Deliver Results

This module will deal with one of the key requisites to deliver results- execution of tasks with rigour

Whats in it for me?

By the end of the module I will learn:

  • To stay focused and engaged in whatever you do
  • To learn the best ways of doing things
  • To learn to enjoy power hours and creative hours 
  • How to  produce more effective results using lesser time

Execute with rigour

Effectively manage time and resources to ensure work is completed efficiently, be structured and rigorous in approach, ensure timely completion of tasks overcoming challenges and stay with plan of action until desired objective is attained

Need for focus and a structured approach

Need more information here to elaborate on the need for focus and structured approach

How to approach results

The Right Results

The Right Results

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What is your style of work?

How do you prioritize? Re-order these tasks as you see fit -

  • Answer emails
  • Book tickets for a movie
  • Check voicemail
  • Call a client who has been requesting a call for over a week
  • Work on report due tomorrow
  • Submit feedback on this training to the HR manager
  • Prepare for team meeting this afternoon
  • Put in your expense claim form
  • Help a colleague with an important presentation

Daily routine for productivity

Focus versus Perspective

Voice over explaining graph followed by four scenarios to understand each of these – drag and drop