Moving to sinespace

So you're a traveler from another world, this course will help you have a great start in sinespace

Signing Up For sinespace

Get Your Sinespace Account

Go to Sinespace Website and click on the Getting Started button upper right to sign up for an account.

Shortly after you complete the form you should get a confirmation email.  Sometimes this email will land in your junk folder.

Download Install Unity3D

Go to Unity3D and click on the Get Unity link upper right to go do the download page.  Choose the personal edition for your operating system.

Setting Up sinespace

Getting the sinespace Pack

Log into Curator with the information you signed up with, this website is your region management portal.  You will see the download links for the Space Pack.

Other Places To Get The Viewer and Pack

On the first page of the wiki you will see download links to the viewer and creator pack.  Once you click on the links you need to log in using your account information to get the downloads.

Detailed Getting Started Information

The Space Wiki

Detailed information and videos on all aspects of Space can be found on the wiki.  You will find information on setting up the Space pack by clicking on the 'Get Started' button on the main page.

sinespace Wiki

The wiki is the place for answers...

The wiki has all the information you need to work in sinespace.  Our team places new information into it on a regular basis as well as update it as improvements come along.  

Learning the sinespace Viewer

Learn the Viewer

The sinespace viewer is one of the first things you will want to learn to jump into the world for meetings, parties, and other events.  

Differences Between Worlds

Learn How Things are Different in sinespace

Camera Differences: Your camera is controlled by your mouse, not hotkeys or UI.  Right mouse button lets you look around, the scroll wheel is the zoom.

Creating Regions: All region creation takes place in Unity3D before you upload to either the Space Creator or Live servers. All content goes to our creator server, and when ready, you can request your regions/objects are sent to the live/public server. Below are tools from the Unity Asset Store to assist in creating your landscape. Asset’s from the Unity Store are reviewed and pre-approved to be used in Space, check with a team member before purchase. If you are in doubt about which items you can use from the Unity Asset Store in Space, check here on the wiki, or ask a team member.

Creating Objects: All items are brought into Unity to be added to your region or inventory.

 Clothing: All clothing is made in mesh from Blender or another 3D creation software. 

Building: You can make objects in your 3D modeling software of choice or you can use Unity’s built in primitives.  These primitives are not fully UV’ed so the texture will not display correctly on some faces.  You can upload your models with animation in FBX and if it does not have an animation, you can use.OBJ or DAE to Unity.

Alternative:  On the Unity Asset Store there is free software enabling you to build in Unity without using your 3D modeling software which has automatic UV editing.

ProBuilder Basic:!/content/11919

Furniture: Create your furniture and to add an empty game object and place a ‘Seat Improved Script’ (which is our pose ball animation script) on it with your animation which will be in FBX format.

Gestures - Dancing: sinespace has a full set of ready to use gestures and dances. Animators can create their own.  This also includes animation overrides.

Rezzing in sinespace is referred to as spawning. 

Region Permissions: As a region owner you have control over access, and actions in your region. 

Region Lighting: This can get very advanced depending on your scene, exterior and interior lighting use different techniques.  You have full control over lighting and visual effects on your region.

Interior Lighting:

Day and Night Cycle: 

Group Building: You can set your region to allow another person to place their items on your land. The items would be made as above and pulled from their own inventory.  It is not possible for more than one person to actively build in your region.

Stores and Money

Creating a store and sinespace marketplace

Stores: You can create a store on your region and your items will also be in the space marketplace tab in the viewer.

Creating a Shop:

Space Money:

Buying Currency:

Player Activities

Quests and Coding

Quests:  You can create quests for your visitors and offer them prizes.  

Non-Player Characters: Need a region guide? Create an NPC.  Search for NPC on the wiki for details.

Vehicles and Rides:  

Coding: You do not need to learn to code to use Space. However, if you are after more advanced object interaction space has it's on coding language based on LUA. 

Getting Help

Getting Answers

Forum:  Our team receives notifications when you post on the forum.

Support Tickets:  If you have a technical problem putting in a support ticket is the best way to go.

Skype: We have channels set up on Skype for live support from our staff and experience members.  Please use the contact us link on the sinespace website to get an invitation.

Unity: Unity has a great tutorial section and manual.  Keep in mind you do not have to learn all of Unity3D to use sinepace.  Reviewing how the editor and art pipeline works is a good place to start.

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