress.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to track your learners' results in Easygenerator.

Reporting results to Easygenerator

Reporting results to Easygenerator

Do you want to monitor closely the progress of your learners by tracking their course results? You won't believe how fairly easy it can be.

With Easygenerator, you can report learners’ results either directly to Easygenerator or to the custom LRS.

First, let's watch a video-tutorial on reporting learners' results to Easygenerator.

So, a short recap:

  1. Once you’ve built a course, you can report learners’ results directly to Easygenerator .
  2. On the Configure tab of the course editor, you can enable or disable results tracking. By default, the result tracking is enabled. Results tracking start only in case you’ve published a course.
  3. When learners start the course they are asked to enter their name and e-mail.  If learners choose the option “Start and report my results”, then their progress will be tracked.
  4. Once your learners have completed a course, they have to click on “Save and exit” button in the top right corner and choose “I am done, report my progress”.
  5. Subsequently, learners’ results are sent to Easygenerator, and you can see them directly on the Results tab in the course editor.
  6. There you can also find the total score of the course for each user and progress per learning objective and question.
  7. Besides, if necessary you can download the results to your PC.

Take note that:

  • Results tracking is not available if the Reader course template is used. This template is not aimed at testing learners’ knowledge.
  • Easygenerator users that have a free account can see only last ten learners’ results.
  • Those users that have a paid account can see all learners’ results and can also download results as a CSV file.


The Gradebook helps instructors easily view and check learners’ results. Now all the grades for each learner in a course can be found in the course gradebook on the Results step. 

By default, the gradebook shows a learner’s name, email, result, score, the date and time the course has been started and finished. You can change the default view in the More details tab where you can sort out the fields you want to be displayed in the gradebook. Thus, you can also view learners’ progress on sections and questions by checking the corresponding boxes in the More details tab.

You may have items in your gradebook that you no longer need. Find a grade item you wish to delete, then hover over the left side of this item and click the Delete button.

You can export scores from the gradebook and download them to your computer as a CSV file. At the time of export, the CSV file data matches the current filters and settings shown in the gradebook.

Where can you find the results tracking settings?

  • Create tab
  • Design tab
  • Configure tab
  • Publish tab
  • Results tab

Reporting results to LRS

Reporting to LRS

To report learners’ results to custom LRS  you need to set up your own LRS.

Here are some examples of LRS: and

When a course is published with results tracking enabled, a learner will be asked for credentials to report the course progress to LRS.

Watch this video to get an idea how to do it using Scorm Cloud.

Besides, you can select which learning activity statements should be sent to the target LRS:

  • Started - after a learner opened the course and entered their credentials.
  • Answered - after a learner answered a question.
  • Stopped - after a learner completed the course and clicked 'Finish'.
  • Mastered - sent with a score per learning objective.
  • Passed - when the course is completed with an overall progress 100%.
  • Failed - when the course is completed with an overall progress less than 100%.

Match the LRS settings in Easygenerator to the corresponding ones in LRS.

    Endpoint URL
  • LAP login
  • LAP password


That’s it for this tutorial. 

It's that easy to track learners'results and grade their progress in Easygenerator.

In the next tutorial, you'll learn what a learning path is and what for you need it.