Exclusive Events Management Course

This course is designed to refresh current event planners knowledge on how to plan events and manage them in the best practice possible, with the least amount of time spent.    

Explain the role of the event planner.

Planning and Organizing of an event.

The event planner need to take the following important points into consideration when planning an event.

Planning an event will not come easy if the steps of planning are not followed, to miss something and then find it out on the day of the event will definitely be a bad experience, and in the content that will follow I will explain the steps that need to be followed for a proper event.

First of all we start to draw up an event plan that will cover all the important points that we need to give attention to.  The event plan consist of two main sections:

  • Event detail.
  • Risk Management.

For this purpose of the course we will only look at the event detail for now.  The event detail will include all event detail that we need and we can always refer back to the event plan as reference.  The list below explain all the detail that we need to look at for a start.

  1. Event title, dates, duration.
  2. Event time lines               
  3. Entertainment
  4. Contractors
  5. Budget
  6. Sanitation
  7. Power
  8. Traffic/parking
  9. Security
  10. Location
  11. Weather
  12. Insurance

Under each of the headings you must make a list of the important points regarding the specific topic, all the points must be examined thoroughly to prevent disappointment.

Draw up a table and start listing all the important points down to the least important ones, don’t ignore the least important ones normally those are the ones that will “bite” you in the end.  

 Determine the type of the event and start your planning, accordingly.  Don’t wait till the last moment to start planning.  Good luck.

  • Contractors
  • Civil engineers
  • Book keeper
  • Plumbers