the course is about different types of leaders:

CAT A: Leader - They are the ones that are always looking for a better  way of building a better mouse trap.

CAT B: Socializer - They are supportive of others as they are direct in their approach.

CAT C: Details, Details... - They are deep, thoughtful and usually very sensitive. they enjoy how and why things are the way they are rather than taking anything at face value

CAT D: Always there when you need them - They are resistant to change, supportive of other and are often the type that others turn to when they have a problem. They are usually punctual and consistent. 

Individual, team and multidisciplinary working

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professional and technical communication

What is team work

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  • understand that everyone within a section contributes to the safe and effective working of that section
  • In an organization one department does not depend on another
  • Team members have no strong sense of belonging