The Stylish Woman at Work

The stylish woman at work

The course teaches you how to become a stylish woman at work and afterhours. 

 “Research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people's perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. What you wear not only communicates who you are in the minds of others, but also influences your level of career advancement”. (Business Insider)

The journey of learning how to dress well at work takes you to more than 100 pages of images and explanations. After this course you will master the pillars of dressing well at work and afterhours.

Start by understanding your body shape and choosing the most flattering clothes for it. Then continue with learning about the 9 styles of dressing and discover your unique style. Once you become skilled at flattering your body shape with the right clothes and playing with styles then you can get creative and learn about different ways to wear items from your wardrobe. Also you will choose only the right fashion trends for you.

Embark on this journey and you will learn about dressing well with ease and fun.

Sections and chapters:

Section 1 - Body shape

1.1 What is my body shape?

1.2 How to dress the hourglass body shape?

1.3 How to dress the pear body shape?

1.4 How to dress the rectangle body shape?

1.5 How to dress the inverted triangle body shape?

1.6 How to dress the diamond body shape?


Section 2 - Style

2.1 What is my style?

2.2 Classic style

2.3 Casual style

2.4 Lady like style

2.5 Edgy style

2.6 Bohemian style

2.7 Glamorous style

2.8 Fashion Forward style

2.8 Eccentric style

2.9 Retro style


Section 3 - How to wear?

3.1.  25 ways to wear a white shirt

3.2.  Skinny jeans in 25 outfits


Section 4 - Fashion trends 

4.1. Spring / summer trends 2018


All images are from Polyvore. 

BODY SHAPE. Understand your body shape - this section will teach you how to identify your body shape and how to choose the most flattering clothes for you. There are 5 body shapes: hourglass, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and diamond.

What is my body shapes?

The 1st step in building a style is to know your body shape. All body shapes are beautiful and can be dressed stylishly. Just measure your body, as shown in the video posted by Flavilla Fongang*. Then, find out your shape by comparing your measures as described below.

Here is how to find out what body shape you have


You are an hourglass if:

  • upper torso is equal or about 5-12 cm smaller than your hips and bum
  • waist is around 15-20 cm smaller than your upper torso and hips and bum
  • hips and bum are equal or 5-12 cm wider than upper torso


You are a pear shape if:

  • your upper torso is around 12-20 cm smaller than hips and bum
  • your waist is about 15-20 cm smaller than hips and bum
  • your hips and bum are around 12-20 cm wider than upper torso.


You are a rectangle shape if:

  • your upper torso is equal or about 5-10 cm smaller than hips and bum
  • your waist is about the same as upper torso and hips and bum
  • your hips and cum are equal or about 5-10 cm bigger than upper torso

Inverted triangle

You are an inverted triangle if:

  • your upper torso is about 10-20 cm wider than hips and bum
  • your waist is about 5-15 cm smaller than hips and bum
  • your lower part is about 10-20 cm slimmer than upper torso.


You are a diamond or apple shape if:

  • your upper torso is equal or around 5-10 cm wider than hips and bum
  • your waist is around 10-20 cm wider than upper torso and hips and bum
  • your hips and bum are equal or around 5-10 cm smaller than hips and bum

Once you identified your body shape look for the chapter describing your body shape and the most flattering clothes for you. Sometimes, you might be between shapes. Other times you may be a medium hourglass for example - though you have a defined body, your curves are not like Sophia Loren’s with generous bust and hips and tiny waist. Be confident that there are no ugly body shapes. Just love and embrace yours and try to di the most with clothes.

How to dress the hourglass body shape?

The hourglass has the most balanced body of all shapes as the upper part (shoulders and chest) and the lower part (thighs and bottom) are equal or almost equal and she has a well-defined waist (see “What is my body shape?” chapter). Therefore, the aim of hourglass is to show off these beautiful proportions when choosing clothes. According to different studies, only 8.4% of women have this type of body. This is the most adored shape in the history of art by painters and sculptures.

The hourglass body shape

There are many celebrities with this type of body. It is good to also check the way they dress as they always have a lot of stylists around, advising them on what to wear. Think Halle Berry, Kate Winslet or Salma Hayek. 

Most flattering clothes

The focus of the hourglass outfit should be on waist. It is more subtle to emphasize waist with tailored clothes than with thick belts. Though belts can be used on oversized clothes (tops or bottoms), to keep the shape delicately defined. The problem an hourglass may encounter is that she usually gains weight on her belly, asking for some creativity to hide it and still look sexy. Think looser tops or tops and shirts that are half tucked in and half left out. Thus you trick the eyes, keeping the shape defined.

Fitted dress

Sheath or fitted dress gives a fabulous look to an hourglass. You can dress it up or down for office or for evening with accessories like bag, shoes and jewelry. Princess Kate is wearing many fitted dresses as they look great on her slim body. Change these accessories with strappy sandals, a clutch and long earrings and you have an evening outfit. 

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt can be worn with many tops and shirts, looking as good. It is a great piece that can be put on in cold or warm season, depending on the fabric you choose. It show off your beautiful proportions, making you look slimmer. Choose it with confidence and try loose tops for a cool look that says “I did not try at all”.

Straight skirt

Straight skirt is still flattering but less revealing of your shape than pencil skirt. Wear a top tucked in or loosely tucked in to hide a bloated tummy or choose a modern half I half out styling. Try different patterns and colors to get it out of the ordinary. Black straight skirts or black pencil skirts are basics of a wardrobe for an hourglass, but colored and flower print ones are unexpected and modern.

Trumpet skirt

Trumpet skirt is a pencil skirt with a ruffle at the hem. It is very flattering as it emphasizes curves. With ruffles so in vogue in season 2018, trumpet skirt is an item to consider this spring or summer. You will find it in many shops, sometimes with uneven hem (longer at the back and shorter in front).

Wrap dress

Wrap dress is very versatile and easy to wear, subtly sexy, revealing the beautiful proportions of an hourglass. It might not be easy to find the right wrap dress for you, but if you do, be sure you buy one, as it is invaluable, being easy to wear and discreetly sexy. Choose fabrics that follow body shape like jersey, modal or viscose. The cotton or linnen wrap dress may crumple so it is more appropriate for beach and park, but very comfy.

Tea dress

Tea dress is a flare dress with an accentuated waist. This is a flattering choice for almost any body shape. It looks fabulous for work, both in solid, block colors or with a flower print as Anna Wintour wears it. If you choose a flower print as a fabric, it has a very feminine and attractive touch.

Skinny trousers

Skinny trousers are very sexy for toned legs and for a body in great shape. Wear them with a blazer to get a corporate look. If you do not feel like wearing your skinnies too tight, just buy a measure up. Then the legs will not look like leggings but rather like cigarette trousers which are more appropriate for office.

Cigarette trousers

Cigarette trousers are less revealing than skinnies and can be worn with any top, shirt or T-shirt. If you choose a T-shirt, then add a blazer to dress up your outfit for office. Also, many shoes can be matched: slip ons and sneakers for a more casual look or pumps for a more formal outfit. For cold season, they look great with ankle boots that are tight on your ankles.

Boot cut trousers or jeans

Boot cut trousers or jeans offer an appealing look, without being too sexy. A dressed up shirt or blouse and a tailored blazer make it a perfect work outfit. Keep the right length for your height. Though cropped boot cut jeans are fashionable now, avoid them if you are petite. Choose a length that covers your heels instead.

One button blazer

One button blazer is a great choice that flatters any body shape. When in doubt just wear your favorite jeans, a T-shirt and a one button blazer and you are good to go. Thus is one of my favorite looks as it is very versatile. I can choose a message T-shirt, a plain one with a big necklace, a feminine blouse or a crisp white shirt. I can wear heels, ballet flats, Oxford shoes or sneakers.

Trench coat

Trench coat is the one item that should be in the wardrobe of any women. It is particularly flattering for hourglass is it has a belt at the waist that creates a beautifully shaped body. You can wear it in many ways. Try it with skinny jeans for a laid back look or over a dress for a classic- casual look.

Wrap coat with belt

Wrap coat with belt – is also a good choice for the hourglass. It is elegant and can be thrown on almost everything, from jogger trousers to a sophisticated outfit. Make sure you choose the right length for your height.

Just keep in mind that the 1st step of style is wearing the clothes that look good on your body shape. If you want become a stylish woman, start by choosing the right clothes for your frame. Even if oversized blazers are in fashion now, you do not have to wear them if they do not flatter your shape or if you are petite and oversized clothes make you look as you are drowning in them. The following clothes are still flattering for the hourglass shape but they do not emphasize the frame as much as the previous ones.

Still flattering but less revealing

After learning about the most flattering clothes for an hourglass, just stay assured that you can actually wear almost any shape and clothes. The only difference is that they do not reveal your body as the previous ones. The following clothes will also look good on you but are less revealing than preceding ones.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt is again a feminine choice that flatters most body shapes. It hides tummy and thighs and works for medium size hourglasses as well, actually making you look slimmer. Pleats slim and elongate figure, as long as the fabric is not shiny and the pleats do not start at waist. With flats or heels, it gives an elegant and stylish look, reminding of school days.

Full skirt 

Full skirt is a very ladylike choice. Wear it when you want to be feminine and elegant, yet hiding tummy. Keep the top fitted or loose fitted but TUCKED IN to create shape. An oversized top over a full skirt does not look good unless you are a top model or very tall and skinny and you can wear almost anything.

A-line skirt

A-line skirt is an easy choice. Worn with the right top, it can still look good on an hourglass. Though, this is not the most flattering choice.

A maxi skirt

A maxi skirt is a good replacement for trousers, being comfy, sexy and very trendy. Choose the right form and pattern for your body shape. It is a great choice for summer but cashmere or wool fabrics can make it appropriate even for cold season. It is so "en vogue" in 2018 summer. You’d see it in all fabrics from silk to cotton or even tulle. Sequin woven is very versatile and you can wear it for day if you dress it down with a simple T-shirt, to get a casual – glam look.

Empire waist dress 

Empire waist dress is a feminine choice that works well for all body shapes. Empire waist elongates body frame and hides a bloated tummy, while still creating subtle curves. Choose the right length for your height.

Shirt dress

Shirt dress with belt is a casual choice that flatters most body types. Even diamond shape can wear it but unbelted.  With ballet flats, flat sandals or sneakers and a small bag is a great choice for casual days. This year you can also wear it at the office as khaki fabric is in fashion now.

Shift dress

Shift dress is looser than sheath (fitted) dress, being more forgiving to body imperfections. Make it stand out choosing a slightly shorter version (an inspiration from 60s fashion) or choose a bold color that flatters your complexion. Shift dress is an easy choice for quick mornings after late nights.

Flare trousers

Flare trousers represent a very elegant choice. They look much better with heels or platforms. Avoid large or oversized tops as you may look boxy. Loose fitted or fitted top or shirt makes it a chic and stylish outfit. Anyway, this is not the best choice for petite women as they make look even shorter.

Straight or boyfriend cuts

Straight or boyfriend cuts are very comfortable choices. Again keep the top fitted or at most loose fitted to avoid a boxy look. Bold colors make the outfit joyful and summer like. Have your top tucked in or at least half tucked in to keep your frame shaped.

Loose or oversized tops

Loose or oversized tops are also great when you want to be casual and cool. Just avoid volume in the lower part as you would look bigger and shorter than you actually are.

Loose or oversized tops

Loose or oversized tops are also great when you want to be casual and cool. Just avoid volume in the lower part as you would look bigger and shorter than you actually are.

Float dress

Float dress is also a very comfy choice when you want to feel free to eat more or when you are bloated. For day or evening, it looks good.


Be happy with your body and dress to feel good

Depending on your mood, you can choose the most flattering clothes, or, you can opt for more comfy choices that are less revealing but good for busy office days, strolls, solving day to day issues or just casual Sundays. In case you gained some weight, probably belly is the most annoying issue. Hourglasses tend to gain weight everywhere, but tummy can be disguised with clothes that are a bit looser, not so fitted. Another trick is to wear a larger top, tucked in, or only half tucked in. Thus you keep the waist emphasized, yet you mask the tummy, as the upper volume tricks the eyes.

Your choice of clothes will also depend on the styles (see the Style chapter) that mostly define you. After combining body shape, style, mood and your daily scope (work, park walk or Sunday brunch) you can decide on what clothes to choose.

How to dress the pear body shape?

If you have a pear shaped body, it means your lower body is wider than your upper body. Usually, women with pear shaped bodies have medium to small bust. To balance your shape you need to slim down your lower part and draw the eyes to the upper part. Pear shaped body is the most common type of body among women. Just remember, there are no good or bad shapes. There are women who know what clothes flatter their shape and women who don’t. Become knowledgeable on what works well on you and makes you look at your best, emphasizing your assets.

