Customer Service Basics - Controlling the Call

This module will focus on the cornerstone of inbound based customer service - the call flow.

Getting Started

Learning Objectives

Lesson Objectives

Maintain control of the interaction with the customer by mastering the call flow

  • Greeting
  • Call Body
  • Wrap Up

Introduction to Module


An adept customer service representative knows that the best way to navigate a call is to maintain a proper call flow from beginning to end. By handling each call with the same rough roadmap, the representative ensures they don’t stray from the business requirements bestowed by the company, that they address each of the customer’s concerns fully, and can handle unexpected turns in the call deftly.

Although the company you represent will likely give you your own set of guidelines on navigating their service calls, the following is an outline of the generic call flow, which can easily be adapted to fit the needs of your organization.

We will begin by discussing the importance of the greeting for setting the tone of the call, discuss the actual body of the call and addressing the customer’s concerns, and finally the decorum involved with wrapping up a call. After you have explored each of these pieces, you will put them all together by navigating your way through a call with a customer.

 Please proceed to the first section – the greeting.


The Greeting

Greeting the Customer

  1. Introduce yourself with the appropriate script
  2. Allow the customer to speak
  3. Obtain information to verify the customer's identity
    • Name, Phone number, SSN, Birth Date, etc.

Check - In Greeting

  • It is acceptable to let the customer take control of the call - as it is your job to please the customer.

Call Body

Call Body Explained

Call Body

  1. Address the customer's concern
  2. Multitask
    • Actively listen to the customer while reading their account information.
  3. Disclose all relevant information
  4. Utilize tools offered by the company to satisfy the customer

It is acceptable to match the customer's tone in order to defend the business.

  • It is acceptable to match the customer's tone in order to defend the business.
  • To manage time, open and look through the customer's account while they explain their issue.

Wrap Up

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  • It is okay to go off script when the customer is rushing to get off the phone.
  • Type your statement here...


Navigate a call from beginning to end

Navigate the call greeting

A customer calls in. After your greeting, the customer reveals that they have a problem with their bill. When you ask for his personal information, he becomes irate. Please choose the best response and navigate the call with the customer.