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This course is here to help with your school research assignments. You've probably heard about "fake news" and know that some webpages and articles are more trustworthy than others. This guide will teach you tricks to help you distinguish the credible sources from all the crap out there!

Source Types

Source Types

Variety is Key

When writing a research paper, your teacher will often ask you to find more than one source on your topic. Different sources add different types of information to your project, and different authors may have different perspectives or opinions. You want to represent multiple viewpoints in your research, and using a variety of sources adds interest and validity to your project.

Types of Information Sources

Watch the video to the right, then keep reading this page to learn about the different types of sources available to you!

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Sources

Primary sources are written by the person experiencing an event or time period. They're a good way to get a firsthand glimpse of what it was like to live through an historical time.

Primary Source Examples

  • Letters
  • Diaries
  • Memoirs and autobiographies (books written by a person about their own life)
  • Newspapers from the time period you're studying
  • Photos
  • In scientific research, original research study reports are primary sources

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are written from an outside perspective and add interpretation and analysis to help you understand the event you're studying.

Secondary Source Examples

  • Books/articles about an event, written after the fact
  • Biographies (books about a person, but not written by that person)
  • In scientific research, reviews, literature reviews, and critiques of other research studies are secondary sources

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

Everything you read on the Internet is true, right? NO!!!

So how do you know if something is true or not? See below for help!

The CRAAP Test

By evaluating a website's Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose, (CRAAP), you can determine if a website is credible or crap.

Evaluating Sources Practice


Use the CRAAP test to decide if the following websites are credible or crap? Use the worksheet below to help.

TheDogIsland .com and