How Cereal is Made

When Cereal started

History of Cereal

What goes into Cereal

There is a lot that goes into Cereal

To make a delicious cereal that is even as simple as shredded wheat, takes a lot to make happen. Watch this video to see how much it takes to make your delicious cereal.

Fruity Pepples

There are a lot of tricks to the trade. Watch this video to better understand what it takes to keep Barney away from your pebbles!

The best kind of Cereal

Who decides what goes to stores?

Best way to eat cereal

The Refill

The best way to enjoy your cereal is to have a good balance of crunch to a slight level of soggy. That is a scientific fact of preference. So a way to do this is to pour a small amount of cereal, then a much larger portion of milk. When you eat all the cereal, just refill the bowl until you are satisfied.

The Mix

Another way to maintain the crunch and soggy mix, is to pour a large bowl of cereal, then to drizzle milk over it. After that, the cereal is to be mixed around to get some milk put on it. This allows no interruptions on your eating enjoyment by having to refill your bowl.

The Island

The last recommended way that keeps the crunch balances is to pour the cereal in your bowl first. After that, pour the milk into one spot of your cereal until the cereal "island" starts to float. Then eat out of the pool where you poured your milk. Slowly working your way into eating parts of the island.