Unit 4 RSG Chapter 8 Quiz

Unit 4 RSG Chapter 8 Quiz

True or False

  • The Shinto Religion came to Japan from China
  • Prince Shotuku helped bring Chinese culture to Japan.
  • The Tokugawa Shogunate helped start the civil war that let to them controlling half of Japan.


  • A form of short poem developed by the Japanese
  • A Japanese military leader who ruled for the Emperor
  • Important Japanese writer who wrote The Tale of Genji
    Lady Murasaki Shikibu

Fill in the Blanks

Due to its closeness to , culture had a major impact on Japan.

Prince Shotoku was an important leader in Japan who brought culture to Japan, spread in Japan, and created Japan's first constitution.

Japan became a military government largely due to the fact that the central government ran out of , and order broke down and landowners called fought for control of the country.