Multimedia Learning

Assessment of Richard E. Mayer's Multimedia  Learning

Nine Multimedia Learning Effects

Match the multimedia principle on the left with the correct definition on the right.

  • Multimedia effect
    Better transfer when a message contains words and pictures rather than words alone.
  • Spatial contiguity effect
    Better transfer when printed words are placed near rather than far from corresponding pictures.
  • Temporal contiguity effect
    Better transfer when corresponding narration and animation are presented simultaneously rather than successively.
  • Coherence effect
    Better transfer when irrelevant words, pictures, and sounds are excluded rather than included.
  • Modality effect
    Better transfer from animation and narration than from animation and on-screen text.

Which multimedia principle allows for better transfer when training on components precedes rather than follows a message?

  • Redundancy effect
  • Pretraining effect
  • Signaling effect
  • Personalization principle