The Ways to Collaborate in Easygenerator

Welcome to Easygenerator!

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to the development of eLearning courses is getting feedback from your client, collaborating on the course content with internal team members, or getting the final project approval.

With Easygenarator, you can easily fight off these challenges and make the most of the collaborative course development.

In this short tutorial you will learn how to:



Co-authoring in Easygenerator

Easygenerator provides the possibility to collaborate on a course with any existing Easygenerator user or by an external person invited by e-mail.


Co-authoring requires a paid subscription. Thus, if you are using the Free plan of Easygenerator you need to upgrade to one of the paid editions to be able to use co-authoring. The Starter plan is limited to 3 users that you can collaborate with.

You can add co-authors from any step of the course editor. To do this, click on the Co-authors icon in the top right corner, insert user's e-mail and press the Add co-author button.

An invited user will have to accept the invitation to collaborate on a course.

If you add a person without an Easygenerator subscription, they will receive an e-mail informing that you want to work together on the eLearning course. The e-mail will also contain the instructions on how to register in Easygenerator. The person to whom you send an invitation should use the same e-mail address to which the invitation is sent to register in Easygenerator. After registration, the course will be available for collaboration.

If you add the existing Easygenerator user, then this user will see the course that you want to collaborate on in his or her list of courses under Shared courses. A co-author can manage the course just in the same way as an author: create learning objectives and questions, manage the course content and settings. The co-authors are not allowed to remove the course and add other co-authors. Any changes in the course are automatically visible to all co-authors.

In the Manage co-authors window, you can see all co-authors that you have invited.

The course owner can remove co-authors. If you remove the co-author, he or she will not see the shared course anymore, only the content will remain if any have been created by the co-author.


In what ways can a co-author manage the course?

  • create sections, questions and content items
  • customize course settings
  • delete the course
  • delete sections, questions and content items
  • change the course template
  • add other co-authors


Review courses in Easygenerator

To enhance the workflow of the collaborative learning content creation, Easygenerator introduces the updated review system.

You can send a request to review the course to external reviewers, even if they don’t have an Easygenerator account. 

The reviewers can submit comments on different course elements (such as page titles, learning objectives, questions etc), as well as general comments about the overall course experience.

To get a better idea of the review process, watch the video below. 


Click on the External Review icon


That’s it for this tutorial. 

With Easygenerator, you can invite anyone either to collaborate with you on a course or to review your work. 

In the next tutorial, you'll learn how to embed documents into Easygenerator.