SPARC Core Upgrade

Big warm welcome from the SPARC team. We're delighted to have you on board, and we hope you're as excited as we are about the Core Upgrade for a faster and friendlier user experience. 

Note: This training module is designed for anyone with SPARC campaign experience prior to April 2018, and therefore it is not an onboarding to SPARC system and processes. 


SPARC Core Upgrade

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Review the training deck

SPARC Core Upgrade Training Deck

You may download the file for future reference. Just click the top-right button. 

Which of the following is new in the Core Upgrade? Select all that applies

  • Channel: Incentive
  • Channel: Event
  • Button: Remove all channels
  • Button: Apply to all channels
  • Planning dashboard: Comments section
  • Field: Creative manager
  • Channel: Vertical
  • Channel: Incentive
  • View Form

Create Campaign Request: True or false?

  • Within the Campaign Request form, under Channels, selecting either OPS or CREATIVE content elements will open a new field called AGENCY
  • View Form mode can also be edited
  • Creative Agency PMs is not a required field
  • You cannot select Campaign Managers by their username

Selecting a Paid Channel creates a new field. In which section?

  • General
  • Customer
  • Budget
  • Success metrics

Fill in the blanks

In the Campaign Request form, after adding a Channel (like OM for example) dropping down content type to  will remove the field titled . Not sure? Try it out! Open the Campaign Request form, add a channel and then try adding content. 

Planning Dashboard: which of the following is not available? Select all that applies

  • Viewing all campaigns across all channels
  • Adding a team
  • Displaying the planning chart over the past 1 year
  • Commenting
  • Liking a comment

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