Knowledge Check

This assessment will test your knowledge. You must receive a score of ___ in order to pass. God luck!

Knowledge Check

What are the reasons we need to promote?

  • To stay competitive.
  • It is part of the process of selling.
  • In order to create awareness.
  • To show differentiation.

Drag each text to the corresponding zone.

  • You
  • Intimate Zone
  • Personal Zone
  • Social Zone
  • Public Zone

What percentage of learners are kinesthetic?

  • 20%
  • 25%
  • 35%
  • 40%

Match the learning style with the corresponding attributes.

  • Visual
    - It’s not enough just to talk. - You need to show a brochure, photos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. - When you talk, use descriptors and picturesque words.
  • Auditory
    - They obtain information based on how you speak and describe something. - Tone of voice impacts strongly. - They love to negotiate and talk by phone.
  • Kinesthetic
    - They make judgements quickly. - They base their decisions on instinct or intuition. - They feel, they sense, they live emotions