LG Lookups

LG is a large brand for both appliances and electronics. In this course you will learn the ins, outs, ups and downs of everything that makes "Life Good". 

Intro to LG

Life's Good...

How can a customer contact LG for support? (Multiple answers)

Looking up parts

Functional vs. Non-Functional... what!?

Functional, or Non-functional?

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Washer door seal
Fridge door seal
Microwave grease filter
Stove elements
Dryer thermostat
Stove conversion kit
Washer dispenser drawer assembly
Fridge door panels
Dryer drum rollers

Moving right along... let's look up a part!


Tips and tricks!

Final Exam

What is the phone number for LG customer service?

Customer calls in with model GR-620RW, looking for a FF handle. What do you tell them?

Drag and Drop the answers!

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Is Leslie Reaugh the purchaser for LG?
Is there a rush service for LG parts?
What is the lead time to branch 001?
What is the lead time to branch 030?
2-5 days
How many stacking kits are listed on the intranet for LG?
Are remotes non-functional?
8-10 days
Are parts returned within 45 days subject to a restocking fee?
Are parts returned within 46-90 days subject to a restocking fee?
Are special order or non-stock parts returnable?
Are pictures required for Damaged parts warranty?
Yes, 20%
ADQ72910901 is the same as...

A customer calls in looking for EBR78914105 and it's not in our system. What do you tell them?

What is the lead time on non-stock LG parts?

Which of the following parts can we get for a Washing machine?

When Checking availability, after you enter the part number and you press inquiry, to find out if there is stock on the part what do you click next?

Can you order this part; AAP73031601?

Model number tells you to order # AAP73031601, as it is discontinued what part DO you order?

Where can you go to find a Magic Remote model number (AN-MR***) for a customer's model?

Once you find the AN-MR*** number, where can you input it to find the part number we use?