Concept Art Drawing

In this course will will learn some of the fundamentals of sketch and drawing concept art.  This includes construction of Characters and how to work with various poses and angles.

You are required to watch the videos which apply most to your current level and attempt to follow the tutorials by sketching similar ideas in your sketchbooks.

If you have completed the videos or feel that you need to challenge yourself then please attempt the challenge section.

Construction of Concept Art

Draw a Box

Drawing Fundamentals: CONSTRUCTION



Character Drawing

Drawing a Character Turnaround

How to Create Characters (the Design Process)

Perspective Drawing

Drawing 1 Point Perspective

Drawing 2 Point Perspective

Freehand Layout


Your Challenge

Concept art sketching challenge.

Choose one the the options below, Character, Landscape or Object / Prop / Natural Form and sketch out a piece of concept art.  Each option has a variety of attributes which need to be thought about when drawing your sketch.  Be creative and have fun.  Good luck.