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SM100 Service Management Setup

Service Management Setup and Preferences Video

Service Management Setup and Preferences Quiz

  • Service Management has 5 tabs.
  • The Service Management Preferences does not have to be filled out before you start working in the Work Tab.
  • Rooms are locations within a building where appointments can be tagged to.
  • Problem Codes cannot be linked to Service Types.
  • You can assign a Staff member to a Service Order.

SM200 Service Management Transactions

Service Order Creation Video

Service Order Creation Quiz

  • The first thing you must chose it the Service Type in the Service Order.
  • You do not need a customer on the Service Order.
  • You cannot change the Billing Rule on the Service Tab.
  • The Comment Tab is a free format tab where you can add your own comments about this repair.
  • You can schedule a Techs time from within the Service Order.