Chronicles of Project Management

This course is very important in the society; it can transform your life and your organization to top level at a minimum cost. Take this opportunity to learn the project life cycle and how to construct a successful project from start to finish. It includes learning topics such as defining project management; identify resources, costs, time frame and analysis of the project. It is a four week online course that will not take much time off work, as you will be able to do at your own time and space.

1. Define project management and describe the project life cycle

Out of the four project life cycle phases choose the incorrect one

  • Define
  • Evaluate
  • Organize
  • Brief

Project management is the planning, organizing, and implementing of a project. A project is a short or temporary assignment undertaken to create a unique product or service. Each project has a life cycle which consists of five phases.

Choose the one item that does not fit with Project Management

  • Planning
  • Evaluating
  • Implementing