Diminish your lower part of the body with darker colors and slimming shapes and balance the upper part adding volume with ruffles, frills, horizontal stripes or bold colors.

Pear shaped body

There are several celebrities that have this type of body. And they are actually very proud of it, emphasizing it all the time. Just think of how J lo is always proud of her sexy bottom and hips and that she is wearing clothes to show off her body.

Most flattering clothes

Pear shapes body is the most common type of body among women. Just remember, there are no good or bad body shapes. There are women who know what flatters their shape and women who don’t. There are several clothes that help you rebalance your body, diminishing the lower part of your body and adding volume to the upper part.

Boot cut trousers or jeans

Boot cut trousers or jeans slim down lower part, while bold colors and frills or ruffles for tops draw attention to upper body and add volume. Wear your boot cut jeans a bit longer to cover your heels. Bootcut jeans look better with heels than with flats, lifting your bottom and making legs look longer.

Flare trousers

Flare trousers also diminish hips and bottoms. Avoid this cut if you are petite (under 163 cm) as they make you look even shorter. Add color to your upper body to move attention to your beautiful face, toned arms and long neck.

A-line skirt

A-line skirt is a safe choice to hide wide hips. An eye catching top with details like a pussy bow and a strong color draws the eyes upward. This is the science of the right clothes for each body shape: the A-line is really flattering for a pear but moderately so for an hourglass.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt works well on a pear if pleats start 10 cm under waist line. Otherwise, if pleats start at waist they open exactly on your hips making you look bigger in the area of hip and bum.

Full skirts

Full skirts have a feminine flare that can be diminished with a tailored shirt and a structured bag. They hide anything you want to disguise while creating a tiny waist.

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt is a very trendy look this summer. Pair it with off the shoulders shirt as it makes shoulders look broader and balance your shape. You'd feel very dressed up with a maxi skirt. It is a city chic look that you can choose for a not so formal event. Wear it with heels or wedges as it looks better. If you are tall, you do not have to bother about these details.

Ruffled top

There are several tops that a pear can wear to draw attention to upper part of the body and away from your bottom. You can safely choose a ruffled top which adds volume and is also so in vogue this season. See all the other choices that you have.

Flattering tops for pear

Plunge neckline, puffed sleeves, cowl neck, boat neckline with belt, scoop neckline, strapless top, thin straps, halter top but also other detailed tops: horizontal stripes, polka dots, lace, floral print, sequin fabric, other prints, 

Flattering tops for pear

they all draw attention to the upper part of the body and make it look a bit bigger, balancing hip and bottom area which appears smaller if you choose from the above recommended bottoms (bootcut or flare trousers, A-line, full or pleated skirt).

Flare dress

Flare dress is a feminine choice that takes you from work to casual strolls, museums or dinner, depending on how you accessorize it. This dress is universally flattering for any body shape. The secret here is to mark your waist be it from the seaming or with a belt. 

Circle dress or skirt

Circle dress or skirt with belt is also a universally flattering choice that hides hips and tummy and creates a slim and delicate waist. It has a retro flare that is at the same time feminine and delicate. It is more appropriate for the lady like style. Check the "Style" section to also understand how style and body shape together influence the way you dress. 

Empire waist

Empire waist dress is a great way to emphasize your bust line and create subtle curves as it falls along your frame. It is a great choice even for weddings, be it long or knee length if you choose a precious fabric like silk.

Float dress

Float dress is a great choice for diamond woman but it can be very comfy for a pear. It does not emphasize your small waist but it hides what you want to hide and it is so relaxed. You can safely add a belt to give it a bit of structure and emphasize your waist.

While these are the shapes that balance your body, you can also choose clothes that flaunt your curves. J Lo or Kim Kardashian have pear shaped bodies of which they are very proud and flaunt them all the time. 

Clothes that flaunt your curves

The following clothes shows off your body just the way it is. After all, the pear shape is the most feminine and most common body shape for women around the world. If you are confident, then flaunt your pear shape with fitted clothes.

Fitted dress

Fitted dress is a great choice for day if you choose a floral print or a neutral color. Fitted dress or sheath dress is one of the most flattering pieces of clothing. If you have a flat tummy, you look stunning in such a dress.

Pencil skirt 

Pencil skirt also shows off your curves. Wear it with confidence and be proud of your beautiful shape. A longer pencil skirt, below the knees, will make your hips more noticeable than a length above the knee or at the knee - the longer the skirt, the bigger the hips. Kim Kardashian opts for longer pencil skirt to emphasize her hips and bum.

Trumpet skirt

Trumpet skirt is also a very sexy and revealing shape for pear. It really creates curves making your lower part be exposed in its total beauty. Go for it if you are courageous.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are an option if you are still size S. Otherwise it will emphasize your wide hips. Create a long frame with a tailored blazer in the same color with your jeans if you are petite (under 163 cm) and choose heels instead of flats. If you have to walk a lot, choose flats in the same colour to your trousers. 

Cigarette trousers

Less revealing are cigarette trousers. Add a beautiful top in a bold color and you are good to go to work or a more formal event. Choose sneakers and a T-shirt and you are heading for a stroll. 

Pear shaped women have a wide variety of clothes they can choose to flatter their body. Don’t forget that this is the most common body shape for women around the world! Be proud of your shape! There are no ugly bodies. There are just a few tricks to learn to dress each body so that it shows its beauty.

How to dress the rectangle body shape?

Rectangle shape has a fairly straight body, with hips, waist and upper body almost equal in size. Dressing rectangle body for work is actually pretty simple as most retailers sew their clothes on a rather androgynous female body shape. Therefore, a rectangle body shape would have the least problems with finding clothes that fit perfectly, without much need for a tailor.

Be sure you check the “What is your body shape?” chapter to know the type of your body.

Though some consider this shape as a rather a boyish one, the rectangle can wear almost anything. The trick is to create curves with clothes. In other words, to give the illusion of a more shaped body, you need to add volume to the upper body and the hips area, thus making the waist looking smaller and recreating the hourglass shape. 

The rectangle shape

The rectangle shape usually has some great assets to show off like beautiful legs, toned arms and round shoulders. As with other body types, there are many celebrities with this type of body. Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley or Kate Hudson can be your source of inspiration on how to dress your body shape to best flatter your body.

Most flattering clothes

Rectangle shaped woman can consider herself very lucky as she can wear almost anything, from fitted clothes which actually make her body look curvier to many types of tops, skirts, trousers and dresses. Here are the best tips on how to dress your body for work to look a bit more feminine and curvier.

The most flattering clothes are those that create a beautiful waist, adding volume to hips and shoulders/chest to recreate the illusions of an hourglass shape.

Tailored blazer

Create waist with tailored blazers or coats that have a defined waist from seaming or you can create it with a belt. The tailored blazer gives a variety of choices to a rectangle shaped woman. Any skirt like A-line, full skirt, pencil skirt, trumpet skirt or any trouser like skinny, cigarette, boot cut will look fabulous with a tailored blazer. If a blazer looks too corporate, then choose sneakers instead of heels and T-shirt, worn half in, half out.

Tops that add volume to your upper body

Wear tops that add volume to your upper body: frills, ruffles, bows, pockets puffed sleeves and add a thick belt to create a beautiful waist.

Cap sleeves top and pleated trousers

Cap sleeves top and pleated trousers make a great combo for a rectangle. Rectangle is the only shape that can wear this styling. Pleated trousers are very fashionable this summer, so go and get yours and wear them anywhere. Pleated trousers can work for inverted triangle but with a totally different top.

Wrap tops

Wrap tops are also a great choice for a rectangle shapes body. Look for shirts or knitted tops that beautifully follows the line of your body and are cinched at the waist. 

Best dresses for rectangle

Dresses that emphasize waist are the best choices for a rectangle: bustier dress, shirt dress cinched at waist, tea dress, ruffled dress with cinched waist, and dress with defined waist from seaming and a bit of volume in the lower part, pleated dress with thin belt, wrap dress. Check your favorite below.

Bustier dress - keep it for after hours party, or wear a blazer on top for work. 

Shirt dress with belt - works for office hours as well as leisure. 

Pleated dress with belt

Wrap dress cinched at waist - a great shape, especially if it has cap sleeves. 

Ruffled dress with defined waist. Cut the feminine flair with a blazer or a biker jacket. 

Pleated dress with defined waist - it can be any type of dress that has volume in the lower part if the fabric is stiff  while the defined waist gives the illusion of an hourglass.

Best skirts for rectangle

Best skirts for rectangle shape are those that add volume in the lower part of your body, giving you a more feminine look. Think skirt with ruffles and tiers but also skirts with flare at the hem like skater skirt, full skirt, A-line skirt, pleated skirt or trumpet skirt.

Ruffled skirt

Ruffled skirt adds volume to lower part with the ruffle. The cap sleeves of the top also add width to shudders and there you have a reconstructed frame that looks curvier.

Full skirt

Full skirt also adds the desired volume to the boyish figure of the rectangle. Again, a feminine top with a bit of volume from ruffles, bows, puffed sleeves does the same trick of recreating an hourglass shape.

A-line skirt

A-line skirt does the same trick. It is more flattering for a rectangle than an hourglass that already has a defined hip area. Add a one button blazer that also keeps waist in the loop.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt also works well on a rectangle, especially if the pleats open slightly on the hips. Opening at the waist line, the pleats add volume and create shaped body.

Trumpet skirt

Trumpet skirt shows off hips and bum, making it look bigger. The pencil form from waist to the ruffle tricks the eye in creating a great lower body shape. Keep your waist emphasized with tucked in top and tailored outwear like a biker jacket fitted on waist or a tailored blazer.

Skater skirt

Skater skirt or circle skirt also works well on a rectangle. The more flare at the hem, the more shaped your lower body looks. The right top (with details, ruffles, frills) gives you a beautiful sexy frame.

Best outwear

Always emphasize your waist using a belt to accentuate your waistline. Belted or cinched blazer, coats and cardigans are the best choices. 

Trench coat

A classic trench coat is a great choice for a rectangle. Even other shapes of trench coats work on a rectangle like princes types coat. 

Wrap coat with belt

Wrap coat with belt as an outerwear over a great outfit like cigarette trousers, ruffled blouse and a belt makes a great combo.

Still flattering

Fitted clothes also work on rectangles. They do not add any volume to upper or lower part, but tight clothes tend to create a bit of curves even when you don't have them. 

Pencil skirt with belt

Pencil skirt works well on a rectangle. Use the trick of having different colors for top and skirt like Reese Witherspoon, She is a rectangle with beautifully shaped and toned legs and uses clothes to her advantage.

Fitted dress

Fitted dress, especially one with an emphasized waist looks great on a rectangle. Find a sheath dress that fits perfectly and wear it with confidence. 

Boot cut jeans

Boot cut jeans slim down your bottom. Yet, if you were them very tight on hips, they actually look good, giving you shape. As always, add a belt in case you need more body definition.

Cigarette trousers

Cigarette trousers are also flattering for a rectangle. Their tapered form created the impression of shaped body. Tuck in a nice top with a bit of volume from a bow or ruffles and cinch your waist if needed with a belt to make it visible. 

Skinny trousers

Skinny trousers are very flattering as they emphasize shape. The tighter the clothes the more they create curves. Though, not as much as pleated trousers who add volume to your hips, skinnies are a good option too, especially when paired with a tailored blazer. Add a thick belt to create waistline. 

Less flattering clothes

The least flattering clothes for a rectangle are those that are loose and not structured. You may look boyish in this type of clothes. Therefore wear boyfriend jeans, shift dress (loose or straight dress) and float dress with caution or with your best attitude. Also, flare trousers can make your derriere look smaller than it is. 

Shift dress

Oversized top

Boyfriend jeans

Flare leg trousers

Other tips

Use different colors for upper and lower body and tuck in your top to also beautifully shape your body. Most flattering trousers are those with details around hips: pockets, pleats. Use scarves, chocker, and big necklaces to draw attention to upper body

Just be aware that there are no clear hourglasses, rectangles, pears or inverted triangles. Check your measures and see where you fit. If your shoulders are slightly wider then you might have some inverted triangle features. If your hips are wider then you may take a look at how to dress the pear shape characteristics. Look at clothes that are flattering for both body frame and then create your own mix of most flattering clothes.

Try as many clothes as possible. Make pictures with outfits in which you look at your best. Always look at yourself in mirrors and windows of shops to also see your image in the sunlight, as you walk on the street, in the scenery of the street. What looks good in the mirror of your apartment may not look as good on the street.

How to dress the inverted triangle body shape?

If you have an inverted triangle body, it means that your upper body is wider that your lower body. Please check “What is my body shape” chapter to be sure you know your body shape. This is the most athletic type of body. Women with this shape would have wide shoulders and narrow hips with an undefined waist. Therefore, the aim is to add volume to your hips so that you can create a beautiful waist and to diminish the appearance of broad shoulders.

