Digital Inclusion

While we now live in societies that are more ‘digital’ than ever before, we also live in societies that are more unequal, divided and unjust than ever before. Digital inequality is a new form of social inequality in the information society that shapes life chances: «Those who function better in the digital realm and participate more fully in digitally mediated social life enjoy advantages».

Digital Inclusion

What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion

While digital divide and digital literacy have entered into common use – and into discussions by policy makers – the term digital inclusion is still quite new. Digital inclusion is a much broader category that addresses the other two. Importantly, “digital inclusion” has been articulated specifically to address issues of opportunity, access, knowledge, and skill at the level of policy. 

Digital Inclusion vs Digital Divide

Whereas discussion around the digital divide tends to focus on the access available to individuals, digital inclusion is meant to signal a focus on a practical, policy-driven approach that addresses the needs of communities as a whole. In short, digital inclusion is a framework for assessing and considering the readiness of communities to provide access to opportunities in a digital age.

Indicators of Digital Inclusion


Availability, affordability, design for inclusion, and public access.


Relevance, digital literacy, and consumer safety.


Economic and workforce development, education, health care, public safety and emergency services, civic engagement, and social connections.

Digital Divide

Digital Literacy


  • Digital Inclusion brings together high-speed internet access, information technologies, and digital literacy.
  • Digital Inclusion aims to connect IT services and business entities to work together.
  • Digital Divide is less about access and more about type of access.
  • Digital inclusion has three broad facets: access, adoption, and application.

How can we affect Digital Inclusion?

This is an open question, please share your vision.

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