Online learning design Project plan

This course covers online learning design plan, best practices for creating online learning design project plan, how to do it and evaluation

Online learning design project plan

Demonstrate competence to execute and control project plan

Demonstrate competence to execute and control project

This is where the project manager conducts meetings to formally begin project execution, orientate new project team members, review documentation and current status of the project. The project manager manages changes to the project scope and project schedule, implement quality assurance, quality control processes according to quality standards, control and manage costs as established in the project budget. The project manager and other team members uses risk management plan prepared in previous phases, and develop and apply new response and resolution strategies to unexpected eventualities.

The project manager must manage every aspect of the project plan to ensure that all the work of the project is being performed correctly and on time. The project manager and stake holders acknowledge that all deliverables produced during project execution and control have been completed, tested, accepted and approved, and that the project or service of the project has been successfully transitioned to the performing organization.

The project manager should begin tracking actual work in the project schedule as soon as the work commences, which is usually as soon as the project is initiated and project planning begins. The project manager record the work done in parallel with planning, before the project schedule is completed and approved. This includes updates to the project schedule, tracking hours and any change resulting from the execution of the change control process. The project manager ensures that the project follows its defined quality procedures. The project manager determine which best quality standards to implement in their specific environment.

What is the role of a project manager?

  • Manage every aspect of the project plan to ensure that all the work of the project is being performed correctly and on time
  • Does not plan meetings to update project team members
  • He/she is not responsible for any risk management plan development
  • Project planning does not include Quality assurance

What are the sequential steps to follow to develop a project plan

  • Completion of a work break down
  • Not setting time limits
  • No cost estimation
  • No determination of the sequence of a critical path and sub units

What are the resources needed to plan a project?

  • No Human resources needed
  • No technical and tools required
  • Financial resources
  • No stake holders involvement

What is a project plan?

  • A project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project
  • Project does not have a life cycle
  • Project members do not have roles and responsibilities
  • Project plan is an endless process

What is needed to ensure that the project is controlled?

  • setting up of control procedures eg. control point identification, budgets and milestone charts
  • Doing it yourself without assigning responsibilities
  • Not briefing project team members
  • Not controlling intervals and reporting requirements

What should a project manager do to demonstrate competence?

  • Not applying techniques and tools needed to manage project
  • Taking corrective action
  • Not controlling work in progress
  • Not adhering to the risk management plan

How are the project plans evaluated?

  • Through reviewing project objectives
  • Not using evaluation metrics and tools
  • Not evaluating successes and failures
  • Not learning for the future