1. Why we do shopper marketing at Colgate

This course will introduce why we take a shopper focused approach in our marketing efforts at Colgate 

Introduction to Colgate's Shopper Focused approach

Course welcome and guidelines

Welcome to Colgate's shopper centric approach to marketing

At Colgate, we want to understand everyone who interacts with our products; the people who use our products (those we sometimes call consumers), the people who buy our products (who we sometimes call shoppers) and the people who sell our products (those we sometimes call our customers). The focus of this learning path is to provide you with relevant information and content to establish the Colgate way of marketing to these three different customers in an integrated way, with a particular focus on those who shop for and buy our products. The three different customers are:

  1. Those who use our products,
  2. Those who buy our products, and 
  3. Those who sell our products

The way we focus on each individual customer as well as integrate our marketing efforts across the three customers not only impacts our day to day market activities but also ultimately determines the performance of our brands in the marketplace.

The learning path is based on delivering short but impactful learning content including reading material, podcasts, videos and more. We also encourage you to input into the learning experience and share your market based experience with your peers and colleagues.

The learning path is broken into three sections which will be delivered to you over a 3 week period. These sections are made up as follows:

1. Why we do shopper marketing at Colgate

2. What is shopper marketing at Colgate

3. How we do shopper marketing at Colgate 

First up, you will get to watch two introductory videos by Taylor Gordy, Chief Customer Officer at Colgate Palmolive, and Manish Anandani, World Wide Director Retail Marketing and eCommerce, where they will explain a little more about the learning path you are about to embark on.

Once you have gone through the introduction, we will open up the core course content to you to complete (together with supporting content pieces) over a 3 week period. We encourage you to engage in various discussions with your colleagues around applying this learning to your role as an individual, as teams and as part of Colgate's people centric approach to marketing.

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ This learning experience is not about scoring the highest marks or finishing as quickly as you can. Rather, it is about seeing, learning, and doing; addressing real business issues, finding winning solutions, building collaborative shopper focused platforms with our channel partners and applying great shopper solutions which deliver true value and return – this is about truly growing together. 

We trust you enjoy the experience and  look forward to some exciting, innovative and market winning solutions coming out of your learning experience; benefiting each of you as individuals as well as our organisation, the retailer, and of course, those who buy and use our awesome products.


Colgate's 90 second infographic style introduction video

Example of Colgate's Intro video

The style and approach of Colgate's customised 90 second introduction video

How the retail landscape has changed

Three key drivers of change in how people behave when they shop and consume

Three key drivers of change

We are in the midst of a revolution in the way consumers and shoppers interact with the products they buy. Three dramatic changes have placed shoppers at the center of the equation in a way that leads us to believe that a corresponding revolution must take place in the way we market consumer goods.

These three changes, the personalization of media, massive channel proliferation, and the shift from shopping in person to online, have transferred power to shoppers

Media Has Become Personal

It has become eight and a half times more expensive to create one advertising impression since 1965, but is not guaranteed that the ad will reach the target market. YouTube, Facebook and Smartphone apps make content immediately available anywhere and anytime. The central pillar of consumer communication since the 1950’s–the TV ad–is clearly not the force it was.

As a consequence, the importance of intercepting shoppers at the point-of-purchase in an attempt to influence their decisions is more important to consumer goods companies than ever before. In-store communication is more impactful and has driven the power into the hands of the shopper, who can now compare prices at the aisle and redeem coupons immediately.

Proliferation of Channels

Shoppers have more places to shop than ever. Key retail players have created multi-format approaches. Tesco not only has traditional supermarkets, but they also include convenience stores, gas stations, community supermarkets, discount stores, shopping malls, and hypermarkets.

Furthermore, shoppers can choose from a variety of online channels from which to shop as well. In this choice-filled environment, the shopper is both king and queen.



Geography is no longer an obstacle to finding and purchasing a product. Shoppers are not limited to the inventory on the shelves of their local stores. Super-niche online retailers attract category fanatics.

Globally, 34% of eCommerce sales are made on mobile devices. Shoppers recognize the value of shopping online and will pay a bit more for shipping to get exactly what they want and have it delivered.

Three key drivers of change

Watch this webinar discussing the three key drivers of change towards the age of the shopper.

The Age of the Shopper

The transfer of power to the shopper

The three key drivers of change have transferred power to shoppers.

How things have changed

Contrast shopping from the 1950’s to shopping today. See how the shopper now has the power.

Think and discuss

How has “the age of the shopper” affected you and your business? Use the graphic organizer below to think this through. Once you’ve organized your thoughts, you can post a response in our discussion forum.


The new omnichannel always on world (new content to be developed)

The Omnichannel world - Text / interaction / graphic organiser

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Shopper Behavior in the Omnichannel world - Podcast

Shopper Behavior in the Omnichannel world - Text / interaction / graphic organiser

The implications of the Omnichannel world - Video