Introduction to The Lighthouse

This course provides you with an introduction to The Lighthouse including our history, current operations, mission/vision, core values, and more!

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values and Code of Ethics

Building People Up: VIDEO

Vision of The Lighthouse

"Building people up holistically with dignity, respect, and love."

The vision statement of The Lighthouse was updated by the Board of Directors in 2015.

Mission of The Lighthouse

Our Mission

To be a dynamic and innovative housing and service provider in the communities we serve that assists individuals in reaching higher levels of personal growth and independence by providing supports and meeting individual needs.

Our Core Values

  • To strive for excellence
  • To demonstrate unconditional love through a gentle, kind and friendly manner
  • To inspire, encourage and give hope to those we serve
  • To show honesty, integrity and accountability at all times
  • To display courage in adversity
  • To constantly promote an environment of trust
  • To maintain an atmosphere that promotes creativity and innovation
  • Respect co-workers, volunteers, clients and The Lighthouse as an agency
  • Be good stewards of resources, time, money and the environment

Code of Ethics

The Lighthouse expects:

  • Respect and dignity for all people - other staff, clients, volunteers etc.

  • Respect for the properties of The Lighthouse and our cities and environment.

  • Respect for the business operation of caring for those in need.

The Lighthouse does not accept:

  • False or fraudulent statements in application forms or other records
  • Misrepresentation or lying 
  • Acts of theft, harassment, coercion or use of profane, disrespectful, insulting or slanderous language 
  • Wilful misconduct, disobedience or insubordination
  • Violence or bodily harm inflicted on supervisors, employees or clients
  • Rough jokes, horseplay or harmful gossip
  • Any wilful neglect of duties or violations of The Lighthouse policies and procedures

  • Carrying firearms or deadly weapons within The Lighthouse’s premises
  • Drinking alcohol or taking prohibited drugs while at work or on the premises
  • Bringing alcohol or prohibited drugs into the work place
  • Employees reporting to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any action endangering the lives of clients or employees
  • Any wilful action causing damage to The Lighthouse property

History of The Building

The Empire Hotel

The Empire Hotel

The building had its start in 1906 as The Empire Hotel - the first of the grand historic hotels in Saskatoon.

Addition of the Theatre

In 1913, a major addition was made to The Empire Hotel. This included a new wing, as well as a 1200 seat theatre. 

Name Changes

  • In the 1960s the hotel became The Executive Motor Inn.
  • The hotel changed hands in the 1970s again and was renamed The Capri Motor Hotel (shown in photo).

Capri Place

  • In 1997 the building was donated to The Lighthouse (known then as the Voyageur Club).
  • The supported living tower became known as Capri Place

The Affordable Tower

  • On September 1, 2012 the Affordable Tower opened at The Lighthouse.
  • This mixed-use building has 47 one bedroom and 11 two bedroom units (58 units total), as well as one floor of dining and programming space.

The Dubé Tower

  • In 2013, a campaign was launched to raise four million dollars to renovate the former hotel building along with the waterslide space within the hotel. Les and Irene Dubé donated $1,000,000. In honour of their lead donation, Capri Place was renamed.
  • The Dubé Tower has 68 suites total.

Wellness Centre

In 2014 a renovation project began to convert the hotel's waterslide space into a three-floor Wellness Centre.

This project was completed in January 2016, and features a 38-bed stabilization shelter; programming and office space; and a gym/staff area.

Please select all that apply: The Supported Tower used to be which of these hotels?

  • The Empire Hotel
  • The Executive Motor Inn
  • The Capri Motor Hotel
  • The Empire Motor Inn

In what year did the Affordable Tower open?

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013

How many suites are in each of the towers?

  • Affordable Tower (affordable housing)
    58 suites
  • Dubé Tower (supported living)
    68 suites

History of the Organization

The Voyageur Club

  • 1992: The Voyageur Club Of Saskatoon Inc. is incorporated and became a charity; founded by Jackie Groat.
  • 1997: Local businessman Pius Pfieffer donates the building to the Voyageur Club.
  • 2003: Don Windels becomes the Executive Director
  • 2007: Name of the charity is changed to The Lighthouse Supported Living Inc.

The Lighthouse

  • 2007: 17 bed emergency shelter for men was opened
  • 2008: Men's shelter turned into a women's shelter
  • 2009: A 20-bed emergency shelter opened for men
  • 2012: Old bingo hall converted to a 20 bed women's shelter
  • 2012: Complex Needs program begins with 9 units on the 1st floor

The Lighthouse

  • 2012: New tower, kitchen, front desk and nurse's station was opened
  • 2013: 20-bed Stabilization Shelter was opened
  • 2014: The Up! Capital Campaign was launched
  • 2014: Mobile Outreach program was launched; psychiatric nurse began working part-time out of The Lighthouse
  • 2015: The Lighthouse Serving the Battlefords was opened
  • 2015: Saskatoon Health Region initiative to increase client services
  • 2016: Wellness Centre (with new stabilization shelter) officially opened

Current Operations

Affordable Housing Tower

  • Opened on September 1st, 2012
  • 58 affordable living suites (47 one-bedroom; 11 two-bedroom)
  • Independent housing - each suite has a kitchen and living area
  • Main floor of tower is program space and Lighthouse dining room/kitchen

Complex Needs

  • Partnership with Saskatoon Health Region (Mental Health and Addiction Services) 
  • Started in 2012 with nine suites; expanded in 2015 to seventeen suites
  • Complex Needs office is staffed 24/7 by support staff; two complex needs case managers work Monday - Friday

Emergency Shelter

  • The Lighthouse has emergency shelters for men and women.
  • Clients complete an intake process at Front Desk and are provided with a bed for the night. The following morning clients must connect with Social Services for funding.
  • Shelter beds are closed from 9 AM - 8 PM  daily; during this time shelter clients still have access to the dining room/lounge

Stabilization Shelter

  • The Stabilization Shelter started in 2012 with 20 beds. It is a shelter designed for men and women who need a place to stay and are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • In January 2016, the shelter expanded to a 38 bed dorm, located on the first floor of the new Wellness Centre
  • The Stabilization Shelter is currently open 24/7.

Supported Living

  • The Dube Tower has 68 suites total (First floor is Complex Needs; remaining 51 suites are Supported Living).
  • Supported Living tower provides a higher degree of independence for our tenants than a traditional care home or group home, while still helping to manage basic daily living activities such as preparing meals, managing medications, and obtaining basic needs
  • Supported Living clients have access to all meals in the dining room
  • Each client has a case manager assigned to them

Mobile Outreach

Home Again

North Battleford Lighthouse

Blue Mountain Adventure Park