To do this, you need to learn which are the most flattering tops and bottoms for your frame. Choose darker colours for tops, V-necks to attract the eye to the face and wide straps that cover a big part of your shoulders. Asymmetric cuts also tricks the eyes making shoulders appear smaller. For bottoms, go for flare models with a hem that flows around body, bright colours, anything that adds volume around hips like pockets, tiers or woven that adds volume like lace, shiny textures.

Inverted triangle celebs

There are many celebrities with this type of body. Think Demi Moore, Charlize Theron or Naomi Campbell. They are all beautiful, admired and appreciated. An inverted triangle would have great assets like beautiful legs, toned arms.

Most flattering clothes

Most flattering clothes are those that add volume to your hips and diminish the upper part of your figure. Tops should be kept simple from any embellishments to draw attention away from the broad shoulders.  

Wrap top cinched at the waist

Wrap tops that are cinched at the waist are a great way to distract the eye from shoulders and create a beautiful waist. The V-neck that it creates flatters your bust line and your face. Anything that is cinched at the waist would look great on you. Pair it with the right bottom and you have a very nicely looking hourglass figure.

Wrap dress cinched at the waist

Wrap dresses cinched at the waist are also a great choice. Here is the difference from the diamond shape which looks better in wraps that are cinched under the bust line. In your case go for anything that emphasizes your waist. Wrap dress is almost universally flattering for any frame.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes also help diminish big shoulders. They make you look slimmer at the shoulder area. Combined with V-neckline, stripes also elongate torso. Wear your stripes tucked in to also create a tiny waist. 

Asymmetric shoulder cut

Asymmetric shoulder tops are so in vogue right now and a very good way to trick the eye. You can choose asymmetric shoulder cuts for tops and dresses. Anything works this season.

Asymmetric shoulder cut

It is a very sexy option which you may wear anytime. Showing your shoulders is another way to look sexy along with a deep cleavage, tight clothes or short skirts. 

Pleated dress with a V-neck and a belt

Pleated dress with a V-neck and a belt will remodel your shape and will flatter your body. The V-neck draws attention to the face, the belt recreates waist, the fullness of the lower part of the dress adds volume to your hips.

Structured dresses that have a defined waist from their tailoring

Structured dresses that have a defined waist from their tailoring are also great choices if they cover a big portion of your shoulders. This thick woven is great as it augments the hip area.

Wide straps and V-necks for tops with tiered skirt

Wide straps and V-necks for tops are truly suitable for your figure. Pair them with tiered skirt or any skirt that has volume around hips and a flare hem: ruffles, full skirts.

Printed fabric for trousers

Printed fabric for trousers will create the illusion of volume in the hip area. Opt for neutral dark colors for tops and blazers to balance your body.

Fabric that adds volume 

Also, fabric that adds volume in the hip area is a great choice to style lower body frame. Long necklaces are also a great way to distract the eyes from shoulders.

Blazer with defined waist

Blazer with defined waist will look great on you.  Look for models that are tailored on the waist from seaming. You can also add a belt to accentuate waist.

A-line skirts

A-line skirts will look fabulous on inverted triangles as they balance your figure with the flare of the dress. If you choose prints and textures that add volume, then the styling is impec cable. Go for simple dark shades for tops. 

Full skirts

Full skirts that have volume starting from hip area help to create the body you dream of. They are also flattering for most figures. As an inverted triangle you should tuck in your top to create a tiny waist.

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts work as well as full skirts as they have a lot of flare at the hem from pleats. Wear them with confidence as they are so chic this season. Choose any color combination you like. Go for pleated pink skirt and a darker top for maximum body balance. 

Peplum top

Peplum tops or dresses are a very retro choice that comes in fashion from time to time. It is a good way to add volume to the hip area and balance the wide shoulders.

Empire waist dresses

Empire waist dresses are universally flattering. They create a subtle shape for any body type and uplift the bust line. Wear a good bra, even push up to have a beautiful bust line.

Plunge necklines

Plunge necklines elongate the figure, diminish shoulders and draw the eyes to the face. They might not be the best choice for office, but they are definitely a sexy option for a night out. Wear a camisole underneath the dress or top for office to make it appropriate. 

Less flattering clothes

Clothes that are not so flattering for the inverted triangle body are those that are slouchy, too big in the upper part, with volume added by ruffles, ribbons or oversized sleeves. Stay away from these clothes as they accentuate your shoulders, making them looking even bigger.

Ruffles in the upper part

Ruffles in the upper part, especially shoulders, must be avoided by inverted triangles. They make your shoulders look even bigger. So stay away from this trend or wear your ruffles in the lower part of your outfit. This is a NO NO. 

Oversized sweater

Oversized tops and sweaters also make your upper part look bigger, especially combined with skinny jeans. Skinnies are an option for inverted triangles if the upper part is somehow minimized. It is counterintuitive, as women would go for larger tops to hide their upper volume. The effect is opposite to what you'd expect. Stay away for this type of outfit.

Volume sleeves, boat necklines, off the shoulder tops

Volume sleeves, boat necklines or off the shoulder tops are definitely not for inverted triangles frames. Avoid them as the horizontal line makes your shoulder and chest appear even bigger.

Thin straps

Thin straps also make your shoulders look bigger. Wider stripes are more appropriate for an inverted triangle. If you really like this type of lingerie dress or camisole, so trendy now, hide it under a blazer that is tailored on the waist and ads volume to your hips.

No matter what body shape you have, remember that there are no ugly frames. Clothes are intended to make you look at your best. There are no such things like perfect bodies. What you see in magazines are pictures modified in Photoshop. Use clothes to your advantage and be confident in the way you look no matter what shape you have.

How to dress the diamond body shape?

Diamond shaped women carry their weight mostly around their waist. That means that their mid-section is wider than their hips and shoulders. When dressing, the aim is to create a more feminine body, hiding waist area and building a shaped body with clothes and visual illusions.

Diamond shapes women would usually have great legs so the aim is to distract eye from waist to face, arms and legs. As they have to wear loose and longer tops most of the times, it is better to wear a bit of heels or platforms if you are not very tall (over 170cm).

Styling diamond shape

Move the attention away from natural waist. You can recreate waist above or below the natural waist, under the bust line or at the hip bone.

Most flattering clothes

Most flattering clothes are those that hide tummy and / or recreate waist below or above natural waist. Use tricks like tucking your top only half in and keeping half out. Also layers create long lines that can be used to your advantage.

Empire waist tops

Empire waist tops - pair them with fitted clothes in the bottom area to avoid a bulky look. Skinny trousers, boot cut or pencil skirts with high waist will keep tummy flat and would elongate frame. For flare hem trousers use heels or platforms to elongate your body. 

Empire waist dress

Empire waist dress is a great choice for any body shape as it creates discreet curves, floating away from the body. Wear it from office to casual events or even look for an evening gown with this cut.

Bias cut top

Bias cut tops are loose and also a perfect shape for diamond. It works great with a blazer to create a bit of shape to your body. Again, try to keep the rest of the outfit slim and the blazer shaped.

Bias cut dress

Bias cut dress is also great to show legs and hide mid-section. Choose a shorter length to show your legs and a great pair of shoes to distract the eyes. The bias can start from the top or under the bust line.

Shift dress

Shift dress is so easy to wear and has a 60's elegance. Being straight, it hides mid-section while creating unbroken long lines. Dresses make you look taller than trousers.

Float dress

Float dress is another option for diamond shape. It is large / pleated from shoulders, not from bust line, like an empire waist dress. This has a 20's flare which can be made modern in a shiny woven. 

Wrap top cinched under bust line. 

Wrap top that ties under the bust line is a very helpful and sexy choice for a diamond. It creates a small waist above the natural one and uplifts bust line. The V-neck cleavage draws the eyes to the face. Wear catchy earrings and great accessories.

Wrap dress cinched under bust line

Wrap dress is almost universally flattering. Again the same rule applies. Keep the tie/wrap under the bust line not on your natural waist. Thus you disguise middle area while still keeping your frame shaped. 

Maxi dress with a loose fitted top and a tailored blazer

A great outfit even for a formal event is a maxi dress with a loose fitted top and a tailored blazer. Choose precious materials like silk and beautiful colors to compliment your complexion. The loose fit of the top is your tummy best friend, while the blazer adds a bit of shaping. 

Loose shirt and tailored blazer

A loose shirt and a blazer is a great choice for work paired with jeans or suit trousers. Keep the colour of the shoes the same with trousers if you are petite. 

A full skirt and a loose top

A full skirt and a loose top is an alternative that works especially for tall and slim women. Otherwise stay away from big shapes in the upper and lower part of your body at the same time. Choose a slim cut for the lower part of the body or the other way around, but never both big. 

A pleated top

A pleated top does the same job in hiding tummy and letting your legs and buttom take the center stage.

A cape blouse, dress or coat

A cape blouse or coat looks elegant and very modern. Again play with colors to your advantage so that top, bag and shoes make you stand out from the crowd while you also show your great assets: legs or face.

Peplum top

Peplum top works for skinny women who want to add a bit of shape around their hips while disguising waist. 

Loose top

Loose top always looks cool and hides anything you want while giving you that air of “I did not try at all”. Pair it with trousers or jeans that follow your leg line be it skinny or cigarette. Or wear it with a straight or pencil skirt.

A-line top

A-line top is another choice for a diamond. Same rules apply as for the loose top. Keep the bottom dressed in tight or at most loose fit clothes. Never go for wide leg or pleated trousers.

Trench coat cinched above natural waistline. 

Trench coat that is cinched under the bust line is the best choice for outer wear. It is very fashionable this season so choose a great colour and wear it with confidence. Or just wear your trench open. It still looks good. 

Just remember, no matter your shape, you can always use clothes to your advantage. Clothes are made to make you look better and sexier when you wear them. So pay close attention to your body shape, learn your style and choose the best outfit for you.

This empire waist dress is flattering for:

  • All body shapes
  • Hourglass and pear shapes
  • Hourglass, pear, rectangle and diamond shapes

From the above outfits, only ..... are flattering for diamond shape.





  • A, B and C
  • A and B
  • D

STYLE. Learn about styles and find out which is yours. Understanding styles is more important than matching colours. Once you master styles and you know which clothes belong to each style you can start combining them. Wear at most two styles.

What is my style?

The 2nd step in building a personal, unique and original style is to identify your usual style, the one you are using daily or most often. Here are 9 styles that can portray a woman. 

To find out your style, open each style chapter, take a pencil and a piece of paper and mark with an x each image from each style that you have in your wardrobe and you are wearing often. It doesn’t have to be identical to the one presented. But the idea is important.  You may see skinny jeans while you are wearing boyfriend or boot cut. Get a feel of what each style means by looking at each cloth item and accessory. 

Then count the x from each style and see what your major styles are. It is very rare that someone has just one style. You may be a Classic at work or business events but a Casual while going to the supermarket, dry cleaning, day to day issues and a Casual – Glam when out with girls. By counting your x, you discover your dominant styles in the bigger numbers. The lower numbers are just your original touches from other styles. 

You may get in the situation that you have 5 xs from Classic, 7 xs from Casual and then 1x or 2 xs from the other styles. The big numbers are your main styles and the small numbers are your original, personal touches on the main styles.

The 9 styles are: 

  1. Classic style
  2. Casual style
  3. Lady like style
  4. Edgy style
  5. Bohemian style
  6. Glamorous style
  7. Fashion Forward style
  8. Eccentric style
  9. Retro style

What is my dressing style?

These are the 9 styles as defined by 3ColoursRule. Watch each image carefully, to have a helicopter view of each style. 

Classic style

Classic style is simple and chic. The classic style woman would choose classic shapes of clothes (white shirt, pencil or straight skirts, fitted or flare dresses, fitted blazers) and neutral colors (black, white, grey, camel) and combination. Classic is not boring or outdated. Classic is the basis of fashion.

Casual style

Casual style is comfortable, friendly, with low maintenance clothes. The casual style woman prefers loose fitted clothes in cotton and linen fabrics. Layering is part of her style. After all casual does not mean out of fashion and layers give an “I did not try at all” look that actually looks very cool.

Lady like style

The lady style is the most feminine, romantic and sophisticated. Lady style would include in her wardrobe clothes like pleats, lace, ruffles, soft colours and neutral that would make her look delicate and charming.

Edgy style

The edgy woman wears a lot of leather and black color, but also strong contrasts: red / black, yellow / black, black / white. A biker jacket, added to a classic outfit, makes it modern, cool and unexpected. Biker jackets became a classic of a wardrobe. 

Bohemian style 

Bohemian style is relaxed and free spirited. It includes loose pieces of clothing, large or rectangular dresses or blouses, bell trousers and sleeves, ethnic prints from different countries with rural areas influences. 

