Fishery and fishing stocks

The Adriatic Sea is characterized by a great wealth of natural, economic and social resources, which have led to intense human exploitation over time, today threatening its conservation status.

The intensive exploitation of biological resources due to fishing and aquaculture activities, has led to a gradual reduction of fish stocks and the loss of biodiversity because of the use of high impact fishing methods.

This trend has been exacerbated over years by a general lack of coordination between the Member States and the regions bordering the Adriatic, characterized by different legal systems and local regulations. This situation has determined a kind of management of the Adriatic living resources that led to uncoordinated and especially unaware actions of exploitation of a shared resource.


Project's objectives


The EcoSea project, funded in 2012 by the IPA Adriatic Cross-borderCooperation Programme 2007-2013, stems from the awareness that the Adriatic marine environment cannot be separated from decisions and actions that are implemented in a coordinated and shared way across borders, with the involvement of operators, too. 

The EcoSea project’s general objective is to promote and establish the conditions for a lifelong process of protection and improvement of the marine and coastal environment of the Adriatic, based on the sustainable management of fisheries and on direct actions for the increase of fish resources and biodiversity, in order to concretely improve the overall condition of the marine environment and at the same time to ensure sustainable development for coastal populations who depend on fishing.

Watch the spot of the project.

Protecting the fish species living in the Adriatic Sea is very important for stemming the gradual impoverishment of its fragile ecosystem. Why?

  • Because there are few fishing species in the Adriatic Sea
  • Because fishing is not always carried out in a sustainable manner
  • Because too many rules weighed on fishing operators

What can we do to safeguard the fish species living in the Adriatic Sea?

  • We could protect the balance of the marine ecosystem limiting the overfishing in the seasonal reproduction
  • We could respect the nurseries of anchovy and safeguard the seasonal reproduction of the codfish
  • We could develop a common protocol in order to manage the fishery resources

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