Programme of works

Designing programme of works made easy. Look no further to create the  programme of works for your project. Follow these tips and create a user friendly programme of works.

1. Importance of generating a programme of works

Why is programme of works neccessary?

The programme of works is essential for efficient administration and performance of the project. It is drawn up by the service provider as a commitment that they will undertake to complete the project within a prescribed time. To the service provider the programme of works assists in optimum utilization of resources, systematically arrange for the activities on the ground, determine the desired resources and logically sequence works to see to it that activities are completed as scheduled and with minimum costs.

In addition the programme the works facilitates project funding at the right time and an important tool to measure progress and setbacks. Furthermore the programme of works helps to determine the time of ordering materials so that at any given time materials are ordered only when needed. The activities to be done are shown with solid lines either connected or broken. The critical path is the longest route of the programme of works and it outlines the activities that have to be carried out without delay. Any modification to the critical path will affect the completion date of the project. Therefore service providers must always ensure that the modification of the critical path is avoided as it can be costly to the company as the sponsor may charge fees for late the delivery of the project. Parallel to the critical path is the float. The float indicates the flexible activities which can be carried out concurrently with the activities on the critical path.

At times the service provider might want to outsource or subcontract some of the works. Reference will thus have to be made to the programme to determine the right time for the subcontractor to come in.

  • Assists in site establishment.
  • Determines condition of procuring materials.
  • Logically sequence activities on site to ensure project completion on time within budget.
  • Facilitates online pedagogy