This training will provide you with the basics of creating a Unit within the CustomSpace system.

Topics covered will include:

At the end of this learning module you should feel confident in your ability to set up a new unit, assign a unit number and create the map of your facility.


Create a New Unit Type

Step By Step Walk-through

  • Scroll over "Units"
  • Click "Unit Types"
  • Click "New Unit Type"
  • Name: Total Sq Ft (ie: 200)
    • Add any special items: Showroom, Storage, Private Dock etc.
      • "200 Private Dock"
  • Size: L x W x H (Height (H) is always 12')
  • Description: Cost per Sq Ft (ie: $1.43)
  • Deposit: Equal to one months rental rate
  • Setup Fee Name:  LEAVE BLANK
  • Setup Fee Amount: LEAVE BLANK
  • Reservation Price: LEAVE BLANK
  • Price: Total Monthly Rate (ie: $400)
  • Image: LEAVE BLANK
  • Insured: Checked by Default
    • Do not change
  • Click "Save"

Screen Shot


The "Name" block should be filled in with


The unit size is described in L x W x H. The H (Height) should always be

Description Block

should be entered in to the "description" box.

Monthly Price

The monthly price goes in the box.

Which of the following fields are left blank (Pick One)

  • Name
  • Size
  • Description
  • Setup Fee

Create New Unit (Assign Unit Number)

Step By Step Walk-through

  • Scroll over “Units”
  • Click "New Unit"
  • Name or Number: Insert Unit Number (ie: C2)
  • Gate Key: LEAVE BLANK
  • Unit Type: Using drop down menu select appropriate Unit Type
    • The Unit type should have been created prior to this step.
  • Notes: Insert unit identifiers
    • N-F = No Forklift
    • Showroom = Has private entrance and windows
    • Direct Dock = Unit uses shared dock but has direct access.
    • Private Dock = Unit has private dock high door
  • Status: "Available"
  • Click "Create"

Screen Shot

Answer the following True or False statements.

  • The "Unit Name" is the name of the tenant.
  • The "Gate Key" box remains blank.
  • The "Notes" box should have descriptive unit information such as (N-F, Private Dock, Direct Dock).
  • The status should be marked as "Unavailable".

Unit Type

The is selected by using the drop down box and choosing the unit size previously created.

Select All Unit Identifiers

  • No Forklift (N-F)
  • Doors
  • Private Dock
  • Large Unit
  • Showroom
  • Pets Allowed

Creating a Site Map

Step By Step Walk-through

  • Scroll over "Units"
  • Click "Site Map"
  • Click "Edit Layout"
    • This is found in the top right corner of the screen
    • Your map will be blank to start
  • Below the empty box all of your created units can be seen.
    • The units are sorted by Unit Number that was previously created
  • Choose the unit you want to add to the site map and move it on to the blank map
    • Click, Hold and Drag using your left mouse button to move the unit.
    • If you "lose" a unit while trying to drag it on to the map, don't panic. Continue with the other units as that unit has been "buried" underneath and will appear once the other units are moved.
  • You may change the visual size of the units by clicking and dragging from the corner of each individual unit.
    • You can move each unit around the map by clicking, and holding, it in the center of the unit.
  • Leave "Display this layout on the map page of the public facing website" box unchecked.
  • Click "Save Layout" to save your map.

True or False

  • Check the box "Display this layout on the map page of the public facing website"
  • If you lose a unit... Continue with setting up your map.

Comprehensive Scenario

Setting Up Units

In this scenario you will interact with your virtual trainer in order to creat a new Unit Type.