Glamorous style

Glamorous is the style of sultry women. They are confident, they flaunt their sex appeal, they never go unnoticed and are in the spotlight, be it a party or a bold work outfit. This style needs a certain attitude. You dare to be sexy, provocative, to show legs, deep cleavage, a courageous slit or see through clothes.

Fashion Forward style

The Fashion Forward style is adopted by women who keep up with fashion trends. The fashion forward woman knows fashion. She knows her body, she knows what the latest trends are and she knows how to insert these trends into her wardrobe and outfits.  

Eccentric style

Eccentric style is seen at stars, especially music stars. Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj wear courageous outfits with unusual shapes and bold colours. Not a style suitable for work environments, but worth knowing for the creative person that you might be, adding an eccentric item in a formal outfit.

Retro style

Retro fashion is a clothing style which consists in wearing clothes commonly used in the past. This way of clothing often includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of such times, and many people use them in an exaggerated way and in combination with current clothing. The retro woman mixes vintage clothes with modern ones to create a unique style.

Once you understand each style, you can start combining them. The modern fashion combines lady like items with very casual ones: a flare skirt and a jeans shirt or a dress and a biker jacket.

Just keep in mind that understanding styles and recognizing them is more important than color matching. Try to combine at most two styles. More than two styles in an outfit may lack fluency. If you wear 3 expensive pieces of clothing from 3 different styles, the outfit may not come together: a glamorous blouse, a casual skirt, a bohemian bag and an edgy shoe will not look like an assemble outfit.

Once you understand each style you may choose to classify your wardrobe by styles. It is one of the easiest ways to get dressed in the morning. Just don't forget to also take into account your body shape that you learnt about in the previous chapter.

Classic style

Classic style is simple and chic. The classic style woman would choose classic shapes of clothes (white shirt, pencil or straight skirts, fitted or flare dresses, fitted blazers) and neutral colors (black, white, grey, camel) and combination. Classic is not boring or outdated. Classic is the basis of fashion. If you know how to choose the classic items, then you can play with your style, adding personal touches from other styles like Edgy, Lady, or Glamorous.

Classic style is a very appropriate work outfit in corporations where a dress code exists.

How to build a classic style wardrobe? Be sure you have in your closet the basic items in neutral colors that are timeless and can be worn anytime with almost anything:

  1. White or baby blue shirts – you can wear them with jeans, trousers, skirts, even with shorts.
  2. Basic T-shirts – in neutrals and then in some modern colors or with a funny message to make your classic style a bit more interesting.
  3. Pencil and straight skirts – if pencil skirt does not work for you, go for straight. Have both neutral colors like black, brown but also a red one when you feel confident.
  4. Classic cardigan, preferably wool or cashmere.
  5. Tailored blazers (single breasted) - a blazer instantly dresses up an outfit. A simple T-shirt, black or blue jeans and a tailored blazer and you are good to go.
  6. Trench coat – a classic of a wardrobe should not miss from any closet, no matter the style. Again you can wear it over dresses, skirts but also skinny jeans.
  7. Classic winter coat - black and / or beige tailored on waist or with a belt. The camel coat can be worn on casual item like joggers and a sweater, giving you a very cool look.
  8. Sheath (fitted) dresses with a black one for cold season and one for warm season. LBD will get you out of many occasions when you have no idea what to wear. The good thing about it is that you can also dress it up or down with jewelries, accessories, a biker jacket.
  9. Classic shoes and boots: stilettos, knee length boots, booties for trousers, ballet flats, slip ons or masculine shoes. Get the neutrals first: black, beige, and shiny (gold or silver) and then the bold ones. It may come as a surprise, but shiny shoes are almost becoming classics.
  10. Pearls anywhere and anytime: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and long, Chanel like chains, big or small. Pearls are also a great way to upgrade jeans outfits.
  11. Scarves and shawls

If you need inspiration to upgrade your Classic Style and make it modern you can also include in your wardrobe:

1. Statement jewelry: big necklaces, long or voluminous earrings, eye catching rings

2. Bold colours or prints on classic shapes (as Victoria Beckham does it so well) like red, orange, fuchsia or bold floral prints for tops, skirts, blazers or shoes. Just one of these pieces will dramatically change your outfit to a vivid, modern one. Combine it with your classic pieces and stand out from the crowd.

3. Consider a black biker jacket as a wardrobe essential. It became a timeless piece lately and it can be worn with dresses and skirts making them look modern and edgy.

4. Oversized sunglasses

Have a look at the following outfits to get a feeling of what classic style means. 

Look at these 15 outfits. Pay attention that there are 3 classic outfits proposed for each body shape. Though some outfits may be suitable for more body shapes, the selected ones respect all the rules of choosing only flattering clothes for that specific shape. Therefore you have

  • 3 Classic style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Classic style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Classic style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Classic style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Classic style outfits for Diamond shape

Classic style

Celebrities with classic style

Classic style - Hourglass shape

A classic cut black dress with an emphasized waist, stiletto pumps, pearls and clutch. 

Classic style - Hourglass shape

White shirt, tailored blazer, stiletto pumps, tote, pearls. The boyfriend jeans gives it a Classic - Casual look that is so cool and still appropriate for office.    

Classic style - Hourglass shape

Pencil skirt, silk top with a bow, classic cardigan, stiletto, tote, classic masculine watch, stud pearl earrings. This is a typical Classic style look. 

Classic style - Pear shape

An A-line skirt suitable for pear shape, beautiful silk shirt with bow, stiletto pumps, big watch, pearls, stud earrings, briefcase bag. 

Classic style - Pear shape

Boot cut jeans to make hip area appear smaller, ballet flats, white cashmere sweater, satchel bag, big watch, stud earrings.  Also a Classic-Casual outfit. 

Classic style - Pear shape

A red dress with a cut suitable for pear shape (flare from waist to disguise wide hips), peep toe pumps, clutch, gold earrings. A night out in a classic - lady like outfit. 

Classic style - Rectangle shape

Pencil skirt, tie neck white blouse, stiletto pumps, black tote, wide black belt to create waist for a rectangle shape, camel coat. A classic - lady like outfit for work. 

Classic style - Rectangle shape

High waist pleated trousers to add volume to hip area, classic T-shirt, tailored blazer, tote and ankle boots. Wear colours to make classic style modern and colourful! 

Classic style - Rectangle shape

A b / w dress with a great cut for rectangle creating wider shoulders from the boat neck and volume to lower part with the flare), tailored blazer, black stiletto pumps, red clutch. 

Classic style - Diamond shape

Black trousers suit, with straight cut trousers and single breasted blazer, empire waist top to disguise tummy, ankle boots, big watch, tote. A classic work outfit

Classic style - Diamond shape

Bias cut black dress, red clutch, black heeled sandals, and discreet jewelry. 

Classic style - Diamond shape

A flare black top to hide tummy area, single breasted blazer, stiletto pumps, skinny jeans, tote. A great work Friday outfit for a diamond shape. 

Classic style - Inverted triangle shape

Bias cut black dress, red clutch, black heeled sandals, and discreet jewelry. 

Classic style - Inverted triangle shape

Structured wrap dress, long necklace, tailored black blazer to diminish shoulders, neutral colours, stiletto pumps, tote.

Classic style - Inverted triangle shape

Slim fit trousers in a light colour , wrap top to diminish upper body, loafers, tote. A great Friday look. 

Do not forget to take into consideration your body shape when choosing your classic clothes. If you are a pear shape, then your classic skirt might be an A-line skirt or a flare one in a neutral hue rather than a pencil skirt. 

If you want to get inspirations on how to dress in a classic style you can follow some famous celebrities that are / were so appreciated for their dressing style and became style icons. Just consider what was already mentioned in “What is your style?” chapter that nobody has just one style but a combination of at least two styles. Think Jackie Kennedy (Classic – Lady Like), Coco Channel (Classic – Casual). Remember, it was Coco Chanel who put women in sailor T-shirts and classic trousers, who invented the immortal deux –pieces suit or the Channel like blazer that is nowadays worn on almost everything, from jeans to leather trousers. You can also get inspired from the contemporary icons like Michelle Obama (Classic – Lady – Casual), Angelina Jolie (Classic – Casual), Katie Holmes (Classic – Casual) or Victoria Beckham (Classic – Glamorous - Casual).

Casual style

Casual style is comfortable, friendly, with low maintenance clothes. The casual style woman prefers loose fitted clothes in cotton and linen fabric. Layering is part of her style. After all casual does not mean out of fashion and layers give an “I did not try at all” look that actually looks very cool. Make up is natural for the casual style women.

If you have a Casual style personality, then your wardrobe will include:

  • Tops: loose fitted and oversized T-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters, cardigans
  • Bottoms: Jeans, boyfriend. skinny or straight, Khaki trousers and Sweat trousers
  • Dresses: loose, comfortable dresses with or without emphasized waist
  • Outerwear: parka. jeans jacket, Safari jacket, long cardigan, trench coat
  • Shoes: mostly flats like sneakers, slip ons, flat sandals, Oxford shoes, platforms, ballet flats, flat long or ankle boots
  • Bags: unstructured bags, backpacks, long strap bags

Casual style is not very appropriate for work. Therefore, to make it more office suitable you can upgrade it with:

  • Classic dress shirts in white or any color that suit your complexion: light blue, pale pink
  • Silky blouses
  • Tailored blazers
  • Kitten heel pumps if you really need to go formal
  • Structured bag like tote
  • Add colors to your outfit to make it vivid and interesting

Have a look at the proposed outfits for casual style. There are 3 outfits for each body shape:

3 Casual style outfits for Hourglass shape

3 Casual style outfits for Pear shape

3 Casual style outfits for Rectangle shape

3 Casual style outfits for Inverted triangle shape

3 Casual style outfits for Diamond shape

Celebrities with Casual style

There are several celebrities that prefer casual style most of the time: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, and Meg Ryan. Just remember, having a casual style as a dominant style is does not mean that you wear sneakers at Oscars.

Casual style - Hourglass shape

Boyfriend jeans, banker dress shirt, tailored red, blazer, mules with low block heel, long strap bag. This is a dressed up casual look making it a cool Casual - Classic look, suitable for office. 

Casual style - Hourglass shape

Denim shirt dress and flats is a great casual outfit for park or weekend. An in vogue bucket bag complete this great, comfortable look. 

Casual style - Hourglass shape

Boyfriend jeans, white shirt, slip ons parka and long strap bag. This can be a great Casual Friday outfit for less formal work environments. 

Casual style - Pear shape

Boot cut jeans to flatter the pear shape, a message T-shirt, unstructured bag, long, warm cardigan that cover bottom and Converse sneakers. A great look for strolls or a casual weekend with friends.

Casual style - Pear shape

A loose dress with emphasized waist which is great for a pear. Platforms and casual bag makes this look perfect for a weekend summer getaway.

Casual style - Pear shape

Flare jeans to minimize hip area, striped T-shirt to balance body shape, a tailored blazer and a tote make a great casual outfit. Flare trousers ask for platforms or block heels. 

Casual style - Rectangle shape

Skinny distressed jeans which make a boyish figure look curvier, message T-shirt, a belt to create waist, Converse sneakers, backpack and a great trench coat completed with a scarf are a great casual outfit for a rectangle shape. 

Casual style - Rectangle shape

Skinny jeans, grey T-shirt, black tailored blazer, black tote, black flat loafers and red thick belt - flattering shapes for rectangle and fab color combination.

Casual style - Rectangle shape

Checked A-line skirt, turtle neck T-shirt, oversized wool coat, black tote and beret is a great swap for jeans in a stylish and modern casual style.

Casual style - Diamond shape

High waist skinny jeans to flatten tummy, black, A-line tank top to disguise tummy and a Camel poncho with slip on sneakers and long strap bag is a comfortable and flattering look for a diamond. 

Casual style - diamond shape

Strappy swing dress, ballet flats, long strap bag and jeans jacket - a typical casual outfit great for a diamond shape. 

Casual style - Diamond shape

Empire waist dress, straw beach bag and wedges make a great beach look for a diamond shape, masking tummy and creating subtle curves.

Casual style - Inverted triangle 

Distressed girlfriend jeans, one shoulder top that diminishes upper body, Converse sneakers, tan suede biker jacket and crossbody bag

Casual style -Inverted triangle 

High waist wide leg trousers that add volume to hip area, button down shirt in a dark hue, shoulder bag and platform sandals. 

Casual style - Inverted triangle 

Horizontal A-line skirt, deep V-neck Tee, red crossbody messenger bag, ballet flats and checked trench coat.

Beside most mass market stores like H&M, C&A, Zara, Berska, you can find casual clothes at Gap, Old Navy, Esprit, Lacoste, J Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Lucky Brand, Fossil Swell, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren. 

