Creating a Project Plan Refresher Course

The most important word in Event Planning is 'planning'! The start of any successful event rests in the hands of those planning the event. And this requires a comprehensive project plan. In this course we take you through some of the important aspects of creating a project plan as a refresher to take things from good to great.

Define the expectations of the clients, the project, objectives and deadlines that need to be met.

Why is a good brief important when planning an event?

In project management we always say “A project is only as good as the brief”. Often projects are not successful or have extensive “scope creep” because the brief has not been well articulated or completely understood. It is essential to understand a client brief, ask as many questions as possible, and rearticulate this brief in a language that both you and the client will understand. Clients often know what they don’t want more than what they do want, so it is important that a brief contain the following elements (examples have been given of the kind of questions that can be asked – we anticipate that you will need to ask a lot more!):

  • WHAT

What is the expected outcome of the project? What are the objectives? What must the event look like?

  • WHEN

When is the project happening? When does the client require feedback or to view elements of project?

  • HOW

How is the project going to be funded, and what is the budget? How will the budget affect the potential deliverables?

  • WHO

Who is the project for? Who is the target audience (if relevant to project)?


Where in the country or world is the event to take place?

  • To avoid scope creep
  • To be able to bill more for hours worked
  • It makes us look good for the client
  • Its just a part of the process so we need to tick the box