ETA CheatSheet

A quick read-through of how to properly answer "I'm wondering where my part is" or "How long until it arrives".
Before we start anything, we need to see what status your order is in. Get your customer's order number, PO number or phone number to look up their order in Shift+F4, then choose a section based on the Status.

Status 60

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

So, your customer's part status says 60. 

This could mean a few different things depending on a few details. Let's look at each one.

1) If your customer's order is for PICKUP: 

You can call or Skype to the branch desk to see if the part is ready for pickup. If they do not answer, leave a message on Skype and let the customer know that the branch will call them when it's ready for pickup.

This option is also applicable if the branch confirmed the order into status 60 on the same day as the customer calls. Keep in mind which branch it shipped from/where it's going for pickup as it may not be the same branch.

2) If your customer's order is to be SHIPPED OUT and was confirmed today:

You can let the customer know that their order will ship today and give them the standard lead time as per the freight matrix.

3) If your customer's order is to be SHIPPED OUT and was confirmed before today:

You can track the order with Canada Post/Puro/Loomis with the picklist number (found in Shift-F4 by putting an "X" on the line of the part. Give the customer the estimated date of delivery as well as the carrier that's delivering the package and their tracking number.

You can also find tracking for Loomis/Purolator shipments by putting an "X" on the line and pressing F11.

Status 30

Ready, Set...

So your part is in Status 30!

First thing's first... Check the MOT.

If its a will call, advise the customer that its currently on pick in the warehouse and the customer will recieve a call when its available for pickup.

If MOT is shipping (Canada Post, Loomis, Puro etc.) then it's shipping out tonight!!! Give the standard lead time for delivery based on the freight matrix.

Status 20

Hurry up and wait

If your part is in status 20, there's a bit of a process to find the information the customer is looking for. Let's do them in steps.

Step One: Check the spreadsheet on the intranet under "Supplier ETAS" on the left menu.

a) If there is an ETA listed in the sheet, add the standard lead time to us plus shipping time to give a tentative ETA to the customer.

b) If not listed, continue to step two.

Step Two: Check the manufacturer for stock (if possible).‚Äč

a) If it is in stock and it is past the manufacturer's lead time as per the intranet, send email to Sandy.

b) If it is not past the lead time, let the customer know the standard lead time for that part.

c) If not in stock at manufacturer, and there is no date for when the part is expected, email Sandy or Larry so they can send off the request to the suppler for an expected eta. Let the customer know you will get back to them and take their information.

UNLESS: a 999 date is no ETA if it's a Whirlpool part.

DOORS for WPL will not show a date. They are made-to-order and are typically 8-10+ weeks.