Lady like style

The lady style is the most feminine, romantic and sophisticated. A woman with a Lady style would include in her wardrobe clothes like pleats, lace, ruffles, soft colours and neutrals that would make her look delicate and charming.

With pleats, lace, ruffles, soft colors and neutrals as hits of the season you can easily add a bit of lady like grace and elegance to your work or casual looks. Lady like style was made famous by charming duchesses like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton but also by fashion style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy or Carolina Herrera.

You may not want to go all the way on the graceful path of lady like style. Yet, a touch of elegance and charm can actually help you more than you’d think in business and life in general. There is nothing more discreetly attractive than a competent woman that subtly embraces her feminine side in her outfit and behavior. You may actually achieve more in negotiation with a combination of grace and solid knowledge and competence than with a masculine approach that seems to have become the norm in business for women. Let’s remain women and be competent and take advantage of our delicate nature.

10 ways to add a lady like touch to your work or leisure looks:

  1. wear pleats (skirts or dresses). Pleats are in vogue for a couple of years and continue to be in the spring summer season 2017 as well
  2. a pussy bow or a ribbon can make your entire outfit look graceful. You can choose a top or skirt with a bow but also other unexpected item like belts, scarves or a wrap dress knotted with a beautiful pussy bow. Even ballet flats can be embellished with a ribbon. A bow top under a perfectly tailored masculine suit is a very modern and balanced combo.
  3. try neutral colors like beige, grey but also pastels like pink in all shades or lilac. An all pink look was on several catwalks for this spring season.
  4. have your clothes tailored so that they beautifully envelop your body without being too tight. Leave place for imagination, yet subtly emphasize your waist and frame.
  5. choose floral prints for skirts, tops, blouses or dresses. Take a look at Carolina Herrera and her timeless classy, elegant and feminine style
  6. ruffles and frills are also here to stay. You may sweeten the masculine cut of a trousers suit with a ruffled top. Balancing feminine and masculine in a look is an art that you may learn to use to your advantage.
  7. wear a cinched coat to give shape to your body
  8. ballet flats, pumps and peep toe shoes can harmonize your look.
  9. use discreet jewelry like little pendants, earrings
  10. pearls upgrade any outfit giving it the class that Coco Chanel taught us almost a century ago.

Have a look at the proposed outfits for lady like style. There are 3 outfits for each body shape:

3 Lady like style outfits for Hourglass shape

3 Lady like style outfits for Pear shape

3 Lady like style outfits for Rectangle shape

3 Lady like style outfits for Inverted triangle shape

3 Lady like style outfits for Diamond shape

Celebrities with Lady like style

Lady like style was made famous by charming duchesses like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton but also by fashion style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy or Carolina Herrera.

Lady like style - Hourglass shape

Pleated silk skirt, tucked in silk scarf neck blouse, both in dusty pink, nude ankle wrap pump and a grey / beige coat for colder season makes a very feminine outfit.

Lady like style - Hourglass shape

The pussy-bow ruffled silk-twill blouse makes this classic outfit feminine and chic. Neutral colours and the little tote bag finish the look. 

Lady like style - Hourglass shape

Pussy-bow blouse and floral pencil skirt with neutral colour accessories are great for feminine office look. 

Lady like style - Pear shape

Flower print dress, with kitten heel pumps and mini tote in nude colors. 

Lady like style - Pear shape

Jersey belted skater skirt, bow tie shirt, nude pumps to elongate legs, small grey bag, discreet jewelry, French beret hat - a real lady dressed for her body shape.

Lady like style - Pear shape

A-line dress with bow deco, ballet flats, classic immortal bag all in pastel colours.

Lady like style - Rectangle shape

Tulle full midi skirt that adds volume to hip area, thick belt, embroidered pumps, mini tote, pearls - a great way to create an hourglass shape for a rectangle in a lady like outfit.

Lady like style - Rectangle shape

Tweed pencil skirt, nude, two tone cap sleeve blouse, suede knee boots, a "grande dame" bag - a classic lady outfit. 

Lady like style - Rectangle shape

Tailored jersey dress, nude satchel bag, and beautiful ankle wrap pump.

Lady like style - Inverted triangle

Tulle ballerina midi skirt, pussy bow blouse, off white tote, grey pumps. Beautiful neutrals, feminine shapes.

Lady like style - Inverted triangle

Floral full skirt, satin tailored blazer with deep V-neck to diminish shoulders, flat clutch and pointed toe bootie. Add a camisole to make it work appropriate. 

Lady like style - Inverted triangle

One shoulder dress with ruffle that also tricks the eyes, making shoulders smaller, with a charming ruffle and accessories all in light peach. 

Lady like style - Diamond shape

Floral print bow blouse worn over trousers to hide middle area, high waist straight trousers that flatten tummy, small tote and suede stilettos. 

Lady like style - Diamond shape

Cocktail dress with chiffon wrap to hide mid-section, fab and feminine accessories.

Lady like style - Diamond shape

Lace pencil skirt, A-line top, embellished pumps and clutch.

Most mass market brands would carry many of these feminine clothes if they are in fashion. And this year they definitely are. So, go and have a look at pleats, bow tops or lace dresses proposed by H&M, Topshop and Zara. Consider the silk tops from Masimo Dutti, Mango or Max&Co. And if you spoil yourself once in a while with luxury brands, look at Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg and Ellie Saab.

 No matter what your style is, never underestimate the power of feminine, elegant, well-tailored clothes. They might bring you more than you think in the image you convey. Being graceful and classy does not mean weak and fable. It means confidence. 

Edgy style

The edgy style is rather new. The edgy woman wears a lot of leather and black color, but also strong contrasts: red / black, yellow / black, black / white. Edgy is an interesting style, especially when combined with other styles: classic – edgy, glamorous – edgy, casual – edgy.

A biker jacket, added to a classic outfit makes it modern, cool and unexpected. Biker jackets became a classic of a wardrobe. Add a biker jacket to a pencil skirt, instead of a tailored blazer and you have a cool, modern and younger look. Add it to a feminine dress or a pleated skirt and there you go: original and voguish. Gothic style is a category of edgy style. It is a more theatrical one, with intense smoky eyes, a lot of back, almost scary black.

Accessories are also important for edgy woman. Look at the pictures of edgy style and try to notice every detail. After all, images talk more than 100 words.

Edgy style has many rock or army elements in it. Here are some items to build an edgy style:

  • Black skinny jeans
  • Studded boots, bags, army boots
  • Cropped leather jacket – a great buy that seems to never go out of style.
  • Any other items made of leather: skirts, dresses, coats

You will find bellow edgy style outfits for each body shape: 

  • 3 Edgy style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Edgy style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Edgy style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Edgy style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Edgy style outfits for Diamond shape

There are a few personalities that favor this style: Just remember, nobody has just one style. Here are a few of them: Gewn Stefani (Edgy – Fashion Forward – Casual), Madonna (Edgy – Casual - Eccentric), Katy Perry (Edgy – Eccentric – Glamorous), Lady Gaga (Edgy – Eccentric – Glamorous), Khloe Kardashian (Edgy – Casual – Glamorous)

Edgy style

Black, leather, contrasts, edgy shoes - all these define edgy style. 

Edgy style - Hourglass shape

Leather pencil skirt, black see-through lace top, tailored black blazer, patent leather sandals, black flap bag with chain - a great edgy feminine outfit.

Edgy style - Hourglass shape

Red skinny jeans with red peep toe ankle boots, gothic satchel, black briefcase and fitted leather black blazer. A flattering outfit for an edgy hourglass. 

Edgy style - Hourglass shape

A casual - edgy look with tailored black trousers, message T-shirt, platform black loafers and suede shoulder bag with chain. The red tailored leather jacket is really cool and voguish. 

Edgy style - Pear shape

Black leather A-line skirt, a deep V-neck top worn inside to show off a tiny waist, red suede blazer, high heel black stiletto boots and embellished leather shoulder bag.

Edgy style - Pear shape

An edgy - casual look with sexy short red leather skirt, funny and courageous message T-shirt, black booties with high heel, timeless shopper tote bag - sexy and flattering for a curvy pear.

Edgy style - Pear shape

Bootcut black jeans to diminish hip area, b /w message T-shirt, tailored red leather jacket and black sneakers - an edgy - casual look great for a leisure day. 

Edgy style - Rectangle shape

Bustier strapless dress to create a beautifully shaped body to a rectangle, red tailored blazer, black pumps - a great edgy party outfit. 

Edgy style - Rectangle shape

Stunning edgy outfit: a wrap knot skirt, black tailored blazer in leather, turtleneck sweater, red leather sneakers and black flap bag. This is great for office in an autumn day.

Edgy style - Rectangle shape

Black leather skinny trousers to create curves to a rectangle, V-neck basic T-shirt, tired long strand necklace, black accessories: sunglasses, crossbody bag, hat and sneakers.

Edgy style - Diamond shape

A yellow bias cut asymmetrical dress with black ribbon under bust line, the diagonal hemline emphasizes the high heels shoes, zipper black clutch and cropped leather jacket that stops above the waist to further create curves.

Edgy style - Diamond shape

Black round neck loose knit sweater that stops beneath the hip bone and hides tummy, big gold necklace to draw the eye to the face, thorn black skinny jeans, edgy heeled peep toe boots for height that flatter toned legs, cross body bag.

Edgy style - Diamond shape

A high-low empire waist dress that disguise tummy area, with an asymmetrical hemline to draw attention to the unconventional army ankle boots, a suede shoulder bag that can be used as a clutch too and works with the boots.

Edgy style - Inverted triangle

Red leather wrap skirt to add volume in the lower part, one shoulder black tank top to minimize the broad upper part, a cropped denim jacket, black suede platform ankle strap, black and silver tweed mini cross body bag.

Edgy style - Inverted triangle

Black Goth rock hem torn skirt with a lot of volume, see through black chiffon wrap blouse, a camisole if needed underneath, black biker jacket, peep toe bootie, black silver shoulder bag.

Edgy style - Inverted triangle

Brocade mini dress that creates curves at the hip area, topped with a cropped much shaped black biker faux leather jacket, black high heel booties, rectangle clutch bag.

You find edgy pieces like leather biker jackets, skirts and trousers at most mass market brands: Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Berska, even H&M (though very little real leather) but also luxury brands like Ann Demeulemeester, Karl Lagerfeld ( Casual – Edgy), Acne Studio (Edgy - Fashion Forward), Alexander McQueen (Fashion Forward – Edgy – Bohemian), Alexander Wang (Edgy – Fashion Forward), Ballenciaga (Casual – Edgy – Fashion  Forward), Isabel Marant (Edgy – Fashion Forward).

Fashion Forward style

The Fashion Forward style is adopted by women who keep up with fashion trends. This is not an easy style either to put together or to afford on a small budget, as clothes in fashion are usually more expensive even in mass market stores. The fashion forward woman knows fashion. She knows her body, she knows what the latest trends are from each season and she knows how to insert these trends into her wardrobe and outfits.  

Fashion Forward trend is fun, optimistic, and courageous and needs a lot of confidence in yourself, the way you look and your sense of style. Fashion Forward doesn’t mean wearing all trends from the current season. It means though that you wear some of them, you buy the clothes when they have just arrived in the stores, sometimes queuing for a favorite item. Fashion Forward women are connected to fashion world: fashion shows, magazine, bloggers, but also TV stars, socialite people that appear here and there and are photographed in their clothes so that they are considered fashion icons or trend setters.

Think of Sienna Miller (actress) in her years of modern bohemian style when she was almost everywhere, inventing her signature style back then. So was Kate Moss (model with a Casual – Fashion Forward Style and she manages to be still actual). Now we have Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo (TV star after a reality show, a socialite and a trend setter after that) and the newly arrived Gigi Hadid (Casual – Fashion Forward style), Kendal Genner ( rich socialite and model with Casual – Fashion Forward style), Blake Lively (Actress with Casual – Fashion Forward style). There are also famous fashion bloggers that are adopting the Fashion Forward style. They actually have to, in order to establish themselves as trend setters. Anyway, getting into this exclusivist world is not easy. It is a full time job. Once you get there, this is how you make a small or a bigger part of your money. The competition is cruel and there are not open and welcoming doors there. But, if you wish to be part of that world, nothing is impossible. 

Look at the following pictures and see if Fashion Forward is your style.  Please notice that most items are very trendy. 

  • 3 Fashion Forward style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Fashion Forward style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Fashion Forward style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Fashion Forward style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Fashion Forward style outfits for Diamond shape

Fashion Forward style

Modern trousers cut with cropped bootcut trousers, sneakers and skirts, fur collar over a cashmere sweater, pleats and unexpected stripes. 

