Safety in Google Chrome

 Safety in Google Chrome                  

Introduction - Safety in Google Chrome

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You will need a google chrome account to complete this course. If you don't have one, do not panic, follow the link and complete the simple sign up form.

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How to navigate around this lesson.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Within this lesson, ‘Smart Lock’, you will learn how to save your passwords and account details directly to your Google Chrome account!!

Step 1: Ensure you are logged into Google Chrome, so that all passwords entered are saved to your account.

Step 2: Enter your Username/Email and password. Don’t press enter and login just yet!!

Step 3:  Locate the Address bar at the top of the browser, this contains a lock symbol (right) and click.

Step 4: You will see a Text Box for your username and below your password is blocked out, you can change that by clicking the ‘eye’ to the right of it. If these are correct press save and proceed to login.

True or False: When signing into a pre-existing account, you log in before you save your details with Smart Lock?

  • True
  • False

Password Safety

Password Safety

Within this lesson, ‘Password Safety’ you will learn how to access and delete your passwords directly from your Google Chrome account!!

Step 1: To the right of your Address bar there are three dots in vertical form. Click here and scroll down to settings and select.

Step 2: Within settings, scroll down to ‘advanced’, click and scroll down to Passwords and Forms. Within this section are two options: Manage Passwords & Auto-Fill settings.

Step 3: Within manage passwords you will see all of your saved passwords so far.

Step 4: There you can see the Website, Username and Passwords. Click the eye to see your password, the three dots to remove your account from google chrome.

When looking for the settings for ‘Passwords and Forms’, you have to click ‘Advanced’ and scroll down to view them?

  • True
  • False

Extension Download Safety

Extension Download Safety

What are Google Chrome Extensions: You can customize Chrome and add features and functionality by adding extensions from the Webstore.

Step 1: Type into the Address bar ‘Chrome Web Store’, you’re clicking the first result!!

Step 2: Search for the extension that you would like. In the lesson, an Ad-Block extension is being downloaded.

Step 3: Check and see if the star rating is four or over. Click on reviews if you would like to see other people’s opinions on safety and experiences.

Step 4: Once you find your extension click Add to Chrome.

Step 5: For safety purposes, some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions for data. If you are happy, download the extension and it will appear to the right of the Address bar.

An extension that has a 2-star rating is safe to download?Untitled single choice question

  • True
  • False

Try some of these Google Chrome Safety brain teasers!!

Smart lock allows you to save ______ and account details directly to your google account.Untitled fill in the blanks question

What shortcut below opens Google Chrome settings on an Apple Mac?

  • ⌘,
  • ?:
  • Shift+
  • Enter
  • >:

What is the correct entry in the Address bar to access the Google Chrome web store?Untitled single choice question

  • Extension
  • Chrome App Extensions Store
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Chrome Web Store

What extension is the safest to Download?

  • Ad-Blocker 1, 2245 reviews, 4.5 star
  • Ad-Blocker 2, 2245 reviews, 2.5 star
  • Ad-Blocker 3, 2245 reviews, 2.0 star

What is the purpose of this image?

What is the purpose of the Eye icon.

  • Open a new browser
  • View a password you typed in
  • View your email address
  • View all of your open tabs
  • View the Chrome preferences/settings
  • View all your passwords in settings

Click on the Smart Lock icon

By clicking the three dots to the right of the Web-address bar, what do you expect to happen next?

  • A drop-down menu containing Settings
  • Take an image with your webcam
  • A drop-down menu containing Extensions
  • A drop-down menu containing all Fonts available
  • Take a screenshot of all passwords

Match up the statements.

  • Smart Lock
    Password Safety
  • A place to download chrome extensions
    Chrome Web Store
  • Eye icon
    Display password
  • Ad-Blocker
    Chrome extension