Konnektive test

The following test refers to the knowledge each candidate has regarding the Konnektive data base.

Please select one (1) of the possible answers in the multiple selection options.

How can you open konnektive?

  • Trying to find konnektive on google.
  • Opening konnektive in the customer’s account.
  • Asking the customer where’s konnektive.

What buttons should we press to find a customer when we open konnektive?

  • CRM
  • Dashboard
  • Customer

What is the best way to locate an account?

  • Zip code
  • Last 4 credit card numbers
  • D.O.B

When we are trying to locate an account what button should we press?

  • Chargebacks
  • Admin
  • Search orders

When we are going to try to locate an account.  What button should we press?

  • Catalog
  • Home
  • Search

If we cannot find an account with zip code or last 4 credit card numbers what should we ask?

  • IP address
  • Custom 4
  • Last name

With what other information can we locate an account?

  • Gender
  • Custom 3
  • First name

When we locate an account where should we click?

  • Customer
  • Campaing
  • Email

How can we know the date the order was placed?

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Date

How can we process a refund?

  • Clicking in date
  • Clicking in refund bottom
  • Clicking in email

How can we process a partial refund?

  • Opening the email
  • Requesting to supervisor
  • Changing the refund amount

How can we void an order?

  • Clicking the "Void" button
  • Clicking in "Go to page"
  • Clicking the "Green plus"

What is the time frame to process a void?

  • 72 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 24 hours

How can we know if the void has been processed correctly?

  • Costumer email
  • Because it says: Void has been processed
  • Asking the supervisor

How can we put an account in chargeback?

  • Escalating the account
  • Clicking chargeback bottom
  • Asking to supervisor

Can we process a refund if the account is in chargeback?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Requesting permission

What is a chargeback?

  • Legal dispute with bank
  • Fighting for the money in a court
  • An option because customer is upset

What’s the frame time to create a chargeback?

  • No time frame
  • 15 days
  • 30 days

Who created the chargeback?

  • The customer
  • The company
  • The bank

Where is the name of the product in konnektive?

  • In products
  • Cards
  • Order

Where can we see the costumer's last 4 credit card numbers?

  • Type
  • Order
  • Card

Where we can see the customer’s charge?

  • Products
  • Campaing
  • Total

Where can we see the date the order was placed?

  • Credit card information?
  • Customer’s email
  • Date created

Can we add notes in Konnektive?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Calling the customer back

Can we see previous notes in Konnektive?

  • Clicking in date
  • To the right in the web page
  • Searching in google

How can we change the trial period ?

  • Requesting permission to the supervisor
  • Clicking the name of the product
  • Clicking in chargeback

After modifying the information where should we click?

  • Restar trial
  • Skip trial
  • Cancel subscription

How can we process a clean cancel in Konnektive?

  • Restart trial
  • Cancel subscription
  • Skip trial

How can we change the billing date?

  • Changing the product name
  • Changing the bill date in the same page
  • Canceling the subscription and creating a new one

How can we change how frequently a  customer receives a product?

  • Billing interval days
  • Coupon
  • Billing interval days

How can we change how many product the customer wants to receive?

  • Quantity
  • Coupon
  • Billing interval days

How can we process a discount for the customer every month?

  • Change the cost of the product
  • Requesting permission supervisor
  • Changing the billing date

How can we change the credit card information ?

  • Clicking on the pencil in payment methods
  • Clicking in the name of the product
  • Requesting permission to supervisor

How can we change the shipping address?

  • Clicking in pencil in shipping address
  • Clicking in the name of the product
  • Sending the information via email

How can we change the contact info?

  • Clicking on the pencil "contact information"
  • Requesting the customer to send an email
  • Changing the credit card information first

How can we change the billing address?

  • Clicking on the pencil "billing address"
  • Changing the date of the order
  • Requesting it to a supervisor to change it

Is it Konnektive the name of the product?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

How can we change the frequency of the bill?

  • In "change bill date"
  • In "change credit card information"
  • "Change billing information"

How many numbers does a zip code have?

  • 7
  • 8
  • 5

How can we know the shipment status?

  • Features
  • Campaings
  • Order ID

What is Konnektive?

  • A Costumer Relationship Manager
  • A campaign
  • A client

Can one account apply for several people?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It depends
  • If it's a really good client.

After getting a refund. Can someone get a new account?

  • No.
  • Yes.
  • If it's a client overseas.

Can one account have more than one shipping address?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • If it's a latino costumer.