Fashion Forward style - Hourglass shape

Velvet pajama style trousers suit, modern lace up suede ankle boots, sheer blouse, messenger bag. Though the large trousers are not the best for hourglass, the belted blazer, balances the shape. 

Fashion Forward style - Hourglass shape

Stripe full skirt with unusual color combination, cashmere roll neck sweater, fur pink scarf, neon shoulder bag, rainbow color pumps.

Fashion Forward style - Hourglass shape

Graphic print satin dress, bucket bag, neon pumps, green belt - bold color combination

Fashion Forward style - Pear shape

Cropped frayed bootcut jeans, leopard print shearling coat over a neutral blouse, black ankle boots, black bag.

Fashion Forward style - Pear shape

Flare leg leather trousers, faux fur jacket with waist definition, both flattering for pear shape, modern glittering slip-ons, and a big black tote. Red gloves and a 20's hat for original look.

Fashion Forward style - Pear shape

A trendy slip dress with peep toe booties and an original fur clutch. The suede black jacket adds courage to the outfit and creates an unexpected combination with the lingerie dress.

Fashion Forward style - Rectangle shape

A pleated golden skirt that adds volume to the lower part V-neck loose white T-shirt tucked in to emphasize waist, modern bomber jacket, worn open to keep cool, modern sneakers to match the bomber jacket, a fancy tote.

Fashion Forward style - Rectangle shape

Multicolor cap sleeves dress with pencil skirt that beautifully shapes body, red pumps, multicolored trendy small padlock bag.

Fashion Forward style - Rectangle shape

A shift dress with unusual pattern, a large belt to create curves to a rectangle, a bomber jacket for a relaxed look, 3 colors stilettos, to go with the dress pattern and an original shoulder bag.

Fashion Forward style - Diamond shape

Knotted shoulder lingerie dress that flows away from the body with a shaped hot pink biker jacket, floppy grey hat for a retro yet modern look, galaxy rose sneakers, cross body heart shaped bag.

Fashion Forward style - Diamond shape

Loose rainbow stripe crepe dress with an empire like seaming, hot orange, leather blazer in a green  / moss shade, satin bow side heel pumps, retro-vintage bag.

Fashion Forward style - Diamond shape

 Suede orange shorts, blue cut out wrap front top, burgundy velvet blazer, and blue large trunk satchel bag.

Fashion Forward style - Inverted triangle shape

Rainbow pleated skirt, a beautiful burgundy wrap around cardigan that defines waist and has a feminine V-neck, unusual green suede accessories: platform pumps and retro bag.

Fashion Forward style - Inverted triangle shape

Green suede mini dress with pockets on the sides and laced up V-neck that elongates torso, creates curves around bottom and hips and is very trendy. Orange mules and orange-red-pink clutch.

Fashion Forward style - Inverted triangle shape

Soft nappa black wrap top, vintage boho print wide leg traousers,, vintage - retro casual crossbody gold bag, nude T-strap sandal.

As an ordinary person, having a Fashion Forward style is not easy. You need both time and money to keep up with the trends and stay fit. Anyway, if you are perseverant enough, you can keep up with trends by reading fashion magazines and websites like Vogue, Who, What Wear, Style Bistro, Harper’s Bazaar. You also need to take the time to go through fashion shops at the beginning of each season and invest in several trendy clothes. The good news is that you can find trendy clothes everywhere, even in mass market shops. It is said that Inditex (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Berska, and Oysho) needs only 3 weeks from seeing a trendy item till getting it on the shelves.

You can find this kind of clothes at many designers. Most of them would have at least one or two trendy pieces in their collections. There are very few designers that are designing clothes from only one style. Therefore you can find them at Alessandra Rich (Bohemian – Fashion Forward), Alexander Mcqueen (Fashion Forward – Edgy – Bohemian), Alice + Olivia (Bohemian – Fashion Forward), Ballenciaga (Casual – Edgy – Fashion  Forward), Burbery Prorsum, Chloe (Casual – Bohemain - Fashion Forward), Dolce & Gabbana (Fashion Forward – Eccentric – Bohemian), Isabel Marant (Edgy – Fashion Forward), Kenzo (Casual – Fashion Forward). Their collections may vary anyway depending on trends. If bohemian falls out of fashion then it disappears from collections for a while and it appears again when its time comes back.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is one of the most versatile ways of dressing.  It includes loose pieces of clothing, large or rectangular dresses or blouses, bell trousers and sleeves, ethnic prints from different countries with rural areas influences.  It also includes woven with prints like flowers or cultural motifs. It is probably one of the most comfortable styles along with Casual, but much more romantic, original and free spirited.

In the Bohemian style we find:

  • Gipsy skirts or dresses, with colored patterns, beads for head
  • Tunic or kaftans with Oriental or African influences
  • Any other country style influences from Balkans, Russia, India, China
  • Influences from the red skin Indians from North America with fringes, suede and specific embroidery
  • The Texan country style with cowboy boots, jeans jacket or trousers, blouses or skirts with lace
  • English country style
  • Influences from the ancient empires: Roman, Persian, Egyptian.
  • Shawls with ethnic prints

The bohemian style was very popular in the 60s and 70s during the hippy movement for free spirits and lack of materialism. It was also popular with artists like painters, writers or poets, especially in those times when they struggled with poverty.

With such a history behind, it is no surprise that Bohemian style is found almost every year in collections of fashion designers. It is also very popular in the street style. This style offers plenty possibilities of being unique and original, romantic and yet preserving something from our ancestors.

If you like this style and you have Bohemian pieces in your wardrobe, it is important to be careful how you mix them. A totally Bohemian outfit needs some knowledge of history of clothing to keep the style consistent. A tunic with cowboy boots is not the best choice, unless of course, you have such a sense of style that, no matter what you put together it works. For this to happen, you also need a certain attitude. Otherwise, it is better to be a little knowledgeable about different influences of the Bohemian style to dare an entire boho outfit.

The most widespread way to wear Bohemian these days is to mix it with more common styles. A Classic or Casual outfit, with one or two Bohemian pieces, keeps you updated with trends and integrated in the urban street style. A total boho look is more appropriate for seaside, music festivals and leisure. Anyway, a woman with style needs to master out of work outfits as well. 

The makeup is usually minimal in Bohemian style and hair has a romantic touch with braids, loose or wavy hair. 

Have a look at these proposed outfits. As usual, you'd find the combination of style and body shape that is essential in becoming a stylish woman: 

  • 3 Bohemian style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Bohemian style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Bohemian style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Bohemian style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Bohemian style outfits for Diamond shape


Celebs with Bohemian style

Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Kravitz embrace boho style, making it chic, comfy and even sexy.

Bohemian style - Hourglass shape

Embroidered top, bootcut jeans, tailored blazer, suede platform sandals, shoulder bag - a classic boho outfit that can be easily worn at work.

Bohemian style - Hourglass shape

Mid-length flower print boho skirt, ivory lace top, tote, platforms - again a casual boho look great for work.

Bohemian style - Hourglass shape

Embroidered boho dress, shoulder fuchsia bag, flower print Converse sneakers - great for after work hours.

Bohemian style - Pear shape

A boho style beautiful dress, flowy but emphasizing waist and showing shoulders for a flattering shape, precious yet, boho inspired sandals, boho inspired clutch, discreet earrings, wavy hair. 

Bohemian style - Pear shape

A bootcut pair of jeans so flattering for pear, with a large boho embroidered blouse, a fringed colored bag for a bit of color, comfortable fringed peep toe booties, an effortless chic boho necklace.

Bohemian style - Pear shape

White long sleeve boho dress with crochet lace, cowboy ankle boots, a boho bucket bag and a jeans jacket - a total Texan inspired look. 

Bohemian style - Rectangle shape

Bohemian owl print loose T-shirt, tucked in a colored boho print  skirt, jeans jacket, fringed boho leather brown bucket bag, and fringed booties.  A free spirited and art lover woman.

Bohemian style - Rectangle shape

Loose boyfriend jeans to move freely, with suede leather belt that create waist definition, tucked-in boho vintage sunflower peace T-shirt, boots that look chic when seen from boyfriend heans, cross body boho bag, wire hair bun band for outside work.

Bohemian style - Rectangle shape

A-line suede skirt that adds volume to lower part, a loose fitted tucked in white shirt with large belt to create waist definition, suede boots that work well with the skirt, a chic boho style jacket, green casual bag

Bohemian style - Diamond shape

Floral print skirt, trapeze top to cover tummy, denim jacket to give subtle shape, wedge sandals, olive boho handbag to match the colors of skirt, charm trio bracelet, romantic hair braids.

Bohemian style - Diamond shape

Boho style maxi dress, suede boho tote, red suede tie flats. Boho works great for a chic seaside outfit.

Bohemian style - Diamond shape

V neck contrast floral short dress with empire seaming, that hides tummy and elongates neck, and unveils toned legs, flat sandals, suede fringed bucket bag, hoop earrings with fringes.

Bohemian style -Inverted triangle

An outfit in the colors of Earth. Knit culottes to add volume, orange wrap blouse with V-neck and slimmer effect on waist, brown sandals, army green fringed bag.

Bohemian style -Inverted triangle

A dress with a classic form, yet a bohemian print. The A line and print in the lower part create curves and lead eyes to shaped legs, orange clutch, comfy yet legs revealing and elongating nude wedges. Long boho earrings to complete the outfit.

Bohemian style -Inverted triangle

A tapestry print boho flared dress, fitted in the upper part, which creates soft curves and slim waist, beige suede laced heels, beige, boho fringes bag.

As usual, you can find Bohemian pieces at mass market stores if they are trendy in that particular season. Mass market stores have a version of all trendy pieces from luxury or high end brands.  As for designers, these are just a few of those where boho clothes are part of their collections: Etro, Anna Sui, Adam Lippes (Casual – Bohemian), Adriana Degreas, Alessandra Rich (Bohemian – Fashion Forward), Alexander McQueen (Fashion Forward – Edgy – Bohemian), Alice + Olivia (Bohemian – Fashion Forward), Altuzara (Bohemian – Classic), Chloe (Casual – Bohemian - Fashion Forward), Giambattista Valli (Lady – Bohemian). Anyway, as in mass market case, even for renowned designers, boho style comes and goes from season to season.

Glamorous style

Glamorous is the style of sultry women. They are confident, they flaunt their sex appeal, they never go unnoticed and they are in the spotlight, be it a party or a bold work outfit.

This style needs a certain attitude. You dare to be sexy, provocative, to show legs, deep cleavage, and courageous slit or see through clothes. There is always some skin revealed. The glamorous woman motto is: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” as Marilyn Monroe one said it. They have the courage and boldness of Erin Brockovich but dressed not only sexy but also in luxurious clothes.

10 ways to add glam to your work, party or day to day outfits:

  1. Wear fitted clothes: pencil skirts or body hugging dresses. They can look great at work in a neutral hue like grey, black or navy. A fitted red dress is a statement of courage and confidence. At office, do not go too far with length or slit. Keep it around the knee and the slit very discreet.
  2. Show some skin: cleavage, beautifully toned legs, arms and shoulders.
  3. Go for bold colors to get noticed like red, orange, and green or for neutrals if you go to work.
  4. Add sparkle to your look with metallic clothes or shoes.
  5. Wear high heels, strappy sandals, stilettos. They are always sexy and they make you look taller and seductive.
  6. Even a “deux pieces” can be glam if it is fitted and in a bold color, with shorter skirt or fitted cigarette trousers and blazer.
  7. Wear big jewelry: long earrings, many rings on one hand (like Jennifer Lopez), big bracelets and cuffs, statement necklace.
  8. Wear make up every day. Never go out without make up. Use red lipstick or smoky eyes. Make yourself noticed through your make up too.
  9. Wear sexy gowns when you go to a party, an event or a cocktail.
  10.  Wear long cleavages or blazers with nothing underneath like Jennifer Lopez.

Have a look at the following glamorous looks. As always, we take into consideration both body shape and style. Therefore you'd find:

  • 3 Glamorous style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Glamorous style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Glamorous style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Glamorous style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Glamorous style outfits for Diamond shape

Never forget: some clothes work for all body shapes as you noticed in Body shape section. 

Celebrities with Glam style

There are many celebrities that adore this style, always looking for the central stage, for the center of attention. Check Jennifer Lopez looks, Eva Mendes, Megan Fox. Though they may also dress in other styles like casual or bohemian from time to time, they prefer glamorous style and sultriness.

Glamorous style - Hourglass shape

Black one button blazer with deep cleavage. Make it work appropriate with a camisole underneath. Complete the look with a short pencil skirt. Stiletto pumps and a black clutch and or tote (if you date to go to work like this) finish the outfit.

Glamorous style - Hourglass shape

Floral print pencil skirt, one shoulder off top, short black blazer, stiletto pumps, red satchel. Bold colors, sexy look in fitted clothes.

