TTA demo

This module is about the mechanical engine. 

After completion you are able to describe how an engine mechanically is build up and can point out the points of interest for repairing the engine.


Types of cylinder layout

What are the different cylinder layouts?

There are basicly three sort of cylinder layouts:

  • Line engine
  • V- engine
  • Boxer engine

But do you know wich one is which? Let's find out!

Which of these bikes has a Boxer engine?

Which of these bikes has a V-engine?

Which of the bikes has a line engine?

What is the description of the different types of cylinder layout?

  • V-engine
    the cylinders are arranged in a V configuration
  • Line engine
    engine in line with the frame
  • Boxer engine
    the cylinders are horizontally opposed

2-stroke engine

How Two-stroke Engines work?

So how does a two-stroke engine work? Well let's have a look at this youtube film and find out.

What are the main components of a 2-stroke engine?

  • engine block
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinderhead
  • Piston
  • Piston rod
  • Crankshaft