CRM Mapping Tool

This 9 step guide shows  how to create a map in CRM which displays customers visually.

You will be able to create a calling list comprising of customers, prospects and leads in the same area and/or along the route we are delivering.

Using Maps can help us route efficiently preventing problems such as returning to the same locations twice in a week and allows us to offer the customer a good price if the wagon is going to one location full.

Creating Maps in CRM

A Tip before you get started

Work through the 9 steps with CRM open on one screen and this e-lesson open on the other.

Step 1 - Powermap

Once you have saved your search/list click on the PowerPack button on the left hand menu.

Step 2 - Open the options bar

Click on the vertical bar on the right hand side to open it up.

Step 3 - Select your customer type

Select the drop down icon in the "Legend" box and choose "Accounts".

Step 4 - Select your list

A new drop down box will appear.  From it select your pre-saved list, I have used an example postcode PR3 1.

Step 5 - The map

Use the + or - buttons to zoom in and view the pins on map.

Step 6 - View your customers

You can click on a pin to view the customer details including phone number.


Click on the name (in blue) and it will display the CRM record for that customer/prospect/lead.

Step 7 - Add leads

Now the really clever stuff.

You can add a second set of pins, to display something such as leads at the same time as customers to ensure you call everyone on the database.  You can change the colour and style of the pin to make it stand out.

Step 8 - Look what else is near

Select the drop down option at the top of the map next to the + and - button and change to birdseye view.  This will allow you to see if there are other properties or companies or farms near by.  Obviously they are not on our database so ask your customer for a referral.

Step 9 - Add to list

When you select a customer there are a few icons, however over them to find out what they do.  One of them allows you to add the customer to a calling list.

That's all

Practice this a few times and it will become second nature to you.