Glamorous style - Hourglass shape

Fitted red pencil dress with deep V-neck cleavage, red tote, black belted coat, stiletto shoes with cut outs.

Glamorous style - Pear shape

Midi black pencil skirt, leopard print frill sleeve blouse to balance figure, tucked in and cinched with a red belt to draw the eyes to a tiny waist, glamorous short fur jacket High heeled black boots to elongate lower part (big hat, big sun glasses, red tote bag for drama and luxury.

Glamorous style - Pear shape

A courageous one shoulder, body hugging dress, (a J Lo style) accessorized with silver and gold rings on many fingers, set of bracelets and sexy nude Jimmy Choo pumps. Simply sexy and divine.

Glamorous style - Pear shape

Golden open back silk dress, short fur jacket, golden clutch and sandals - a great sexy party look.

Glamorous style - Rectangle shape

A short black skirt with layers for curves and great legs, leopard print pumps, impossible to go unnoticed, a white shirt with waist definition and some material cowls to add volume, red clutch.

Image: Polyvore

Glamorous style - Rectangle shape

Slim fit tailored trousers, true green fitted blouse, black coat, long earrings, ankle strap stiletto pumps, black shoulder bag - bold colors, fitted clothes.

Glamorous style - Rectangle shape

Velvet fitted red dress, fur jacket, crystal embellished clutch, bordeaux pumps. Replace clutch with a tote and you have a sexy office look.

Glamorous style - Diamond shape

Slip on dress with spaghetti straps that shows toned arms and hides belly, black clutch and strappy sandals. For Selena Gomez this is a usual day outfit.

Glamorous style - Diamond shape

One shoulder layered dress that disguise tummy area and draws eyes to the face, peep toe sexy black pumps, shoulder bag - a day dress great for work for a glam woman. 

Glamorous style - Diamond shape

A draped silky dress to disguise tummy, in a  bold color, high heeled strappy satin sandals, black clutch, black diamond earrings and black onyx stone ring.

Glamorous style - Inverted triangle

One shoulder black dress to minimize upper part and with a bodycon form to create curves, sexy yellow strappy sandals, small yellow shoulder bag that can be worn as a clutch as well. Colors are back!!

Glamorous style - Inverted triangle

Deep plunge lose fit dress, clutch bag, nude pumps.

Glamorous style - Inverted triangle

Sparkle bodycon dress, shimmer gold clutch, strappy crystal sandals.

You can find glam pieces at any mass market brand. As we already mention, all mass market brands copy the clothes displayed on catwalks by expensive brands.

A bit of glam does not hurt anyone. Dare to show yourself to the public sometimes, discreet or bold, depending on your personality, profession, circle of friend or the unspoken dress code of the occasion you go to. You may choose to be conservative at a meeting with your mother-in-law but bold at a business meeting where you want to play hard in negotiations with a red fitted dress and sexy on a night out at a party. 

Eccentric style

Eccentric style is seen at stars, especially music stars. Rihana, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj wear courageous outfits with unusual shapes and bold colors. Not a style suitable for work environments, but worth knowing for the creative person that you might be. If you are passionate about expressing your arty creative personality, you may start small as Glam Radar suggests in Eleonora Carisi: Eccentric Fashion Style article.

“From the runways to the streets, fashion is embracing extreme expressions of personal style such as dynamic and eccentric looks, fun and quirky statement, and even the vibe of the modern metropolis-jungle in fashion. “Eccentric” literally means unconventional and different from what accepted normal. You may start the eccentric style by incorporating eye-popping colors, outlandish prints, eccentric fabrics and such to add some fun twist to your look. You may start small by opting for eccentric accessories like hats, bags, shoes, and scarves to add some interest to your style. One of the simplest ways to nail the eccentric fashion is to opt for unconventional styles and cuts of clothing. Think of dresses spliced in an unusual design, a skirt with symmetrical holes, a sweater with tiers and unusual print, and a dress in a funky cut out pattern that can easily make a quirky statement as the style looks intentional and creative”

Eccentric people dress in clothes and outfits that people talk about. They may look crazy to ordinary people, that may be kitschy, quirky but they are never ignored. If you have the gene of eccentricity inside you, try taking small steps acceptable in your environment. Anyway, be aware that you become a risk taker the moment you opt for eccentric styles. People may like or dislike, may consider you lacking taste or being very fashionable, no matter what be prepared to be discussed, approved or disapproved, appreciated or scorned.

As usual you'd find bellow 15 outfits, 3 for each body shape. Just be aware that an eccentric would not care much about best shape for her body but for the shape that shocks mostly. Therefore, take a sneak at the following outfits: 

  • 3 Eccentric style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Eccentric style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Eccentric style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Eccentric style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Eccentric style outfits for Diamond shape

Celebrities with Eccentric style

Think Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj - they all have shocking outfits in their appearances on the stage, at events or on the street.

Eccentric style - Hourglass shlape

Pop art mini leather dress, multicolored platform sandals, heart shaped bad.

Eccentric style - Hourglass shlape

True green mid length plated skirt, check shirt jacket, embroidered mini box bag, striped and colored slip on sneakers.

Eccentric style - Hourglass shlape

Fuchsia wrap top, sequin striped midi pencil skirt, electric blue lace up sandals, yellow shoulder bag.

Eccentric style - Pear shape

A strapless trapeze dress with waist definition to hide any large thighs but to emphasize a beautiful face, up to date orange mules, funky clutch. Jewelry, make-up and hair keep up with the outfit.

Eccentric style - Pear shape

Patch work mini dress with pop colors and different prints, monogram embellished leather clutch, butterfly embellished sandals.

Eccentric style - Pear shape

Short gold A-line skirt to flatter a pear, a cowl neck glittery top to add volume to the upper part and draw eyes up to the face. Fancy golden booties, golden bomber jacket and original D&G clutch. Flashy makeup

Eccentric style - Rectangle shape

A Floral lace and gold foil embellished dress. Body hugging with much defined shoulders and waist to shape a rectangle plus the mermaid lower form that further defines curves. Evening sandals with gold leather and cut Crystal Panel

Eccentric style - Rectangle shape

A bustier dress with tulip format skirt to create curves, contrasting yellow shoes and clutch, a colored wig, intense make up, funky sunglasses

Eccentric style - Rectangle shape

Mini purple tulip skirt that adds volume to lower part, leather sleeveless top, black platform pumps,  snake skin clutch with an unusual lips form, a cropped black leather jacket. 

Eccentric style - Diamond shape

See through lace T shirt, with a D&G beaded bra underneath, laser cut lather pencil skirt. Top is worn outside skirt to cover tummy, a tote with a floral print, coral suede platform sandal, coral lips and nails.

Eccentric style - Diamond shape

Color block poplin dress with peplum that shapes body and covers problems areas, rainbow strap sandals to go with the dress, heart shape red-coral tote. Unforgettable look.

Eccentric style - Diamond shape

Pleated metallic leather skirt, green, V-neck sleeve blouse that ties under bust creating soft shape, flat gold sandals, bird embroidered shoulder bag, gold supra round glasses.

Eccentric style - Inverted triangle

Sequin silver top with normal straps that flatters everybody but with deep U to minimize one's broad shoulders, metallic god lame shorts and metallic gold leather peep toe booties that draws attention to great legs, gold and silver jersey jacket to be tied around waist if warm or worn if chillier.

Eccentric style - Inverted triangle

Orange mini leather skirt with crunches for lower part volume, a crisscross accordion top with unusual print, print unisex bomber jacket, black superstar sneakers, small cross body bag, vintage black hat, retro dual metal round mirrored sunglasses. A kinky youthful outfit for daytime.

Eccentric style - Inverted triangle

One shoulder dress with unusual print that minimizes shoulders and adds volume in the lower part, b/w written sneakers, peplum biker jacket if one gets cold that also creates beautiful slim waist, coral red leather pyramid clutch.

Retro style

Retro fashion is a clothing style which consists in wearing clothes commonly used in the past. This way of clothing often includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of such times, and many people use them in an exaggerated way and in combination with current clothing. The retro woman mixes vintage clothes with modern ones to create a unique style.

A short history of fashion may help you in understanding retro and vintage clothes and how to wear them. This is especially necessary nowadays when designers seem to take previous style ideas and reinvent them in a modern way.

  • 20’s fashion: Women got out of long dresses. The first dresses in which women felt free to move were with dropped waist and mostly shapeless. The hemlines were raised up to mid-calf or below the knee. Coco Chanel was the one to invent this boyish figure. The straight-line chemise topped by the close-fitting cloche hat became the uniform of the day.
  • 30’s fashion:  This decade was influenced by great depression. For women, skirts became longer and the waist-line was returned up to its normal position in an attempt to bring back the traditional "womanly" look. Trousers suit appeared (think Katharine Hepburn), hemlines dropped a bit from below the knee to mid-calf length or even longer (but still not up to the ground), knitted deux-pieces, tailored blazers with emphasized waist. The shirt dress emerged in the 30’s.
  • 40’s fashion: Much of the decade’s fashion was based on what many call civilian uniforms or utility dresses and suits. They had a military look, influenced by the war.
  • 50’s fashion: resurgence of haute couture by the soft femininity of Christian Dior's "New Look" silhouette, with its sweeping longer skirts, fitted waist, and rounded shoulders. The curved jacket peplum shaped over a high, rounded, curved shoulders, and full skirt of Dior's clothes relied on an inner construction of new interlining materials to shape the silhouette.
  • 60’ fashion:  The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. In the middle of the decade, culottes, go-go boots, box-shaped PVC dresses and other PVC clothes were popular. Mary Quant popularized the mini skirt, and Jackie Kennedy introduced the tailored skirt and short blazer (above hip bones).  People were dressing in psychedelic prints, highlighter colors, and mismatched patterns. The hippie movement late in the decade also exerted a strong influence on ladies' clothing styles, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye, and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints.
  • 70’s fashion: The decade began with a continuation of the hippie look from the 1960s. Also 1970s trends for women included fitted blazers (coming in a multitude of fabrics along with wide lapels), long and short dresses, mini skirts, maxi evening gowns, hot pants (extremely brief, tight-fitting shorts) paired with skin-tight T-shirts. Clean-cut, all-American active wear for women became increasingly popular from 1975 onwards. The biggest phenomenon of this trend was the jumpsuit, popular from 1975 onwards.
  • 80’s fashion: The "power suit" emerged as a woman’s go-to outfit for the corporate world, complete with immensely padded shoulders and a straight jacket cut. The thought was that the wider the shoulders were, the smaller the waist looked. Apparel tended to be very bright and vivid in appearance. Women expressed an image of wealth and success through shiny costume jewelry, such as large faux-gold earrings, pearl necklaces, and clothing covered with sequins and diamonds. Punk fashion began as a reaction against both the hippie movement of the past decades and the materialist values of the current decade.
  • 1990s fashion was defined by a return to minimalist fashion, contrasted to the more elaborate and flashy trends of the 1980s. However, the popularity of grunge and alternative rock music helped bring the simple, unkempt grunge look into the mainstream. The anti-conformist approach to fashion led to the popularization of the casual chic look; this included T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and sneakers, a trend which continued into the 2000s (decade). Additionally, fashion trends throughout the decade recycled styles from previous decades, notably the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
  • 2000s fashion is often described as being a global mash up, where trends saw the fusion of previous styles. Although the 2000s did not have one particular style, they revived clothes primarily from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Have a look at the following 15 outfits: You'd find: 

  • 3 Retro style outfits for Hourglass shape
  • 3 Retro style outfits for Pear shape
  • 3 Retro style outfits for Rectangle shape
  • 3 Retro style outfits for Inverted Triangle shape
  • 3 Retro style outfits for Diamond shape

Retro style

Retro style pieces are reinvented by most designers season after season. From the 80's vivid color craze to the 60's tailored deux-pieces, you find it all.

Retro style - Hourglass shape

Chanel suit with pencil skirt and short jacket - a very 60's Jackie O style. Kitten heels (now so in vogue) were also invented back in the 80s to make it easier for women to enter the workforce. Great classic bag.

Retro style - Hourglass shape

A great 50's shape with a 60's collar, this dress is so feminine. Pumps and bag make this look modern and nostalgic at the same time.

Retro style - Hourglass shape

Full A-line skirt with romantic polka dots top. A 50's look with modern touches from the reinterpreted tote bag and the black stiletto pumps.

Retro style - Pear shape

A retro - vintage black dress with white lace stitched on, with a beautiful bustier to give shape a full skirt to add volume, classic black clutch, black, retro inspired Mary Janes, retro make up with black.

Retro style - Pear shape

Retro Hepburn style halter swing dress in strawberry print, small red Greta's satchel, red Mary Jane heels.

