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Module 1

True or False?

The default search category highlighted here can be customized.

The User Preferences section allows users to choose preferences on a variety of GEMS functions and features.

  • As part of the customization possible under a Users Prefrences, I can select a Default Search Type for the Top-Level Search Bar via the User Preferences > General Section

I added my officers to company ABC Co. and they are appearing alphabetically by name. Can I have them appear on the screen and in reports in a hierarchical manner?

  • No, you can only have officers appear alphabetically by name or appointment type.
  • Yes, you can drag and drop the officers in any order you want.
  • Yes, by sorting the appointments by Ranking Order.
  • Yes, but this can only be done by a GEMS Administrator.

A red flag issue has been added to business entity ABC Co. Where can you view the red flag issue message?

Select all that apply.

  • The Basics screen for company ABC Co.
  • The Business Entity Information Sheet
  • The ABC Co. snapshot
  • Click on the red flag issue icon

Flagging a search as a favorite allows me to:

  • Bypass the select search type field when running a basic search.
  • Red flag an entity.
  • Access the search from the advanced/saved searching drop down selection of a basic search.
  • Export the search.

I run a Name search using the word 'Smith.' What record types appear in my search results?

Select all that apply.

  • Business Entities/Companies
  • People
  • Non-Affiliates
  • Historical Business Entity names

Which of the following statements are true regarding top-level searches:

  • Search sections are alphabetically listed
  • Search fields are alphabetically
  • Search sections are not alphabetically listed
  • Search fields are not alphabetically listed

True or False

  • Search sections and search fields are alphabetically listed on an Entity's sub-screens (e.g. the Appointments screen)?

I can filter / sort Business Entity search results in all of the following ways, except:

  • A - Z
  • Z - A
  • Via text string
  • Via Entity begins with "A", etc.
  • Via date the entity was added to GEMS

If I click Menu > Search on a Panel that displays Business Entity > Favourites, the search is preformed against:

  • Only the Favourite Business Entities
  • On all Business Entities

The Top-Level Search selections include all of the following except:

  • Business Entity
  • Entity & Person
  • Non-Affiliate
  • Wizard
  • Advanced Reports