Preparead fo CHEX 2018

To get a maximum benefit from this training, please find in this document some slides and questions, to be read and answered before the training. 

Slides are a compilation of basic knowledge on the concerned subject. And questions are linked to the context of your current/future affiliate.

By doing this simple and basic work, trainings sequences in Bougivalwill be more profitable for you, because, they will be based on  :

-discussions, sharing experiences, …instead of slides only,

-concrete elements from your next/current FOM position. So intervenantscould answered to your affiliate’s context.


This document is yours so you can write/use it as you want. 

And remember that the time you will invest in, the more elements you will gather during the training.

xxxx company results, EP strategy, 2°C scenario


●XXXX’s 20-year ambition… defined in 20XX

Safety, recognized as a core value end of 20XX

Aside from Safety, 4 new values identified early 20XX: Respect for each other Pioneer spirit Stand together Performance-minded

Be the “Responsible XXXX”

Scenario 2°C

Question to be answered

In the 2°C scenario estimation, in 2035, what will be the % of oil production ?

Q2 - Prod Perfo ?

For your futher/current affiliatewhat is 2017 production results/ HSE results? 

What are the main issues you will have to face ?

Q3 - Contacts within XX

Heading 1 text goes here

As XXX, who is (or will be) your point of contact within XXX for :

technicalquestions ? 

- HSE matters ?