Retro style - Pear shape

Dior haute couture tulle boned black dress, black silk satin sandals, velvet clutch bag.. The outfit beautifully flatters a peat shape by making shoulders appear wider and hiding hips while accentuating a tiny waist.

Retro style - Rectangle shape

White/navy polka dot skirt, navy cowl neck top worn tucked skirt to create a slim waist, white ballet flats and a medium top zip tote with long belt for comfort.

Retro style - Rectangle shape

Military pencil skirt and military jacket with belt - a 40's inspired outfit, a cotton peplum top to create beautiful curves when jacket is off. The whole outfit creates a silhouette of an hourglass. A big and comfortable brown bag with chunky heels t-strap pumps.

Retro style - Rectangle shape

Orange peplum dress with thin belt to create beautiful hourglass body shape, peep toe satin layered pumps, nude clutch - a very 50's look

Retro style - Diamond shape

Inspired by 20's low waist dresses, this beautiful burgundy dress takes you to the Golden Age of Paris culture and dance. Black retro pump with block heel (try it today) and a mini satchel in the 50's style.

Retro style - Diamond shape

A flashy 80's inspired dress that hides tummy, yet dresses up beautifully and colorfully an apple woman. To keep the pop up colors, yellow pumps and clutch. Tie the knot under the bust line or low on the hip.

Retro style - Diamond shape

A vintage inspired low waist beautiful dress that covers the tummy area of an apple woman, yet gives her and old style elegance, modern nude suede sandals, nude box clutch.

Retro style - Inverted triangle

Mid-rise hot pink bermuda shorts, one shoulder blue blouse to minimize the broad upper part, a hot pink blazer, that creates a subtle waist, pink T-strap sandals, blue clutch.

Retro style - Inverted triangle

50's inspired dress, with fullness in the skirt part to add volume and create waist and with covered shoulders and small V-neck created by a wrap effect that minimizes shoulders. Ballet flats and a timeless blue Chanel.

Retro style - Inverted triangle

B/w retro 60s dress, short to show great legs of an inverted triangle, in A-line to create volume in the lower part and with large straps to cover shoulders. Playful dots ballet flat and a retro black bag.

Retro style is fun to play with, especially that designers take many trends from the past to reinvent them in a modern way. Get a feeling of retro and vintage style and add elegance to your outfit with the 50's Dior silhouette or the Chanel deux pieces or get flashy in the 80's style. No matter what just have fun and choose the right clothes for your body shape.

What style is the outfit in this image?

  • Classic style
  • Casual style
  • Lady like style

What style is the outfit in the picture?

  • Casual - lady like style
  • Glamorous
  • Classic - edgy

HOW TO WEAR. Get ideas on how to wear different items from your wardrobe. From skinny jeans at work to the classic white shirt, you'll find inspiration on to dress in the morning.

25 ways to wear a white shirt

Lacking inspiration in the morning? White shirt is always a dressy, work appropriate and versatile choice. White shirt is a classic of a work wardrobe. When you feel that you out of ideas of what to wear, when anything seems boring or there is nothing new or creative in the way you dress, just take a white shirt from your wardrobe. Then build your outfit around it.

There are plenty of options to wear a white shirt: from classic combination like jeans, white shirt and blazer to more sophisticated ones like white shirt, long skirt (remember Sharon Stone on the red carpet in 1998?)

White shirt was made famous by actresses in movies or on the red carpet in the last 50 years. From the sexy white shirt worn by Annette Bening in The American President to Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, they all gave white shirt a charm and a class that cannot be equaled easily.

You can wear a white shirt with:

  • suit trousers
  • jeans
  • casual trousers
  • skirts: pencil. full, pleated, casual, mini, maxi

Have a look at the following 25 ideas to wear a white shirt. Choose the one that fits your style and body shape. 

There are plenty possibilities to wear a white shirt at work or after hours or during leisure time. Choose the one that mostly appeals to you.

A tailored look dressed down by sneakers: tailored trousers, white (or light pink) shirt, sneakers, blazer, Converse sneakers, mini tote. 

Trousers suit, sneakers, unstructured bag, bold color belt.

Black trousers, jeans jacket, stiletto pumps, tote, pearls. 

Jeans, stiletto, tote, blazer, pearls

Skinny black jeans, long shirt, Chanel blazer, ankle boots tote.

Boyfriend jeans, suede jacket, bucket bag, sneakers

Distressed jeans, ruffled white shirt, loafers, tote, trench or camel coat

Skinny jeans, modern off white shirt (with bell bottoms), stiletto, trench coat

Oversized sweater, boyfriend jeans, ankle boots, casual bag. 

Casual black trousers, white shirt, long cardigan, ankle boots or flats, tote

Jogging trousers, white shirt, sneakers, camel coat (if cold), casual bag

Black pencil skirt, white shirt, pumps, leather jacket, tote

Flower print pencil skirt. tie neck white shirt, stiletto pumps, tote

Mini skirt, leopard print pumps, red tote

Jeans skirt, bold colors bag and shoes

Khaki skirt, block heel sandals, tote

Tulle full skirt, embellished pumps, tote, pearls.

Tulle skirt with pumps and tailored blazer for work and flats and leather jacket for evening. 

From work to shopping: full skirt with blazer and heels at the office and ballet flats with jeans jacket after hours.

Try it for daytime with an off shoulders model, platforms (which always look great with maxi skirt and a feminine bag. 

Try it for evening like Sharon Stone with a shiny long skirt, heels and clutch

25 ways to wear skinny jeans at work or cool and relaxed

Skinny jeans are one of the most popular and loved clothing item of the last decade. It was a hit ever since it was launched and continues to be as it is comfortable and easy to wear.

No matter how hard they try, designers seem helpless in their intent to make this clothing item outdated. They launched many other styles: straight jeans with high waist, flare trousers / jeans, cropped jeans. Nothing seems to move the skinnies from their pedestal. They are here to stay. They are everywhere: in the street style, at work, on a date, even at evening events if you dress them up properly. There is a never ending love story between women and skinny jeans.

Making them work appropriate is not simple. You can definitely wear them however you want but that does not make them suitable for office all the time. Being so body hugging, they seem a bit too sexy for an office and may cut from your authority. Therefore, it is better to find ways to dress them up and to have at least half of your “derriere” covered.

The best way to make skinny jeans more office friendly is to dress them up with a blazer. Then try all possible combinations underneath from T-shirt to white shirt or dressy top. The more tops you have and the more divers they are, the easier to make outfits. Don't forget: heels make them look sexier and give you height. They look well if you are under size M, preferably long legged. Have a look at the "Body Shape" section to make sure they are right for you. Also make certain you choose the most flattering clothes to make your entire outfit.

You can make winter outfits look and feel summerish by switching to light blazer made of linen and cotton and wearing light sweaters tied around your shoulders.

All images are built on Polyvore, a great place for styling tips and shoping. 

Celebs love skinnies

Try a classic look: white / navy jumper or T-shirt, navy blazer and sneakers. Add color with bag and shoes. 

With white shirt, cashmere sweater and blazer. Wear the sweater tied around shoulders in warm season. 

Try a long blazer and colors: blue, green work great together. 

With a feminine ruffled blouse, loafers and blazer

With a long masculine shirt, Chanel like blazer and a colorful tote. Choose heels to look taller

Add statement jewelry to an all-black outfit. 

Add a metallic touch to your outfit. It works for office and evening equally. 

With grey turtlu neck or T-shirt and grey blazer

A polished look with a crisp white shirt and black blazer. The strappy sandals are very fashionable.

With a bow blouse and blazer. 

With a bold color shirt and blazer.

With a long top and blazer. Wear it if you are tall. Or add a belt. 

With a isimple T-shirt amd pearls

With message T-shirt

With statement sleeves blouse

With vertical stripes and cardigan

With b / w stripes and trench coat. 

 Dress up the trench coat with a silk blouse

Try a long waist coat

The look of college and university girl. 

With oversized tops - use a scarf in summer instead of a shawl

Ripped, sherdded skinny jeans, message T-shirt, long coat or cardigan. ore

FASHION TRENDS. Stay uodated with the fashion trends and choose those that are right for your body, are in line with your style. Also get ideas on how to make them work for work.

Fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2018

Spring / summer 2017 season comes with bold and cheerful fashion trends in bright colors and daring cuts. The secret to make them work appropriate is to choose one or two fashionable items and keep the rest of the outfit minimalist or classic.

"Spring/Summer takes fashion back to the drawing board, re-defining a confident look with exaggerated lines, metallic effects, graphic prints on new-generation trenches and bright candy pink and sunshine yellow. With color and light as watchwords for the season, see the trends to look out for in 2017." (Vogue France)

Spring / summer trends 2018

Get into the spring / summer fashion mood with bright colors like pink and yellow, with metallic looks and romantic flower dresses or skirts. There is something for everybody. 

Shades of pink

Pink is one of the colors of the warm season in 2017. Choose any shade that looks good on you, from bright fuchsia to dusted, delicate pink. A dress, a skirt or a top in pink color updates your office look and make it bright and modern. Fuchsia works great with navy or blue but also with neighboring colors like burgundy or purple.

Flowers are again in vogue

Flowers seem to never go out of fashion in warm season. Tame them down for office with neutral shades or go head to toe in flowers if you are daring in your style and work in a fashion friendly environment.

Stripes are also a big hit

From bold stripes in vivid colors to black/white stripes or navy / white sailor shirt anything works as long as it is striped. Again make stripes wearable at the office by pairing them with neutrals. The “all stripes outfit” is very fashionable, but not so friendly for an office look.

Banker stripes

Inspired by Wall Street, the banker stripe shirt woks great for casual of very formal outfits. Combine it with flowers if you are courageous but keep the same hue of the blue to make it work. 

Metallic clothes

Metallic clothes are in fashion for quite a while. Tame them down for office with a black look. They look trendy, modern, cool and glam. Simply irresistible.

The khaki fabric and color

You can choose the khaki color or go for similar working colors like beige, light brown, dusty yellow. Just keep the shapes feminine. The khaki trend is not here to send you to the war but to reinterpret a very popular and durable fabric in a feminine way. 

Shades of yellow

Yellow is another color that will be seen in many tints, tones or shades. Bright colors are never easy to wear at the office as they draw attention to you instead of making you invisible and efficient. Dare to choose a top, a shirt or a bag and pair it with neutrals and show your competence even when you are bold.

Statement sleeve

Another trick that designers are using this season is an oversized sleeve, or a bell sleeve or even long sleeves with slits so that you can still use your hands. Choose simple tailoring for the rest of the outfit, going for slim trousers or skirts, masculine or square heel shoes and a structured small or medium tote.

Message T-shirt

The message T-shirt is back in fashion. This is actually a funny trend that you can use to have a great day by sending the message you want with your T-shirt. As it has a very casual flare, pair it with tailored trousers and blazer to make it formal.

Sheer clothing

The sheer, see through clothing is probably the most difficult to pull off at the office. If you like this trend, wear it with a camisole underneath or choose a model that is heavier in design in the front part to make it serious not incendiary.

White dress

The white shirt dress is a delicate trend that can be made appropriate for office. Choose a structured dress that emphasizes your waist so that the innocent color does not matter so much anymore. Pair it with black for a more serious look.

One shoulder off

 One shoulder off trend is still on this season. One sleeve missing or just some cut outs at the shoulders are very trendy tops to choose. Wear a blazer for office to cover your passion for fashion and bare your shoulder when you go out for drinks with friends.

Off the shoulder top

Bare shoulders are the new sexi. Dare such a top with a strapless nude bra, skinnies to keep the lower part structured and block heel sandals. Never wear volume in the lower and upper part at the same time. You'd look baggy. 

Off the shoulder dress

Make an off the shoulder dress work appropriate by choosing a pastel color. Baby blue always works well for office. Flats and a little red tote make you ready to go. Add a short jeans jacket if you feel too bare or the air conditioning is bothering you. 

Bright colors

Bright colors combined with each other are also hot. You may not go in fuchsia, orange and green at the office but you can make your look more cheerful with a bright top or dress.


Jumpsuits are still on. They are elegant and have an elongating effect if they are in one solid color.

Polka dots

A simple but effective motif, the polka dot was present on runways. Stick with black and white and cut the overly feminine touch with formal, office clothes like a blazer, black trousers and medium heeled shoes. 

Trench coat

A classic of a wardrobe, trench coat was on catwalk for this summer. You can wear if with almost everything from slim jeans or trousers to dresses and skirts.

Round shoulders

Round shulders are a hit this summer. Pair such a dress with block heel sandals and a modern bag. 

Just remember, choose only those fashion trends and shapes that work for your body shape, can be integrated in your style and are flattering for your complexion. Only the fact that they are in fashion does not mean that you have to try them all. Choose the ones in which you feel comfortable and confident.