Compliance: quiz it! (EN version 2017)

The Code of Conduct is revised: are you up to date?!

Do you know who are in scope, what topics are in it and where you can go in case of questions?

Check it out by answering four questions, leave your name and maybe you'll win a tasty price!
(final date Dec. 8, 2017)

Author: Kim Jaspers

Code of Conduct: are you up to date?!

Who are in the scope of the Code of Conduct of T-Mobile?

  • All employees with a fixed contract.
  • All people who work for T-Mobile.

What topic is not addressed in the Code of Conduct?

  • Privacy
  • Anti corruption
  • Alcohol, drugs and medicines at work
  • Anti trust
  • Behave with integrity
  • Private use of company property

You notice a wrongdoing, something that's not in line with our Code of Conduct. What do you do? At T-Mobile you have multiple way to express your concerns.

Drag and drop the options in the order that you would consider them.

  • You discuss your concerns with your manager.
  • You discuss your concerns with the local compliance team.
  • You report your concerns to the Tell me! Portal.

Who can you turn to?

Match the question to the applicable point of contact.

  • Ask-me! Portal
    A supplier invites you to a luxurious diner, during negotiations. Where can you get guidance, if you wish to accept this invitation?
  • Compliance team
    You notice that a colleague, who is about to purchase a new tool, let's himself be treated to an event and luxurious hotel arrangement by a potential supplier. Where can you report this?
  • Tell-me! Portal
    Multiple colleagues know that a manager trades his influence in a tender for a free holiday. You fear for your job if you would denounce this. Where can you report completely anonymous?