Amenities in HK Heliport Lounge

In the following 10 mins, you will learn various amenities  when providing professional customer services in the lounge.

Do you know all the service amenities in our heliport lounge?

Pay Attention for 10 mins as you need to read and answer some questions in the following time.

 Attention for 10 mins

How do you call this pile of paper?

Type the correct answer in the blank provided.

This is a pile of .




Do you know the difference between Napkins or Tissues?

  • Napkins
    a square piece of cloth/ paper used at the dinner table to wipe the mouth; also called a serviette.
  • Tissues
    a disposable paper used for blowing your nose.

Napkins or Tissues

That's the difference between Napkins and Tissues.




Forks and Spoons



How do you call a set of fork and spoon?

1. The above set of utensils is  called .

2. The above set of utensils is  called  .

Tableware? Cutlery? Flatware? Silverware?

  • Cutlery/ Silverware/ Flatware
    usually refer to a set of eating and serving utensils such as knives, forks and spoons.
  • Tableware
    usually refers the cutlery, crockery and glassware used in setting a table for a meal.

How do we call this thing that cover the ears?

This is ear .

This is not headphone.

Ear Defender/ Ear Protector/ 

Ear Muffs

護耳器/ 耳機

Then what is the difference?

Ear Protector

Ear Protector is mainly for isolation of noise to protect the ear. 


Headphone and Headset usually refers to devices that are for connection with sound/ phone system.

Ear Plug

Ear plug


Tooth pick



Mobile charging services

Mobile charging services



Toilet/ Washroom/ Lavatory/ Restroom/ WC (Water Closet)

 厠所/ 洗手間

Let's learn more. Why are there so many terms for Toilet?

Your passengers may use different terms to ask you the location of Toilet.

Passenger from different countries may have their own saying. Let's try to match it.

  • Washroom
    USA/ Canada
  • Toilet
    Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia
  • WC (Water Closet)/ Toilettes
  • Restroom
  • Lavatory
    United Kingdom and Airlines
  • Comfort Room (CR)
    The Philippines




Pair the two terms that mean the similar amenities

  • Serviette
  • Lavatory
  • Flatware

What do you need when you are going to serve a cup of hot coffee?

  • Cover
  • Saucer
  • Straw

What do you offer when your passenger ask you for napkins

Which of the following items is/are included in a cutlery set?

  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Fork
  • Saucer
You can select one or more choices. 

What do you need to offer?

When a mother is asking for a glass water for her 3 years old kid, you may need to offer a  .

Do you know the alternative terms for toilet?

Type the correct answer in the blanks provided.

The other three names for toilet are  and .

Thanks so much for contributing your time in this module. We hope you will help us provide a more professional services to our passenger.

We really need and appreciate your  comments and suggestions for our training to improve. 

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