Reviewing Phonics

Reviewing Phonic Introduction

Before continuing with the lesson,

  • Gather the listed materials

    • ​Measuring Up to the Common Core Level D- Pages 1-4​

    • Reviewing Phonics Graded Assignment (DOCX)


Pronounce: to say a word

Syllables: groups of letters that break a word into smaller parts

Understand the Standards

Imagine that you are reading a story. You come across this sentence:


          After the award ceremony, Mark asked for the winner’s autograph.


You might not recognize the words ceremony and autograph. If you don’t have a dictionary or glossary to check, use what you know about letters and sounds to figure out how to pronounce, or say, the words. You might know the words’ meanings once you hear them.


Use these steps to figure out a new word:

Break it into parts

Start by breaking a long word into smaller words or syllables. Autograph is made up of two smaller word parts: auto and graph. You can take it a step further and break it into groups of letters called syllables: auŸ*ŸtoŸ*graph. Then you can move on to the next step to figure out how to say each syllable.

Link sounds to letters

Sound out each syllable or small part of a word. Review words you know that have the same letters. If you know how to say automobile, you know how to say the first two syllables of autograph. Think about spelling rules to figure out which sound a letter makes. If you know that c usually makes an /s/ sound when it comes before and e, then you know that ceremony starts with an /s/ sound.

Say it aloud

Once you break the word into parts and link sounds to the letters put the word back together and say each sound aloud. Repeat the word until it flows naturally. 

Lesson Review

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
How many syllables does photograph have?

Lesson Review

  • en*cy*clo*pe*di*a
  • ency*clop*edia
  • e*ncy*clo*ped*ia
  • e*n*c*y*c*l*o*p*e*d*i*a
Which of the following choices breaks the word encyclopedia into syllables?

Reviewing Phonics Conclusion

Now it is time to test what you have learned.

  • Complete the Reviewing Phonics Graded Assignment
  • Complete the Reviewing Phonics Review Quiz